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Checklist of Moving Essentials You’ll Need to Pack

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Steven Rogers

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How many times have you thought that everything is going perfectly only to realize that a key ingredient is missing? When it comes to long-distance relocation, making that same mistake could prove to be far costlier than usual and make your life more difficult. That’s why a moving essentials checklist could be one of the smartest things to have before the relocation. You will need all the items on such a list from day one in your new home, so keep them with you during the entire trip or in an easy-to-find package.


How to Create a Moving Essentials Checklist: a Few Handy Tips to Get You Started

What’s the first thing you think of when preparing for the relocation day? Whatever that may be, we can bet it isn’t the keys. Without them, you may get far, but won’t be able to make the final step.

The documents should be next on the list, both personal and related to your new home. Have keys and documents with you at any given time. Another handy to have at hand are chargers for all the electronic devices and hefty supply of batteries. You wouldn’t wish to spend even a night without your favorite gadgets, right?

Believe it or not, but these are some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, so don’t fall into the trap.

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Toolkit for Emergency Repairs

Another handy thing to have is a basic toolkit. Hammer, a couple of screwdrivers, and pliers, and you’re ready to tackle almost any everyday mishap that may occur. It can’t hurt to have a flashlight, too.

A Fire Extinguisher Can Save Your Home

If you’re not taking a fire extinguisher with you, make sure to buy one as soon as possible. Which means right away. Maybe the oven and other installations are as good as promised, but it’s better not to take any chances.

Moving Day Essentials – Pen and Paper, Knife and Scissors

You have probably already acquired tons of boxes for your household belongings. But when the relocation day comes around, it would be smart to label those boxes to make the upcoming unpacking process easier for yourself or the movers. For that purpose, you’ll need a pen and paper, and perhaps some sticky notes. And also, a durable pair of scissors and a utility knife; opening boxes is much easier with them.

Packing all you’ll need for the first day in your new home is essential for a stress-free moving

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry, so Bring Some Medicine

It doesn’t take much wisdom to know that you should keep your medication close. From prescription drugs to cough pills and a few aspirins. Just in case.

A First Aid Kit

With all the physical work that is to be done, cuts and bruises are no strangers to the process. Especially if you chose not to hire moving services. So have a basic first aid kit with you all the time. Band-aid, bandages, antiseptic wipes, and tweezers can save the day if you’re faced with a paper cut or a splint in hand.

Don’t forget to take first aid kit and necessary medicine

Food and Water Are Essential

We all have to eat. And with an imminent relocation, you’ll need all the energy you can muster. So arm yourself with healthy supplies of snacks and bottled water, both for you and your friends and movers.

Easy-To-Make Food

Since the first days in a new home can be hectic, make sure to pack a lot of food that can be easily prepared, like pasta, cereals, or canned soups.

Coffee and Tea to Keep You Going

Let’s not kid ourselves; none of us would ever be awake in the morning without a shot of caffeine. So have enough instant coffee on you. And tea is also a tasty choice.

Have enough food and water to keep everyone on their feet

Going Room by Room – Bedroom, Kitchen, and Toilet Necessities

There are three rooms in your new home that you’ll need to set up as soon as possible: the bedroom, kitchen, and toilet.

Prepare the Bedroom for the Best Night’s Sleep

When choosing what to pack for the first few days, a sheet and pillows should be high on your list. After long and hard work, you’d wish to lie in cushy and clean linen. Besides, it’s not a bad idea to separate pajamas and some other spare clothes, along with hangers. And laundry detergent with them.

Kitchen Necessities

We’ve already stressed the importance of proper nourishment. To make your kitchen functional from day one, bring a set of plates, some cutlery, a few pots and pans, and a can opener for that soup we’ve talked about earlier.

Toilet Supplies

As the old folk wisdom says, whatever happens, never run out of toilet paper. You can buy it, of course, but flashing it out of the box at the time of greatest need will instantly turn you into a hero of the house. Another thing that should go without saying is to make sure there’s a toilet bowl cleaner in the vicinity.

Make your new home move-in ready

Clean Up the Place

Maybe your new home was cleaned beforehand, but you should do another sweep nonetheless. For that, you’ll be needing some cleaning supplies. So pack a cleaning spray, rags, paper towels, hand-held vacuum cleaner, and sponges. The old fashioned stuff like a broom and dustpan should also find their way into your new home.

It’s quite important to do some cleaning before all is set up. Be honest, once your furniture arrives from the truck or storage, would you move it to dust the corners? No? Thought so!

Remember to Bring Soap for Personal Hygiene

Relocating requires lots of physical work, and that takes its toll. So have a few soaps along with a shower gel, hair shampoo, and a couple of towels. Deodorant should also be a must, and you won’t regret taking the shower curtain, as well. Toothbrush and toothpaste go without saying.

Clean up the place immediately after moving in

Relax After a Day of Hard Work in the New Apartment

As another famous adage goes, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Don’t let that happen to you. Pack some pastime items, such as playing cards. To improve the atmosphere, add a radio and portable speakers.  And if you enjoy a glass of good wine before going off to bed, don’t let it escape you, which means packing a corkscrew, of course.

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