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Many people find relocating just too overwhelming because there are many tasks to do both before and after the move. However, if you know that your precious belongings are protected no matter what, the whole process will be much less stressful. So when it comes to moving insurance, it’s important to understand what this coverage entails and why having it will help you move to a new home more effortlessly.

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Is Moving Insurance Necessary When Relocating Interstate?

Finding reliable state-to-state movers that will provide you with the most suited services is a must for a stress-free relocation. State to State Moving and Auto Transport Company will offer reliable relocation services, securely transport your car, protect and pack your belongings efficiently, provide a fully-protected storage facility, and, of course, offer relocation insurance.

Of course, you might not need all of these, and many people think that insuring your belongings isn’t necessary, either. But, there’s no better way of achieving a stress-free move than knowing each item is safe and sound during transport. In fact, all relocation companies are required by law to offer a certain level of coverage to customers. That’s why every reputable mover will offer you the protection of items you want to bring to the new home. So if you want to be reassured during the whole relocation process and not have to worry about your precious belongings, you’ll need a policy that will cover any potential damage.

How Does Our Coverage Work?

The important thing to know is that insurance for moving companies is provided by third-party insurance companies. This means that the relocation crew can’t sell you the indemnity and damage coverage for your items directly. However, when hiring State to State Moving and Auto Transport Company, you won’t have to worry about protecting your stuff. Being one of the most reputable relocation companies in this industry, we are indeed insured with a third party and will be an intermediator.

Get Familiar With What Our Moving Insurance Covers

Understanding what moving insurance is when relocating is a must. It’s a policy that relocation companies offer their clients for any loss or damage of items during transport. Now, our company has many years of experience in the relocation industry, and we are constantly improving our services for one simple reason – customer satisfaction.

However, even with the best packing services and supplies, something can go wrong. And that’s when being insured counts the most. So the standard policy will cover any physical damage or loss when relocating to a new home.

Our skilled movers also provide clients with another policy where only the items we handle will be insured. This means that protection will be applicable only to things our movers have packed. The insurance policies our third-party insurance company provides won’t be relevant for things someone else disassembled or assembled.

Explore Valuation Coverage Options With Our Professional State to State Moving and Auto Transport Company

We are one of the best relocation crews because our only goal is to make our customers happy. That’s why we have two types of protection for your belongings. Depending, of course, on your needs, you can choose between the following:

  • Standard liability coverage – a basic option every relocation crew has to offer. This is already included in the initial quote, so there won’t be additional costs for this option. Now, being the standard liability option, it covers 60 cents per pound for each item that gets damaged while in our hands and is applicable to all items shipped with us.
  • Full value coverage – this is an additional option you can get when moving more valuable items state-to-state. For example, art, vintage items, or belongings with sentimental value. In that case, getting more than the standard liability option is more than a good idea. However, this policy is only valid for those items that our team has packed.

How Does a Full Value Coverage Work and Do You Need It?

Moving interstate is a challenging process. It’s possible, but having an excellent protection policy is a must. Some of your stuff could get scratched during transport – accidents happen, although rarely. That’s why we offer you more than standard liability value, and we can cover more than just 60 cents per pound of each object.

So if you want to prevent any damage to your possessions when relocating to the future home, then you’ll need the best liability value there is. Consider the full coverage option. This means if something happens to your stuff during the move, our reliable movers will have three ways to reimburse you for the damage:

  • Repair the item if possible,
  • Pay the full estimated value of the item,
  • Replace the item.

Keep in Mind That Claiming Damages Is a Time-Sensitive Task

Let’s say that you just moved into the new home and noticed that some of the things got damaged during the transport. You should file a claim right away. There’s a repayment time frame in the relocation industry, so you won’t get reimbursement if you file a claim later than 30 days after the move. It’s better to always check with the customer service what the time frame is in which you can make a claim in case something happens to your possessions during transport.

It’s Best to Let Our Skilled Movers Help You With Every Little Relocation Related Detail

You have to look at things more positively when taking a leap and relocating to a new home. Of course, just by positive thinking, you won’t prevent having some of your stuff scratched or damaged during the move. However, having special or standard value coverage will most certainly help. That way, even if something goes wrong, you’re insured, and the loss won’t be as big as it might seem without your things being insured.


    Thank you “State to State Moving and Auto Shipping” for timely and non-expensive relocation of our office. During our move, movers always quickly and effectively responded to all our requests; the company promptly provided transport and staff, taking into account all details. Movers brought the boxes in advance – so we could pack ahead ourselves. The boxes were a nice fit. Thanks to that, we were able to save time, as on the day of the move all workers had to do was load their truck.

    Bernard O.

    We moved with State to State back in May. The guys arrived on time, did everything correctly and quickly. Despite the fact that things turned out over the volume than expected, movers managed to fit everything into the truck. These guys proved to be truly professional. No complaints. The ratio of price and quality is optimal. Payment – according to the agreement. It’s nice to have a deal with a responsible company and professional staff. Thank you!

    John B.

    I am very satisfied from this company after they helped me ship my vehicle cross country. All along the way they were very supportive, transparent, reasonable with terms and fees and friendly. Especially their agent Tom.
    I’ll definitely turn to them again any time I need moving!

    Asi Shnabel

    Thanks to State to State I was able to carry out the move of a 2br apartment inexpensively and quickly. Friendly salesperson provided me with a free quote based on all the furniture and other items. On the day of the move movers were working together very harmoniously. From the very beginning I was properly asked about the amount of work and offered the appropriate price and truck option to transport my Nissan Murano. The movers arrived in time, things were packed quickly and accurately, we did not have to worry about the fragile things – my collection of vases, crystal glass table – they all made it to my destination safely. I will recommend to all friends!

    Adriano K.

    We were moving to a new beautiful house in Ohio, and because of the lower prices over there, we decided to transport the most necessary: 2 baby beds, 2 drawers, some electronics, boxes with books and personal stuff. Also had a few artwork pieces crated, which is a must when you are transporting valuable fragile items. Good feedback on: customer support, packaging quality, loading speed, price. This is the best company on the long distance moving market which saves the nerves of people planning to move. I do not like to move, but once again it is necessary, then just take advantage of this company’s services, and you won’t be disappointed.

    Ignasio J.

    I will recommend this company to all friends and colleagues. I got promoted and I had to move to another state to start the work in the new place. So I was moving from Nevada to the City of Angels – the dream of every single person is to live there. I went to State to State by the recommendation of my fellow colleagues who used their services before. 1 truck, 4 people, 9 hours of working process. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service and the reasonability of the price. The company has fully justified its name, transferring me from one state to another in a timely professional manner.

    Jonas W.

    In my opinion this is a great company, which not only has a serious approach to their duties and services, but also has a pleasant and professional team, which did everything to accommodate our busy schedule. Solid score – excellent for the quality and timing of the move, as well as the fulfillment of their terms. The only thing you should pay attention to – carefully consider the selection of the truck if you are also moving a vehicle (price is very affordable!) and the number of movers for the move. Good thing they don’t charge by the time, but by inventory amount. Definitely booking our next move with State to State as well!

    Kelly F.

    The workers were very organized and careful, checked all the items dozen of times to make sure everything is in the right place! I’m sorry I did not catch their names but they arrived on time, even a little early which was good. They wrapped all stuff and then loaded to truck. They were fast and efficient. They asked questions before wrapping the items to make me comfortable, and I was sure that they know what they’re doing.

    Karol Y.

    During the move, we have taken advantage of the free services of this company. We ordered an in-home estimate to make sure we are being quoted exact price. They also don’t charge you for any packing supplies, which is great, unless you want to order some supplies directly from their website. The movers were polite and neat, even though we had a few very heavy furniture items. In general, we are satisfied. Thank you for your assistance in moving, you’ve done a perfect job.

    Melissa A.

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