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The idea of relocation to the political center of our Nation has hit so many Americans in the past year, and the increase in property demand and expansion of the city has proven this theory. But relocating is not possible without the best Washington DC movers. Our movers in DC will make sure your transition to the country’s capital goes smoothly and without any stress. And best of all our prices are highly competitive.

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Get a Free Quote and Hire Our Washington DC Movers for Most Efficient Moving Services

Interstate moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. According to some studies, Americans believe relocation to be even more stressful than divorce. There is no wonder there is such a demand in our nation for good quality relocation services – which our moving services in Washington DC certainly are. Our professional movers in Washington DC will make sure your belongings are properly stored and transported to your new home. We will handle all your precious belongings with the utmost care, and with our professional workers at your disposal, we will make sure this relocation becomes a happy memory for you. Contact us for a free quote or ask for one on our website.

Our Moving Company Washington DC Base Price on an Inventory List

With State to State Movers, there will be no hidden cost. With our interstate moving company, you will be in charge of the whole process from beginning to end. And what is most important is that you will control the price of your move. The price will be determined by the number of items you are bringing with you – your inventory list. Once our professionals come to your home to make an in-home estimation, you will have the initial price of your move. The good thing is if you change your mind, you can remove or add items to your list up to one business day prior to your move.

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Have Fast and Efficient Move With Our Packing Services

One of the great things about hiring State to State Movers for your long-distance move is that you will truly not have to do anything. Once you book us for moving services in DC, you will get free of charge standard packing service. This means our professionals will disassemble all your furniture and carefully place each piece of furniture carefully wrapped in protective materials on a truck. And once unloading is done on your new destination, they will reassemble all the furniture and place them where you desire. And did we mention all of that is free of charge? So forget about the Ikea puzzle nightmare and have the easiest move ever.

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Our Movers Can Provide Both Full and Partial Packing Services

On the other hand, if you are willing to invest a bit more cash in our team of professionals, you can hire us for additional packing services. Even here, we leave you a choice to manage your expenditures. You can have a full packing service where our movers will pack everything on your inventory list, or partial, where we will only tackle items you want us to, for example, fragile items. Also, if you have valuables of high value like art sculptures, you can hire us for custom crating. We will customize a container for each piece of art you have that needs to be dealt with delicately. So don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Ship Your Car With Us, and Don’t Worry About the Pickup and Delivery

The best way of moving interstate is if you can find a company that will deal with all the things you need. And if you decide to book our company, you will get all in one service. There is no need for you to look for other car shipping companies. You can hire us for auto transportation services too. We have our trailers, whether you need them open or enclosed, and we have a team of professional drivers who will take your vehicle wherever your destination is. We have high professional standards when it comes to relocation, and the same is with car shipping. It is hard to imagine a complete moving service without car shipping.

There Are Two Ways of Transportations and Pick Up and Delivery Options for You to Choose From

There are two types of auto transportation options you can choose from – open and enclosed trailers. An open trailer is an excellent option if you have more than one vehicle to ship because they will be shipped at the same time. At the same time, an enclosed trailer is better if you have a more luxurious vehicle to ship. Your expensive car will be more protected from any outside damages with an enclosed trailer.

Also, you can choose where you want us to pick up and deliver your car. With the door-to-door option, we will pick up and deliver your vehicle to your doorstep. On the other hand, you can choose an option that will cost less: terminal to terminal. With this option, we will perform hand-overs at the nearest terminal, which we have in every major city in the country.

If You Need Storage Units, We Offer One for Free for the Whole Month

It’s not only that we have top-notch storage units equipped with the best surveillance and climate control system. If you become our client, you will have these storage units at your disposal for free for the whole month. So if you for any reason must keep your belongings in storage units, do not hesitate to contact our agents. We know how long-distance relocation can be unpredictable. For example, renovations at your new house may not be finished, so we provide storage for our clients in case they need more time.

With Our Moving Insurance, Your Items Will Be Covered

As a reputable company, we will make sure your belongings are treated with care. But still, relocation business can be tricky and unintentional accidents can occur. For this reason, we provide all of our customers with top-notch moving insurance. With our Mandatory Liability Coverage, you will get reimbursement of 60 cents per pound of damaged goods for any item that has been transported.

What Is Our Full Insurance Policy?

We offer a full-value replacement for any damaged goods for all customers who wish to get full-value replacement insurance. This insurance will cover only items our movers packed. We can not fully cover belongings that you packed by yourself. If there are any valuable items you wish to insure, you can do that by third-party insurance, but we will have to pack those items too.

District of Columbia Is Welcoming All Newcomers

Aside from the fact that DC is rated as the third best city for millennials, it is also home to many ethnicities and cultures. It is home to 700,000 residents, but it is predicted to increase its population by 47% by 2045. Amazing job opportunities, affordable housing, and safe neighborhoods are just some of the reasons many Americans decide to move to DC. The whole city is one big history lesson with many monuments and museums spread around. Among them are the Smithsonian Museums, with a collection that includes nearly 138 million objects, works of art, and specimens, but also the International Spy Museum.

Decide in Which Neighborhood You Will Settle In

When it comes to living costs in the District of Columbia, it is relative depending on where you are relocating from. If you are, for example, currently living in New York, DC will be pretty affordable. Housing cost is 21% lower than in New York. Still, if you are coming from Salt Lake City, housing will be 47% higher. The overall price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will be $2,300, while the same apartment outside the city center will be $1,800. And no matter where you decide to rent your apparent one thing is for sure you will not be disappointed, because DC has a city landscape to die for. Here are the best neighborhoods for you to choose from:

  • Georgetown – It is probably the most prestigious and famous neighborhood in DC. And it is the oldest settlement in the region, 40 years older than the Capital itself. It is home to Georgetown University, many distinguished national landmarks, and most of the political elite is settled here.
  • Clarendon – Located in Arlington, Virginia, Clarendon is one of the largest cities in the DC metro area. It is one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods with amazing stores, fashionable boutiques, bars, and restaurants. It is a hip area most popular for single folks. It is also one of the most prosperous residential areas.
  • Forest Hills – It is a suburban neighborhood located on the north side of the town. It is one of the safest areas in DC, which is why housing prices can be higher. Still, due to its mix of modern global and colonial architecture styles, many residents are willing to pay a higher price. If you’re looking for a suburban area with a kick of global and internationalism, this is a place for you.

Amazing Things You Can Do and Visit in DC

It is no secret that the District of Columbia is rich with cultural and historical sights. You can easily soak up the history on every corner, from free visits to museums to enjoying the amazing architecture and monuments. But this is not all DC has to offer. It has a booming music scene, art galleries, and stores and markets for everyone’s taste. One of the oldest continuously opened fish markets is located here, Eastern Market, and is something you must visit once you relocate.

This great city is also called the Capital of Free Museums, and it truly is that. If you are the outdoorsy type, you should visit The Tidal Basin, a pond that used to be part of the Potomac River and now is home to beautiful Cherry Blossom trees, and the sight in spring is breathtaking. Aside from the Capitol building, White House, and Lincoln Memorial, Star Wars fans can also see one and only Darth Vader gargoyle on the National Cathedral.

Movers in Washington DC Can Help You Move From DC to Any City in the Country

Moving state to state has never been more popular than nowadays, and State to State Movers will make sure you relocate to any part of the country with ease. No matter if you are relocating with kids, dogs, or alone, our team of professionals with years of experience will make sure you have a smooth transition. As you know relocating long-distance can take so much time and energy you will have to manage so many things, but you don’t have to do everything alone. You can outsource some of the work to State to State Movers’ professional team – this way, you will have more time to say goodbye to friends and family and to salute the nation’s capital properly.

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