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Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack

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Jane Davis

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It happens to all of us. You are in a rush, surrounded by a bunch of boxes and bags, and you no longer have a clue of what is where. And somehow something gets left behind. But have you ever wondered what are the most commonly forgotten things to pack? And why do those things seem so irreplaceable once you’re left without them in the privacy of your new home or at some remote beach?

Why Do We Forget So Many Things When Packing?

No matter how organized we are in all aspects of our life, when it comes to remembering what to pack, even the best ones fail sometimes. Although it seems pretty easy to leave behind some small things like a plate or a piece of clothing, it is not so rare that people fail to pack some items that are far more important and not so tiny. But why? What happens to our brain and makes us forget these essentials? Traveling and moving should be positive and fun occasions, but due to stress, overthinking, and multitasking, it often happens that we leave something behind.

We Choose to Deal With It During Night or at the 11th Hour

How many times have you packed during the night or at the very last possible moment? It is inevitable when you’re running out of time, or you do not have anyone to help you with last-minute movingPacking services are pretty handy in situations like these, especially if you haven’t arranged storage, because these things can last quite a bit. You are already physically exhausted and tired from sorting all the stuff, the night is falling, you’re in a rush, and your mind is not functioning. Sometimes it is best to leave it for the morning, if possible, and rest properly. Otherwise, you are increasing the chances of leaving something behind.

Packing for Vacation is Related to Stress

People tend to bring too much stuff when they travel for vacation. Although it is only for a few days, you never know what you may need. Whether it is another pair of boots, a raincoat, or a sweater. So, when people travel, they think that the best idea is to bring with them anything they can. But since there is not a lot of time, and often not a lot of space, it happens that we fail to pack some travel essentials. How to avoid that? By creating a packing or travel checklist, which we will discuss in the next section.

We Are Not Organized Enough

There are certain things we can do to ease and organize the relocation process. For example, moving tricks that will help you reduce stress during the relocation, etc. But one of the best things that you can do is to create lists. Not a list, but lists. Lists of all the things you have or you should bring with you to your new home. Write all the things that are inside of each box. And in case you’re relocating with a baby, we know at least 3 reasons for hiring a sitter on moving day.

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Complete List Of Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack

While trying to place everything into boxes in the privacy of your home, you can very successfully hide things from yourself and leave them behind. It is not rare that people leave their passport or other essentials. Although we all have our own failures, there are some things that are just more frequently forgotten than others. We hope that, after looking at this list, you might be able to pay better attention to them and put them in boxes right now.

  • Chargers– we use them daily, and somehow we always leave them
  • Flip flops– they are so thin you can barely notice them
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes– you need them till the last minute, and then they are forgotten
  • Shower gel – usually overlooked in the corner of a shower
  • Swimsuit– they are so small, and you never can find them when you need them
  • Sunscreen – who knows where the last summer supplies are stored
  • Laundry bag – we forget we even need one while preparing for a vacation
  • Memory card– it is so tiny and necessary, yet frequently forgotten
  • First aid kit– because you rarely use it at home
  • Snacks– because you think you can always buy somewhere on the go
  • Passport and other documents– there are no excuses, but this happens, too
White cord on a black surface
I hope my charger is somewhere inside this bag

Weird Stuff Like Painkillers, Sweatshirt and Stain Remover

People tend to make a lot of mistakes on the day of the relocation, and overlook some things they use on a daily level like sweatshirts. Also, we all have some medications hanging around our drawers, and those things like painkillers are also frequently forgotten because they easily end up at some dark corner of our cabinets and drawers and stay there for ages. Other things like stain removers are one of those things that you will need to use only when you do not bring them, so make sure you have it packed.

medical form and meds
Medications are often forgotten

How Do You Not Forget Things When Packing?

One of the most common dilemmas among people who are relocating is should they pack on their own or hire professional moving services. Well, it all depends on you. The most important thing is that your belongings are packed safely and that you have not left anything behind. And that is the tricky part. So always make sure to check if there is anything below the bed, behind closets, in drawers, etc. And use checklists, because otherwise, you are not going to remember all the things you have, what is packed, and what is not.

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