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How to Handle Last-Minute Moving

You probably know how stressful and exhausting the whole relocation process can be, with all the packing and heavy lifting. But do you know what a hassle last-minute moving can cause and how to avoid forgetting something crucial when doing things in haste? Well, if your relocation is something that should happen soon, our tips will help you get prepared for this life-changing event.

Begin the Day with This Tip – Make a List

Since your every moment is precious and you cannot bide your time, you have to move efficiently. So, go through your home and decide what items should be taken with you. If you can’t make up your mind about what’s essential for your new home, make three lists. Write what should go into storage, what should be donated and what you’ll throw away. Doing this way, you’ll be able to organize yourself and make the whole process faster.

The Crucial Steps When Going Through Last-Minute Moving

Maybe you’ll get a panic attack after realizing that you don’t have enough time for thorough planning and doing things step-by-step. That’s all right since your last-minute moving requires quite a different approach. First, you should determine who will transport your items, whether it will be you and a couple of friends or professional movers with moving services. After that, if you decided not to hire professional packing services, you have to figure out how to pack your belongings to protect them from damage that can occur during a long-distance move.

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Find a Reliable Moving Company that Does Long-Distance Moves

Do you want to rent a truck and organize DIY moving? That might be a fantastic idea in case you have ample time and feel free to organize everything in a way that suits you. However, as time goes by, you’ll realize that hiring professional movers will help you in many ways: they will speed things up and take care of your items in a proper way. You just need to find several reputable movers, compare prices and decide whose offer is the best for you. You should do that as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget About the Boxes and Related Packing Supplies

The truth is you don’t have time to purchase boxes and other materials. Find different-sized, free boxes in your area (retail stores, liquid stores, ask friends and family, etc.) and use old newspapers, old clothes, towels and sheets as a replacement for paper and padding. Eventually, you can buy markers and tapes, since these supplies waste out quickly and you will need them in large quantities.

Use This Method – Pack Without Thinking

Trying to be detailed and perfectionist is not a good idea right now. Moreover, you shouldn’t think about regular storing procedures at all. Your only goal should be how to get all of your things to your new home without too much effort. Try to use these methods:

  • Pack without folding and sorting. You’ll have plenty of time after relocation
  • Use socks and towels for fragile items
  • Don’t make a mess with too many boxes. After one is filled up, tape it, move away and then set up another

Leave Clothes on Hangers

When it comes to items in the closet, pack them as they are. You can always use garbage bags to wrap clothes on hangers. Think about moving the entire dresser without disassembling it. Just remove the drawers in order to make it lighter for carrying and loading.

Reduce the Cost of Your Last-Minute Packing

Moving in a hurry can bring you some decisive moments. For example, you can find an adequate replacement for professional materials. The first place you should search for it is your home. By using substitutes, you will save your time, money and space in the luggage as well. Here are some everyday things you can employ:

  • Suitcases and duffle bags
  • Old clothes you planned to throw away
  • Blankets are excellent protection for breakable items. They can be used instead of the more expensive bubble wrap
  • Ziploc bags are perfect for keeping smaller items safe and organized
  • If you have balls of yarn, you can place them around or on the top of the belongings
  • Pantry goods. Beans, rice, and lentils are suitable for filling small nooks and crannies in your carboards.
  • Small bags of popcorns will also do the job well
Balls of yarn can be found in almost every household and are useful as padding

Use the Help of Professional Movers to Pack Your Stuff

If your time is limited and you don’t want to risk damaging anything, you should consider hiring professionals. They can help you pack everything or just the things you want. Their assistance will be precious since they are well-trained to deal with tight deadlines. And they will do that in an organized and professional manner.

Great Way to Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

Start packing room by room, and the living and dining room should be the first on your list. In the beginning, your energy will be at the highest level and the motivation won’t lack. Go through each room and pull out everything you don’t need anymore. Toss it and don’t look back. That will save time and provide more space in your new apartment.

There’s No Room for Emotions When Relocating at the 11th Hour

Storing in haste doesn’t give you space for emotions and sentiments. One of the options is to donate those items you are particularly bonded with but you haven’t been using them in a long time. Sort them out pre-move and give yourself energy for the more crucial things in the coming days.

It’s Always Good to Ask for Help

Being supportive during challenging moments is a feature of real friends and family. Having one or more assistants can help you with priorities and your packing will be done faster. Besides, you will spend some significant periods together having fun. Provide them with meals and drinks and your process will go smoothly.

With the assistance of family and friends, your relocation will be more tolerable

Leave Some Tasks to the Movers

If you are expecting your hired professional movers to come and load your items, it’s all right to leave some unfinished work for them to do. Just be prepared to pay additionally for that service. That sort of aid is sometimes unavoidable, but it helps to get everything finished within the deadline.

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