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What Are the Best Packing Materials for Moving?

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Most people think that all preparations regarding relocation begin and end with boxes. Well, that’s not entirely true. The best packing materials for moving include bubble wraps, furniture pads, good quality tapes, and so much more. Though it might seem like buying supplies is unnecessary, keep in mind that you will use those materials to protect your valuable belongings and ensure their safe transport.

Where Can You Purchase Supplies

When organizing a move, people tend to make it as easy as possible. It’s reasonable because many tasks need to be done before the relocation day comes.

Packing is the most essential yet time-consuming part of every relocation. Therefore, a lot of people hire professionals who provide packing services.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a DIY move, you can check store by store, including Walmart and Amazon, and see their offer. Besides purchasing, you can consider renting some materials from the moving company. It is an excellent option if you are looking for the cheapest way to move out of state.

acking products for delivery, shipping service. Delivery concept for private companies delivery with care , Craft present box
Those who want to organize a DIY move can visit a store like Amazon and see their offer of materials necessary to prepare belongings for the move.

Boxes Are the Most Important Packing Material

Boxes are the number one supply people use to pack their belongings. Depending on the size and weight of your stuff, you need cartons of adequate size and quality. Especially if your belongings are going to be left in some storage, you need to put them in high-quality materials.

How To Choose Boxes for Moving

Before you purchase boxes, make sure to estimate how many you will need. An online calculator is an excellent tool for estimating the number. Different stuff requires different ways of protection, so when you’re thinking about how to pack dishes for moving, keep in mind that you will need proper-sized cartons to avoid any damage.

Purchasing a variety of cartons is the key to every successful relocation. Choose a small carton for bulky items like books, and a large box for heavy and large stuff, including blankets or pillows. You can also use a medium box, especially one with dividers. Box that has dividers is great to pack dishes and all sorts of fragile items.

Packed boxes on the floor before moving interstate
A small, medium or big box? You’ll need them all.

The Importance of Best Packing Materials For Moving

Preparing  your belongings for shipping requires more than just putting them in the box. A lot of your stuff is fragile or valuable, so you have to protect them and avoid any damage during the transport. Paper and bubble wraps are just some of the items you need to consider when making a supplies shopping list.

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Essential Packing Supplies

To pack your belongings properly, make sure to provide the following equipment:

  • Cushioning – To avoid any damage, use bubble wrap to protect oddly shaped or larger items, and foam wrap sheets to pack every fragile item you plan to move, including dishes.

Newspapers are a great and cost-effective alternative you can use to pack your items before putting them in cartons. Keep in mind that papers are not as safe as bubble wraps of foam sheets, so try not to use them for extremely delicate stuff.

  • Tape – Though most people think that it is not important what kind of tape they will use to secure their packed belongings, that’s not true. Cheaper tapes are usually fragile, and they don’t have good sticking power. A brand, such as Scotch, is a good option to purchase high-quality tapes. If you want to save some money, tapes in bulk are an affordable solution.
  • Labeling materials – Labeling is one of the most important steps while preparing for the move. That way, you will make it easier for you and your family when you are in your new home, ready to start unpacking. There are few labeling methods you can use, including writing on the boxes directly, and creating a number- or a color-coded system.
  • Cargo straps and ropes – While you are loading a truck, consider using rope or cargo straps to prevent your belongings from shifting around. Each unsecured item can move and cause some damage.

Cargo straps let you secure your belongings to each other or the side of a moving vehicle. Keep in mind that straps need to be thick enough to secure large and heavy objects, like the furniture, to avoid breaking.

  • Furniture covers – Furniture covers slide over your furniture and protect it. Covers keep your belongings clean and can prevent damage. To protect your mattresses, you should use couch covers and mattress bags.
  • Furniture pads – Furniture pads are ideal for protecting heavy pieces, especially those who will be left in storage. Even though you can purchase furniture pads, it is recommended to rent them.

There is always an option of getting a dozen pads from a moving company for a 20$ tops. On the other hand, if you want to save even more money, use blankets as an alternative for furniture pads.

  • Scratch wrap – This material is ideal for keeping the drawers closed on furniture such as nightstands and dressers. It is also great if you want to protect your wooden furniture from various surface damages.
scissors and duct tape
In case your belongings need to be transported from your current home to some storage, make sure that they are correctly packed and secured.

The Cost of Materials

The cost of supplies depends on various factors. First, it will depend on the number of stuff you plan to move, and second what kind of move you’ll choose. Keep in mind that if you want a full-service, a company you’ll hire for moving will most probably include supplies as well.

Those who plan to organize a DIY move will spend more money on supplies, but talking about prices is a thankless task because some will pay $50 while others will spend $500 to buy everything they think is crucial to organize a successful move.

Can You Get Supplies For Free

Those who are relocating on a tight budget should consider finding free boxes by visiting websites like Craigslist or Freecycle. A lot of people list their boxes once they finish with relocation. Don’t forget that used cartons have lost their initial quality, so you have to be extra careful when using them.

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