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Prepare Household for Moving During Coronavirus

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Your relocation date is fast approaching, but so is the new coronavirus. What should you do? Panically cancel everything or continue like nothing is going on? Probably neither. Many moving companies, including our own, are still helping people relocate their stuff across the country for the time being, but with additional safety measures in place.

Some people are already in recommended home isolation, and the chances are high that the same scenario is awaiting us all at some point. But instead of moping around your home waiting for the movers to come, there are so many things you can do from home, such as prepare your household for moving during the Coronavirus isolation. You would have to make an inventory list anyway, so why not now?

How to Prepare Your Household for Moving During the Coronavirus Isolation

Home isolation can be a curse and a blessing at the same time, but you should stay positive, even though your anxiety about moving out might now be higher than ever. Sooner or later, this crisis will be behind us, and you will be able to continue with your life and plans, so why not spend this time wisely? You will have to do this anyway, so instead of binge-watching TV all day or cleaning obsessively, you can be productive and do something that will certainly help you be more organized and prepared for your upcoming relocation. Here are some of the essential steps you can take while in home isolation.

Clean and Disinfect Your Household

The first thing you have to do is to make sure you are in a safe environment. This should always be the first step because there is always dust and germs around things we do not use frequently. But now, you should go a step further and disinfect everything. If you can find disinfection wipes and sprays, make sure to clean all frequently used surfaces with them because the virus can survive on them for a long time. If you can’t find any cleaning products in your grocery store, some alternatives include vinegar, baking soda, or even lemon juice, depending on the type of surface.

Create a Moving Checklist

Whether you are going a few blocks away or moving to a new state, a checklist will help you avoid mistakes and forget about certain things. You would be surprised to find out what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are, so make sure that all of your moving essentials are included. You can even create several lists, one for storage, another one for moving service providers to take to your new home, packing essentials, etc.

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Make an Inventory List

This is the key to every successful and stress-free moving. You can go room by room, and write down all the things by categories or how they are currently organized in drawers and closets. It will make your packing easier, and you will always know where your items are. Make a printable sheet, and find a system that works for you to track everything. For example, use color codes if you are a visual type of person. Don’t forget to measure all the bulky items and objects you think will need custom crating.

Separate the Things That Are Not Going With You

While going through your rooms, basement, garage, and attic, you will undoubtedly find a lot of things you forgot you have. Some of them you probably do not want anymore, but don’t throw them if they can be donated or sold on a garage sale once this situation is over. Prepare everything on time, find free moving boxes and seclude things you want to give away and sell.

Keep in mind that chemicals, such as cleaning products, are not allowed by most moving companies. However, due to the current lack of such supplies on the shelves of grocery stores, you should consider taking them in your car with you if you’re not planning to use auto transport services.

Should I Start Packing?

Regardless of whether your relocation is scheduled in a few weeks or months, you can still pack some of the things you do not use, for example, seasonal clothing, stuff from your garage, etc. By doing so, you will spend less on the packing process because movers won’t have to do everything.

Checklist, coffee and pen
Create the ultimate inventory list to organize your stuff before relocation.

Is Self-Isolation the Best Prevention?

Currently, it is. If there are any cases of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, in your city or neighborhood, the best thing you can do is to self-isolate and practice social-distancing. Isolation can last for weeks, so preparing for your move might be a perfect excuse to occupy your mind and work on something around the house. What’s essential is to maintain your hygiene and keep your home clean and safe. Don’t listen to everything you find online. Rely on trustworthy sources of information such as the official CDC website and the World Health Organization.

woman sitting on a chair
Stay at home, spend more time with your family, and include everyone in preparations for relocation.

Spend Your Time In Isolation Wisely

This situation can last for weeks, so there’s no room for panic. We have to accept it the way it is: it’s not every day that you get a chance to save the world by staying at home. Take a day or two to sleep and rest, and then come up with a plan for the following days and start organizing your household. Once you see the progress you’ve made and how productive you’ve been, it will all be much easier. There is something satisfying in making inventory lists and checklists. As a plus, you now have more time than ever to do that thoroughly, so take your time and stay at home.

man holding a phone and making notes
Many are questioning their decision to relocate in times like this.

Should I Postpone My Relocation?

This question is probably giving you a severe headache these days, and the best advice we can give you is to follow your gut. Currently, it is still safe enough because cities in the US are not facing a total lockdown, and companies such as ours are doing everything to ensure that their movers and clients are safe and healthy during the loading and unloading process.

There’s one other thing you should keep in mind. So many people have already canceled their move. But once this extraordinary situation is over, they are all going to rush to book their relocation. Companies won’t be able to handle such a surge of requests, and some of them will surely raise their prices.

For those who are forced to cancel or postpone their relocation with us due to objective reasons, such as restrictions of movement, we have introduced a cancellation fee waiver as a sign of support in these hard times.

And when it comes to those that can, want or need to book long-distance moves in the following days and weeks, we have prepared discount prices.

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