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How to Meet New Neighbors – the Best Tips

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Blake Shaw

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Do you remember how nervous you were ahead of your first date? All the questions and doubts going through your head? Well, it does not differ much from when you have to meet new neighbors. And the bad part is, if you don’t like them, you can’t just go home and never see them again because, surprise, now they live right next to you. So let’s take a look at a few handy tips that can help you start off on the right foot with the people next door.

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Tips for Making the First Move – How and When to Say Hello

Although it seems simple enough, sometimes approaching someone for the first time can be the hardest thing ever. We are always waiting for a signal, eye-contact, or a smile, something that will help us initiate a conversation. Whether you moved to a new state alone or you are moving to a new state with family, one of the hardest things is saying bye to old friends. Until the time comes to meet new ones. So here are some tips that will help you overcome the anxiety.

Timing Is Everything

Don’t approach your neighbors if you see they are in a rush or they are heading to work. They probably don’t have the time or patience. Wait for a sunny afternoon when they go outside to throw out the trash or walk around to come across their way.

Don’t Serve Fake Smiles to Your Neighbors

Just don’t. If you’re not in the mood, it is better to stay honest and say you’re having a hard day. Or that you’re tired of all the moving and packing, unpacking, etc. No one likes people who aren’t genuine, so don’t give yourself a bad reputation at the very beginning.

Take a Stroll Around Your New Community

Wait for weekend afternoons and take a walk around the street. If your home has a front porch or a garden, you just have to show up, and they will come to you. Everyone wants to find out who the new person in the community is, so just look friendly and don’t avoid eye contact.

Avoid Awkward Silence

Come up in advance with a few topics to talk about. Don’t let that awkward silence come between you, because you’ll hardly speak again anytime soon. Think about the things you have noticed. Compliment the neighbor’s petunias in the garden, make jokes, or ask to exchange numbers in case of any emergency.

What If You Don’t Have Anything in Common?

It happens. Your neighbors don’t have to become your best friends. You can still maintain a good relationship with them, but it is not the end of the world if your neighbor doesn’t like football or hockey. Keep your expectations realistic. A lot of times, people experience depression after moving because things don’t always go as planned.

friends sitting on the stairs and talking
Kindly introduce yourself, tell them you live next to their home now, ask a few questions about the community.

Don’t Be Shy to Ask for Help

A lot of times, with loading and unloading services, an extra pair of hands is helpful. Don’t let your neighbors just watch you struggle. Introduce yourself and make them want to help you. Don’t be shy to ask if they know how to safely handle bulky furniture and household appliances. Because, of course, they know. And they wouldn’t miss an opportunity to show off in front of a new neighbor. Plus, you will probably hear all the latest gossip about the people in the neighborhood.

woman serving coffee in a cafe
Make some coffee and introduce yourself while others are helping you. You’ll make new friends in no time

Throw Questions Around Like Confetti

Just ask – even if you already know something, ask just to get a second opinion. Ask if they know how it is to move to a new state and start over. Perhaps you will hear some exciting stories, or maybe you discover you were both born in Nebraska. You never know. That’s the beauty of asking questions; you never know where the answer might take you. You can also ask some more practical questions: What is the cheapest grocery store? The best restaurant around? The closest dog park?

A Quick Guide to Becoming the Most Popular Neighbor

You should not strive to become popular among other people in the community, but to become the best neighbor they could ever have. Sure, the guy down the street knows how to fix their oven and bakes cookies while babysitting, but if that’s not you, don’t try too hard. Be yourself, and everyone will like you because of that. By the way, sharing a slice of pie or a cake is also helpful sometimes.

Preparing delicious pasta
Not sure how to do something? Ask someone from your neighborhood.

How to Meet New Neighbors? Host a Welcome Party to Introduce Yourself

If you love where you live so much, and you really want to get along with your neighbors, why not throw a party once your moving activities are done? You can ask around in advance to see if the community likes those gatherings, and organize a small house-warming party to introduce yourself and meet others. Make sure your home is in good shape before you invite your neighbors; don’t give them a reason to gossip around. This party is the best way to meet them because you know how people get loose after they drink a bit. It’s a good way to spend some time with people from your neighborhood and share your story with them.

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