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Moving Your Family to Another State Checklist

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More and more people every year decide to move to another state. Interstate moving can be very confusing and stressful, especially when you plan on moving your family to another state. This is why we created this checklist to guide you to a more painless relocation process. Keep reading and find out how to plan your move in the best way possible.

What to Know Before Moving Your Family to Another State?

Moving to a new state is hard when you are doing it alone, and it is even harder when you are moving with kids. Some things will undoubtedly cross your mind. So, what to consider before moving to another state? Some of the questions would certainly be are there good schools for my children, are the neighborhoods safe and family-friendly, will my family adjust to the move, and will I find a good job. Of course, if you are moving for a job, then the question is will your partner find a job easily? If you wish that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, you will need to do adequate research about the city you plan to settle in.

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Find a Neighborhood Fit for Children and Family

First, you have to check out the neighborhoods that are safe and family-friendly for your kids. You will want to buy a house in an area close to work and, more importantly, to a school where your kids will go. Do online research about the best neighborhoods on sites like Niche to help you figure out which area to visit first. Also, make sure to visit a new state before deciding to move.

Visit Schools Near Your New Home

One of the reasons you should visit the city you plan to settle in is to do the interviews with schools where your kids will go to. You can make a choice depending on proximity to your house or depending on the school ratings. If there is a chance your kids go to a more prestigious school, then this can be another plus to your moving state to state. Check this video for more tips on moving with kids.

Research About Housing Options

If you did good neighborhood research, then you know which areas have the best housing options. It would be ideal if you could live in the city for a while before your big family relocation into your own home. This way, you can get to know the city, feel its vibes, find out the cost of living, and plan your budget accordingly. Because buying a house is a big commitment and you should be sure you can afford it.

Find a New Home

As we mentioned above, it would be ideal to rent a place to live in and to buy a house later on. So don’t rush with this purchase. Finding a home can take some time, but it will pay off if you get a good deal. You are relocating with family so find a big house in a safe neighborhood and make sure it is near schools and connected with other parts of the city.

House in suburbia
Be patient, and you will buy your dream house

Set a Date for a Move

So you made your decision to move and now it is time to set a day for your big relocation.

Setting a date is crucial because you can make all the arrangements and plan your move. If there is time, you should select your date at least one month in advance. This way, your kids will have time to adjust to this change, as will your friends and family.

Notepad with the calendar
Setting a date of your move will make this process much more comfortable

Prepare Your Kids for the Move.

The most important thing is to sit down with your kids and talk with them. Tell them about your plans, and maybe even include them in the decision-making process. Ask them to choose a day for the relocation or to select a school for their likening. You can also speak about amazing things they will experience in their new home.

Make a Moving-Away Party for Your Children’s Friends.

If your kids are older, allow them to make a party and let them make all the arrangements, of course, with your wise supervision. This is an excellent way of saying goodbye to friends. Of course, your children might get emotional, but the party will help them end this chapter of their life.

Girls playing with balloons
Couple of balloons and cake will make relocation much more fun

Find the Best Movers.

No matter what your reasons to move are, relocating with family is a long and exhausting process. If you wish for you and your loved ones to have a stress free move, you will have to find state to state movers. Search online for reliable and experienced companies for moving services. You don’t want first-timers or amateurs to deal with your belongings on this long trip. Ask for an in-home estimate so you can plan your budget. Before hiring movers, ask them all the things which worry you in advance.

Movers lifting a TV
Ask for professional help when relocating to another city

Start Packing Weeks Before the Big Day.

Go through your stuff and try to make an inventory list of things you will bring with you. This is an excellent opportunity to throw away all the things you have been hoarding for years, especially kids stuff that’s outgrown. Donate unwanted items or sell them. Your packing will be easier if you have fewer items on the list. Start your packing with a room you don’t use that often, like a garage or basement.

If you’re moving in winter, pack your summer stuff first. As ever, children can be of great help in the packing process. But if you are tired of cleaning and packing, you can always ask your movers for a packing service. This way, you will not have to worry about how to pack TV for a move or pack fragile items. Your movers may even unpack everything for you. So all you will need to pack is a bag of your moving essentials.

Mover wrapping box
packing is much easier if you ask for professional help

Transfer Utilities and Memberships to a New Home

At least one week before the move, call and transfer your utilities to a new home so that you have electricity, water, and heat when you move in. Also, transfer memberships, magazine subscriptions, health, and car insurance. Ask your pediatrician to give you a copy of your kids’ medical file so you can have this on you and give it to your new doctor. There’s also arranging school transfer for your children. The school record will be transferred by their old school, but you must do this on time.

Power plug
Transfer your utilities in advance

How Much Money Should You Save to Move to a Different State?

Now you know how to move your family to another state, but you are probably wondering how high the interstate moving costs are. Well, the price depends on the type of service you get. For instance, there are different varieties of auto transport service, and your move will cost more or less depending on which one you chose. You can contact movers and ask them to give you a free estimate. This way, you will have an idea of how much money you and your family need to save.

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