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What to Do When You Move to a New State – A Quick Checklist

This might be your first time relocating to another state, and you want to plan everything in advance and stay organized, so everything runs smoothly and efficiently? If you follow the quick checklist of tips below, you’ll know exactly what to do when you move to a new state. This useful information can help you stay on track and focus on essential things.

What to Do When You Move to a New State? Check and Secure Your New Home

You might want to know what do you need to do when you move to another state first? Before unpacking moving essentials, our advice is to focus on your new home and check if everything inside is working correctly – switches, plugs, doors, and windows. You should then check your walls, floors, and furniture – in case there is anything left and make notes for later. One of the pro tips is to take pictures and see if there are any mismatches with the things mentioned in the contract. You don’t want to spend your money on repairs of damages that you didn’t cause. Discuss any potential issues with your landlord, and then you can pet- and baby-proof potential dangerous surfaces.

Get New Locks and Security System for Your Home

You must be wondering is it hard to move to a new state or how safe it is for living. When you are moving your family to another state, their safety and security should be your number one priority. Changing locks on your house or apartment is the first step for a peaceful sleep. You can spend some extra money and install a security system and cameras if you find that necessary as well.

Get an Insurance Plan

The other important thing on the checklist of what to do when you move to another state is getting insurance. Find some good insurance companies in the area and the packages for a plan covering most of your needs, including health, home, and business insurance.

And if you want to learn more insider tips on the first steps, check out this video

Set Up Utilities and Check if Old Ones Are Turned Off

The other important tip on what to do when moving to a new state is to make sure utilities are transferred to your name while utilities on your old address are switched off. You may have already contacted the right companies and started this process before relocating, but it is important to check if everything is operating correctly once you are here. You don’t have to spend your money on previous owners’ debts. Contact your local providers for electricity, natural gas, water, property tax, and trash pick-ups first. Then you can move on to other significant things like changing the mailing address on the USPS website.

Set Up Internet and Mobile Plan

Internet connectivity is an important part of modern society. You might need it for your business, education, or other significant purposes. That’s why you should contact your local provider and set up a suitable plan as soon as possible. You might also have to change your phone number or provider. Getting a home number is not always necessary, but it can be set up easily for a small fee if you need it. The home number can be convenient if you are moving elderly parents out of state.

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Set up utilities

Get a Driver’s Licence and Insurance

If you are moving out for the first time, you may wonder how to get a new state driver’s license or how to register a leased car in another state. Depending on the state you’re relocating to, you’ll usually have about thirty days to do this, but our advice is not to wait too long and do it as quickly as possible. The process is simple and doesn’t cost a lot of money but requires some time and patience. You’ll have to prepare some documents like proofs of your new address and ID, and pay some cheap transfer taxes. After doing this, you should also get car insurance. Check out some local insurance companies in your new area and see what offers work best for you.

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Transfer your driver’s license

Meet Your Neighbors

You might ask yourself, how can I move to another state alone? Saying bye to friends is sometimes hard, but one of the many benefits of moving is an opportunity to meet new neighbors and make some friends wherever you move. Your neighbors might share some interests with you, and they can give you great tips on getting around the area and help you settle in.

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Your new neighbors can give you lots of useful information

Find Out What Are The Important Things to Know About the Neighborhood

You probably checked some of the essential information before relocating, and now is the right time to review your knowledge. Have a quick tour around the neighborhood to see how far the nearest supermarket is and what is the fastest way to get to your child’s new school.

After Moving, You Can Find Some Inside Information

Some of the tips and information that you found online, unfortunately, can be false. Don’t get discouraged if you find out if the nearby shopping mall is closed. Now that you’re on the field, you can find out even better options and discover many exciting places on your own.

Find a Temporary Job

If you are moving without a job, you should immediately start looking for opportunities. Moving to a new state can be expensive and cost you a lot of money. You might start working at some local company and then continue searching for your dream job once you get financially recovered from the move.

Photo of a neighborhood
Explore amenities and companies to work for around the neighborhood

Hire A Professional State to State Moving Company, And They’ll Give You More Useful Tips

If you are wondering what is the best way to move from state to state, our strong advice is to hire a professional long-distance moving company. If you request any of the long-distance moving services, trained and experienced state to state movers will make sure everything is delivered to your new address in a short period of time. Long-distance movers can help you with loading and unloading services as well. Packing services and custom crating are specially developed for fragile items’ protection during transportation. Long-distance moving services in most of the companies usually include auto transport. Almost every long-distance moving company can provide you with a storage unit for your belongings. Also, check some internet reviews and decide what are the suitable options for your unique needs when relocating to a new state and city.