Blog November 30, 2020

Preparing For A Military Move – Best Tips and Tricks

If either you or your significant other are part of the military, then you are already aware of how regularly military families move around. Change of stations can happen every few months, and many members of the military and their families move around the country quite frequently. Sometimes it seems like you have just settled into a new home when the orders for a change of station come through. With the stress and deadlines that accompany military moves, having a plan of action is essential. Preparing for a military move will take some work, but can make the whole process a lot easier. Whether this is your first change of station or your tenth, here are a few steps that can make moving less of a hassle for everyone.

Get Organized

Good organization is key to a successful move, and this step should not be a problem for those in the military. Relocating is all about scheduling, coordinating, planning, and finally executing. The military instills these actions into their members and using them for a move should not be that difficult. Here are a few tips on what to keep an eye on during relocation.

Plan as a Family as Soon as Possible

When it comes to a military move, planning should commence as soon as possible. Procrastination is never an option in these circumstances, and starting the process on time will relieve stress down the line. Orders for change of station can come at any time. Sometimes you are informed well in advance, other times you are given a rather short notice. Know how much time you have to work with, and start getting ready. Include every family member in planning and organizing. On occasion, give out tasks that are small, age-appropriate, and easy to accomplish so that no one feels left out. Making small but constructive steps together will prepare everyone for the upcoming move.

Get Documents in Order

Documents are the first thing that should be handled once a change of station is announced. Make sure that all-important documentation is in place and up to date. These documents include:
  • Your orders
  • Prescriptions
  • Passports
  • Family members’ documents
  • Medical records
  • Tax documentation
  • Important certificates
  • Social security card
Take the time to make sure all documentation is valid and put them in a safe place until the moving date draws near. Getting this in order early on will provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on carrying out other steps.

Start by Decluttering

Many people start planning by getting boxes and packing belongings that first come to mind as being essential. However, as anyone who has some experience with moving can tell you, this can be problematic. Knowing what you want to bring with you is important, but before handling those items, it is crucial to declutter the home. We all accumulate things that we do not really need, and going through all these belongings during the packing process will slow you down. Declutter the home before you begin packing. Use this opportunity to get rid of those old clothes you will probably never wear again, or the old toys that children have outgrown. You will feel much lighter after you’ve discarded so many unused things.

Take Inventory

Once all documentation is in order, and the house has been tidied, you can move on to taking inventory. Make a list of the possessions you plan to take with you. This is an essential step in the process, and it is crucial you account for everything you intend to bring with you. This inventory will prove to be helpful when hiring professional movers, insuring your belongings, and when unloading your property.

Know Your Moving Budget

The final part of getting organized is deciding on a moving budget. Some military moves are covered, and it is a good idea to see how much money is allocated to the relocation. On the other hand, you might be covering the costs at your own expense. Either way, it is a good idea to know how much money can be spent on the move itself. A good way to determine how much a professional mover can cost is by getting a free estimate. Quotes allow you to plan your budget more efficiently.

Pack Like a Pro

After everything is organized and a good plan is put in place, you can move on to packing. There will be a plethora of items that will need to be adequately packed, labeled, and secured for the relocation. How do you handle all that? Here are a few tips and tricks to make packing easier.

Get the Right Packing Supplies

There is no need to waste money on supplies you do not need. Buying multiple large boxes might seem like a good idea, but it can prove otherwise. Take a look at your inventory and see what kind of items you have to pack. Get the right kind of boxes for the things on the list. Moving companies can provide special wardrobe boxes for clothes, which are perfect if there are a lot of garments that need to be packed. Getting boxes of proper shapes and sizes ahead of time will make packing way easier.

Know How to Pack Tricky Items

Certain items you decided to transport are harder to pack than others. Packing can include the correct wrapping, placing, fixating, and securing. Read up on how to cover all the necessary steps for heavy and fragile items. Once that is done, do not forget to label it correctly. You want to make the process of unloading to be as easy as possible.

Get the Help of Professionals

If you do not have enough time to handle the move on your own, look into professional movers. A professional moving company provides services that cover every aspect of the move, and using them will ensure all steps are handled well.

Look into the Orientation Office of the New Base

If everything is set up for the move and you still feel stressed out, consider looking into the base. Check out the new base’s orientation office to get a feel for the area. Most bases have these offices, and they provide a lot of practical information about the way things are run there. Getting the information ahead of time will help you adjust faster and with less confusion.
Follow these steps, and your military move will go smoothly. Relocating can be stressful, but it does not have to be with the right company handling it. State to State Movers is a professional moving company that is dedicated to making interstate relocation less of a hassle for people moving, including members of the military. Contact our representatives and schedule a date that meets your relocation needs.