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Moving to a new state checklist

Checklist when moving to a new state

Moving to a new state checklistAre you thinking about leaving your current place of residence and moving to a new state? If so, we believe you are well-aware of the fact that you are about to take a huge step. Moving to another state is not a piece of cake – it is a long and intricate process, so it is of utmost importance that you start preparing for it early enough. The safest way to move from one state to another is to hire professional movers and leave it to them to take care of this tricky task. Once you start planning your move, you’ll realize that there are quite a few things you have to deal with, so we offer to help you by listing some of the most important things you should keep in mind.

To begin with, you should take some time and do as much research as possible. First of all, do some research about the city that you want to move to so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice. Check whether the city in question offers everything you need. We suggest that you look for the safest and most affordable neighborhoods, check the rates for rental houses, find out about high-quality schools and colleges, etc. In addition to learning more about your future destination, you should also do some research about moving companies and what these have to offer. Check the services and prices different companies offer. You should leave yourself enough time to do this so that you can first narrow your choice down to a couple of companies and then compare these before you make your final decision.

After you’ve gathered enough relevant information, the next step is to set the moving budget. Truth be told, the relocation process is usually quite expensive, so you need to know at least approximately how much money you can allocate. The good news is that nowadays, most moving companies offer free moving estimates, so you get to find out how much your move could cost before the whole process gets started.

Furthermore, remember that you should start packing around six weeks before your moving day. Even though it might seem to you that you don’t need six weeks to do that, the tiresome process of packing boxes for moving is actually more time-consuming than it appears to be. Speaking of packing, we suggest that you pack only those things you can’t do without and form a pile of stuff you can sell, give someone, or just throw away. And, don’t forget about moving supplies – make sure you get boxes and other packing material early enough so that you have everything you need before you get down to packing.

Finally, one month before the moving day, you should notify utility service departments and have them take care of electricity, water, gas, cable, internet, and other services which are to be canceled in your current home and set up in the new one. Last but not least, it is advisable that you put all your important documents in one folder (health records, contracts, and the like).

If you need more details about your relocation process, feel free to contact State to State Movers and ask for any additional information you want.