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How to pack fragile items

How to pack fragile items

Have you ever wondered how you can make sure that your items stay intact during your relocation, more precisely, during the transportation process? Well, there are many strategies towards protecting your most delicate and fragile belonging, such as making sure that you pack it correctly and safely. We can help you with plenty of tips on how you can properly pack your items on your own. If you would like to learn some of the best tips and tricks, continue reading our blog!

Step No. 1: Get the right moving box size

The first you will need to get started is a moving box which you item will perfectly fit in. Simply measure the fragile items you want to pack more carefully and get the appropriate amount of moving boxes and make sure that they’re the right size. There’s also a great way to save money – don’t go overboard with buying moving boxes. You can utilize some of your old boxes, for example, shoe boxes. Remember that the only thing that matters is that your item fits perfectly into the box! This is important due to the fact that there mustn’t be any movement inside of the box. The item must fit in tightly, because any type of movement could result in damage and/or breaking.

Step No. 2: Get the right amount of packaging material

Packaging material is the second most important part of your packing process. In order to further ensure that there is absolutely no movement inside of the moving box, it might be tightly packed with loads of packaging material. The best packaging material to get is usually styrofoam, packing peanuts, bubble-wrap, but you can always save up some money by simply using things you already have at home. Examples include old newspaper, or anything else that can help fill up the moving box and ensure that the item is stable, and not moving around the box.

Step No. 3: Always check if there’s any movement inside the box

This is very important. Before you seal the box with tape, you need to ensure that there’s is no movement inside of the box. You can simply check this by shaking the box. Of course, don’t shake the box too roughly. If you hear any movement, stuff the box with more packaging material. Repeat this step until you hear no noise coming from the box.

Step No. 4: Seal the box and you’re done!

After you have done the “shake test”, you can completely seal the box with good quality tape. The best way to seal your box is to not only seal the ends, but also tape it vertically and horizontally. Of course, you don’t want to go too crazy with the tape. Just make sure it’s sealed tightly and safely!

PRO TIP: Hire a packing crew!

Don’t want to deal with any of these steps? Simply hire a packing crew! The State to State Movers packing crew is the perfect choice. Our professional and experienced staff will supply all of the necessary packaging materials and boxes and will make sure that the packing of your valuable belongings is done professionally.

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