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Moving to Another State: Checklist

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Anastasia Hill

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Relocating state to state is a significant change and a big step. If you are wondering what to do before moving to another state and is there a checklist for moving, yes, there is. We are equipping you with the resume of everything that should be on every moving to another state checklist.

Get to Know the Place You Are Moving At

How do you decide if you should move to another state? There are many reasons to move – you could be relocating for a job opportunity or wanting to separate from your parents and become independent. Maybe a sense of adventure is driving you, but what should be at the top of your checklist for moving to another state is to get to know about your future address.

You can use Google maps and the web for your investigation, but also a visit would be an excellent way to scout. In-person, as online, you can check the job market, different work opportunities, and the closeness of all utilities and necessities. Also, if you have kids, schools might be the main factor in deciding which neighborhood is the best suit for you.

Panoramic view of the city
Walk the future neighborhood on foot, make a trip to get to know the city

Set New Life Infrastructure at Another State in a Few Weeks

One part of long-distance moving is relocating your whole life and whole structure that has tied you from one place to another. Relocating your family to another state means you need to set everything up before arriving; on the other hand, you can be freer to handle more uncertainties if relocating alone. Your checklist for moving out of state should include the following.

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Finding the New Job

If you are relocating without a job, the first thing on your moving out of the state checklist should be finding one. You can use Linkedin or Upwork, or other online platforms to help you in this time when face to face search is not the best, let alone always possible option.

Renting the Place to Live

Here online apps for renting can also help you. If you are not familiar with the city and have the freedom to move later, it is better to oblige yourself for no longer than six months. It would be a good idea to write and use a rental resume to land an apartment or house.

Cancel or Transfer All Memberships and Accounts

It is essential to know who to notify when moving, so that too should be on moving to a new state checklist. You should cancel or transfer, if possible, all your memberships and accounts, including bank accounts. Don’t forget to move medical records and notify everyone of your future address. Check if all relevant institutions are aware of your relocation.

Prepare Your Kids For The Move

Talk to your kids about cross country moving and explain everything to prepare them for the event, and don’t wait long before doing it. Also, you need to notify the school or kindergarten that you are relocating and find a new school in your future neighborhood.

Parents and a kid sitting in the living room with boxes
Talk to your kids honestly, try to listen to their needs, so the move will be less stressful for them

Establish Domicile and Registrations in the New State

In order not to owe taxes in two states, you need to establish a domicile in the new state. You also have to get a new driver’s license and to register to vote at your future address, not long after your relocation. If you are relocating with pets, you have a responsibility to register them in your new state, so check all local legislation about owning animals.

Transfer of Utilities Is a Crucial Part of the Checklist

Utilities include telephone, gas, electricity, cable TV, water, and many other things. When moving cross country, you need to disconnect them at your old home and set them up in your future house.

Let Everyone Know You Are Leaving the State

When moving interstate, don’t forget about friends or family you are leaving in the old city. Saying bye to friends could be difficult, but don’t let that stop you from spending some time with them before leaving. Send a future address to all your close contacts and family members.

Rental sign
To decide if you are buying or renting your future home, check the local real estate market

Moving to Another State Checklist Can’t be Complete Without Your Belongings

Once you have set up the scene to begin a life in a new place, it’s time to start planning the move of all your items. Relocating at such a distance could be demanding, so planning the budget carefully and hiring professional state to state moving company might be necessary.

How Much Money Should You Save up Before Moving to Another State?

When you’re relocating out of state, on the checklist should definitely be saving money for the move. You should check the cost of living and rent in the place you are relocating to, and save enough money for at least six months of living, and if you are relocating without a job, even for a longer period. Also, consider the costs of long-distance moving. But even if you don’t have much money and still plan to relocate state to state, it is possible with some sacrifice. For more details, check out the following video

Plan the Moving Budget

A crucial part of our moving across country checklist is a relocating budget. Set the amount you are willing to spend before all the craziness starts, and a feeling of urgency sets in. Relocating cheap is not the best option when moving between states, as relocating professionals can save you a lot of headaches. Decide how much you will spend on meals, packing, and help.

Organize Your Documents Before Moving Day

Documents are one of the things you need to keep close on a moving day, same as your valuables. It is best to organize them in different folders and keep them at a distinguished place at all times during the move, so they don t get lost.

Research and Hire The Moving Company or Organize Cheaper Solution

Hiring state to state movers is the easiest solution to all problems. When looking for long-distance moving companies, make sure they have all the necessary licenses and offer insurance. The cost of interstate relocating will vary depending on the distance and amount of stuff you move. You can request free estimates from different companies. You can also organize a truck and manpower to downsize costs but still use interstate movers for specific things like car shipping, storage facilities, or packing services.

Arrange Car Shipping

If you have one, prepare a car for shipping. You can hire a professional driver to drive it for you, or use an auto transport service. Most affordable are usually open-air carriers transporting multiple cars.

Make an Inventory List and Let Go of Stuff You Don’t Need

Knowing how to downsize for a move and what to get rid of when relocating is very important. Not only will it make a move more manageable, but it also brings down the costs. You can give your excess stuff to Goodwill or sell them at a garage sale. For the rest of the things you want to move, make an apprehensive inventory.

declutter, keep, trash, sell, recycle
Make sure to declutter before the move

And When You Finish All the Tasks From Your Moving to a New State Checklist?

When you finish all tasks from your moving to a new state checklist and arrive at your destination, it is time to limit unpacking time. Some people leave their belongings packed and stuck in storage for years, so set a goal to unpack the final item two months after the move.

Once you are settled, don t forget to meet new neighbors as making friends in a new city will impact your quality of life a great deal.

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