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How to Organize a Stress-Free Moving?

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Blake Shaw

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There’s no perfect timing for planning a relocation. Whether you schedule your move during the summer holidays or in cold winter months, you need to think of possible difficulties and stressful circumstances that can occur during the relocation. However, stress-free moving is achievable. If you plan every day leading up to the move step by step and create a checklist of tasks, you shouldn’t worry about a thing.

There are a plethora of tips and tricks on how to carry out this process painlessly and without a headache, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Thanks to our extensive moving experience, we put years of know-how into these important tips to provide you with the best advice on how to face this often tedious process and stay relaxed.

How to Plan Stress-Free Moving – Crucial Steps

Perhaps the sheer thought of packing your belongings and relocating to a new home makes you terrified, but it can actually be fun and inspiring. If you’re doubting the smoothness of the process, keep in mind one thing – proper planning is the crucial factor. Starting a month or two before the scheduled date, booking professional moving services in time, and avoiding the busiest periods of the month and year are some of the necessary preparatory steps. Keep reading and find out how to make your new chapter in life easier.

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Ask for Help and Don’t Worry About a Thing

If you want to be efficient, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Counting on your family or best friend in hard moments like these can speed up the whole process and result in a stress-free relocation. Spending some time with dear people will reduce your anxiety and give you a clear picture of who the people you can lean on in difficult times are.

Planning early enough is the key to a successful relocation

A Tip on How and When to Start Packing

A useful tip is to designate one room as a spot where all the things will be disassembled and packed. That can be a space you don’t use often or a room for guests. By gathering all the items and boxes into it, you can avoid sowing chaos all around the house. Besides, this method can positively affect your mood, as well as your children or pets if you have them.

boxes of furniture ready for moving
Designate one room to be the spot where everything related to relocation is going to take place

Don’t Forget About Packing Supplies

When preparing, the crucial thing is to obtain enough moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tapes, labels, etc. If you begin with preparatory measures eight or twelve weeks before the big day, you can acquire all the necessary supplies in time. Ask family, friends, local stores, or look on social media platforms- these should be your first addresses when it comes to acquiring free moving boxes.

Consider Nearby Movers and Their Services for Things You Can’t Move or Pack Yourself

Packing is challenging and often brings lots of worries. But, knowing the right way and method for solving your problems is the key. If you’re relocating on your own, you might stumble upon some fragile items or family heirlooms that should be packed carefully and securely.

Professional packers can do this task efficiently. Leave some things to them, especially the more demanding ones, and you can rest assured that your items will reach your new address intact. Also, you’ll spend less on the packing process. If you are satisfied with their services, don’t forget to tip your movers as a sign of appreciation and satisfaction with their work.

Professional state to state movers in front of relocation truck
Supplies and materials can be purchased, or you can get them for free if you start looking ahead of time

A Packing List Allows You to Queue Tasks

One of the crucial things you should do is create an inventory list. Write down all your things, including clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, and make a system. Number every box you pack, write the contents on your list, and write down the same box number beside the content. You can also use a color method or labeling – whatever you prefer and what seems like the simplest way. A moving checklist can save you from additional complications and mess.

Girl making a checklist with moving inventory
With an inventory list, your packing will be as easy as a piece of cake

Clear and Declutter Before the Move

As you go on, you should simultaneously clear the debris and junk behind you to avoid disorder. Also, this is a unique opportunity to throw away or donate everything you don’t need. Relocating to your new house means moving for a fresh start, and the last thing you want is to bring old or useless stuff into it. By getting rid of these, you’re cutting down on the number of possessions you need to relocate. Fewer items means fewer hours to pack, load, and unpack, as well as less money to pay for the transport of your belongings.

Prepare Your New Home

If it’s possible to spend several hours in your new home and clean all the rooms before you move in, your future self will thank you. Cleaning the future home thoroughly before all the furniture and boxes arrive equals no unpredictable situations and surprises on the big day. Of course, you can always pay for professional movers and save the time otherwise reserved for dealing with packages and items.

Box ready to be Donate
Toss, sell, or donate everything you don’t need anymore

Organize Utilities and Make a Video

One of the things people usually forget to do before leaving their old apartment is to take final meter readings. What’s more, you could even take photos or make videos on your phone and save these important notes. Think in advance about the internet provider, and don’t overlook the water, gas, and electricity, too. When changing the address, it’s crucial to change it in your documents, as well. The local post office should be informed about this, as well.

Focused female professional taking picture on cellphone before moving
Thinking about utilities early enough will save you from additional tasks

Throw a Move-In Party

You were hardworking, organized, and, finally, everything is finished and ready for relocation. Have you been thinking about throwing a house party as the best way to share your enthusiasm with all your dear friends? Also, it could be a chance to inform everyone about your relocation instead of sending emails with your new address and phone number. So make your day and organize a party where everyone is invited. It could also be a perfect opportunity to invite your new neighbors and get to know them.

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