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Moving a Pool Table: Things You Need to Know

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Relocating heavy items is such a nightmare! It takes a lot of time and energy while making you wonder if you have packed everything properly. Moving a pool table is one of those situations. It would help if you are well-equipped for the process and have a reliable team. It is not easy, but if you decide to do it, these are our tips.

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Make Sure That Your New Home Has a Room Adequate for a Pool Table

Before you start packing your playroom piece, think about your future home and be realistic about the space you have in it. It is not enough to have a room in which you can place the item. It should be big enough so you can play billiard in it and keep the equipment.

What Is the Perfect Billiard Room?

Besides adequate size, the room you are going to place a pool table in should be without carpets. Although you can use a rug to level the item, its structure can make one leg sink further than another, making it harder to play.

empty room
You need to have adequate space in your new home for your gameroom piece.

These Are the Tips for How to Prepare for Moving a Pool Table

Each item in your house requires proper preparation for the move. It is no different when it comes to relocating a pool table, so one of the first questions you should ask yourself is how to move efficiently.

For Moving a Pool Table, You Will Need High-Quality Packing Materials

As for every heavy and valuable item you plan to move, you should have adequate packing supplies, including a toolbox, for transporting this piece. Ensure to have a screwdriver, power drill, safety goggles, and socket wrench. Moving blankets – lots of them, should be on your list too. For removing a felt, you’ll need staple removers, and to avoid any loss during the transport, don’t forget to label each part of the item.

Measure Doorways, Hallways, and Staircases in Both Your Current and New House

To properly move such a large object, you should measure all parts of both your current and future house the item is going to pass through. Measuring doorways, hallways, and staircases will help you create a plan for maneuvering a bulky item. Don’t forget to protect walls and floors to prevent any damage.

Gathering a Trustful Team is Proven to Be the Best Method Related to Relocation

Relocating a heavy item requires a good team, so you should call at least four or five family members or friends capable of doing it. Each team member should be prepared appropriately, including adequate clothing, so there is no chance that somebody gets injured during the process.

Friend carrying boxes
One of the most useful tips regarding relocations is to ask your friends or family members to help you.

One of the Most Important Steps Is to Disassemble It Properly

Step number one is removing the ball pockets. The proper way to do it is to take out the staples that keep the pockets in place. Bear in mind that if the pockets are screwed in, you should use a screwdriver to remove them.

The next tool you’ll need is a socket wrench, and you will use it for removing the table’s side rails. When you unscrew the bolts, try to remove all side rails as gently as possible. Make sure to pack screws and bolts separately and to label boxes you are putting them in.

Up next is removing the felt. To appropriately take it off, use a staple remover. Be extra careful and gently extract every staple. When the felt is removed, pack it and to go on the next part – a slate.

A word of caution – the table’s slate is quite heavy (according to, the weight of one piece slates is around 450 pounds), so you’ll need all your helpers to remove them. Prepare the power drill too, because, in most cases, the slate is screwed in.

Last but not least is to remove the table’s legs from the frame. You can make it easier by turning the table’s body upside-down and then remove each leg.

A new pool table and balls ready for moving
On the list of essential steps is to disassemble the item appropriately.

Another Crucial Step is To Secure All the Pieces

To ensure the safe transport of the pool table, you should adequately pack all of its parts. Make sure to use blankets to wrap legs, corners, pockets, and bumpers. A wooden box is ideal for packing the slate, while felt should be rolled up and well secured.

Woman holding a roll of bubble wrap before moving interstate
All the pieces should be properly packed, secured, and labeled.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Pool Table?

One of the most significant parts of each relocation is the budget. Knowing how much money you can spend on the move determines how you will set the priorities. In case you are relocating on a tight budget, you might be forced to reconsider decisions regarding particular items, especially the heavy ones.

When deciding if you are going to move a game room piece, consider the price you paid for it in the first place, and its current condition. The sentimental value of it also has a significant impact on your final decision. If you decide to move it anyway, you should expect to pay around 450 and 600 dollars to professional movers who will ensure the proper and safe transport of your favorite item.

Keep in mind that other factors go into the overall cost, too. These factors include the type, the size, and the weight of the item. Distance between your current and future home and exceptional circumstances, such as lack of elevator, narrow doorways, or lots of stairs, will also be included in the bill.

Those looking for the cheapest way to move out of state may consider a DIY move, but should also be aware of the risk of not doing it right. Hiring professional movers may cost more, but it is the best option.

money on the table
Overall cost will depend on the size, the type, and the weight of the item.

Hire Professionals – It Is Worth It!

Though it might seem like an unnecessary expense to hire professionals to move your pool table, it is the opposite. We are talking about the heavy item with which you have to be extra careful when preparing it for the move.

Those who are not trained to do it correctly may damage the item and cause injuries to all those involved in the process. Therefore, hiring professionals who offer moving and packing services will most definitely ensure a stress-free moving.

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