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Moving to a New State Without a Job

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If you are moving without a job, this is a list for you. It’s only natural that you feel anxious, but going into the unknown doesn’t always have to be scary, especially if you follow these simple steps. In fact, relocating to another state in search of better professional opportunities is one of the best reasons to move!

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How to Move to A New State Without a Job

Should I move before finding a job? Am I making the right decision or being reckless? If you’re desperate for answers, you’re in the right place. First things first, let’s talk about finances.

Check Your Resources

Before putting things into motion, you should check your funds and make a budget. The cost of interstate moving is financially draining as it is, and you wouldn’t want to run out of resources before you get a steady job. Our first tip is to check your savings account and make sure you have enough money for the first three to six months. That will make apartment-hunting easier because you will be able to make a downpayment. Do your homework and find out what the cost of living in your new city is. That way, you can calculate your monthly expenses, such as the price of rent, utilities, and groceries. Take nonessential expenses into account as well, for example, restaurant and coffee shop prices. It’s not a bad idea to put some money on the side for medical emergencies and similar situations.

Settle All Debts

If you have any pending payments you need to settle, now is the time to do it. You don’t want to bring your debts with you to your new home. As far as your old job goes, it’s best to tie any loose ends and leave everything in order. You never know if you’re going to need it back someday.

A woman counting interstate moving expenses
It takes money to make money.

Complete Your Resume Update

It’s safe to say that the first few weeks will be kinda chaotic. Adjusting to a new environment is a slow process. If you want to start job hunting as soon as possible, and you should do so, it’s best to prepare your resume beforehand. Print out a dozen copies of your updated CV and put them in your car. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle with you for better mobility, so arrange the auto-transport on time. Try to get a local phone number for your contact information. Your potential employer will probably want to do a thorough background check, so make sure to give your references heads-up. If you need some additional tips on how to write a good resume, click on the link below!

Before Moving Without a Job, Research the Local Job Market

When you move from state to state, it’s always a good idea to do some research. You need to familiarize yourself with the local job market. What is the unemployment rate? What jobs are most in-demand? How do I get a job before relocating? Being a newcomer is a disadvantage, but you can compensate for that by following these simple tips.

Apply for Jobs and Reach Out to Potential Employers

You probably already know how long it takes to get an actual offer, so the sooner you submit your application, the better chance you have. It’s crucial to start applying for jobs the moment you figure out the details of your cross-country relocation. There are several ways to go about it: you can contact local headhunting agencies or simply skim through the job placement ads. Full disclosure, most employers are reluctant to accept out of state applicants, as they perceive them as “flight risks.” So, emphasize that their city will be your permanent residence for the foreseeable future. It’s best to use your cover letter to explain why you’re moving to that particular location. For example, because you think this city offers better opportunities or you simply wanted to live closer to family.

Start Networking

The right time to start networking is yesterday! Fortunately, you don’t have to be physically present to mingle with the right crowd in this day and age. You can set up a LinkedIn account to create connections months before you relocate. Of course, networking isn’t just about creating opportunities and advancing your career. You can use your social media to meet new neighbors and reach out to people you may know in your target area.

You Can Also Look For Part Time Work

You need to lower your expectations. Building your career from scratch in an unfamiliar city will probably take a while, and there are bills to pay. Unless there’s an actual offer waiting for you, you should look for part-time jobs to secure a more stable living situation. Depending on your preferences and skills, you can consider freelance work using sites such as UpWorkFiverr, and GigBucks. You can also join the service industry and work in retail or try bartending. Job-hunting while being a part-timer is pretty hard, so you should mentally prepare yourself. It’s very easy for people to slip into depression after moving, especially if they are overworked and insecure about the future.

Dogs Walking
Dog-walking is a rewarding part-time gig you could consider.

Make Sure to Have a Plan B

While being a pessimist doesn’t help, you shouldn’t get lost in daydreams and blind faith either. There’s always a chance something could go wrong. It wouldn’t hurt to come up with the worst-case scenario and try and preempt it. Having an exit strategy will relieve any anxiety about moving out and being on your own. Don’t burn any bridges after you relocate to a different city, and make sure to have a place to stay and people who support you, if you need to go back home.

Stressed girl
Everyone needs a safety net.

Keep Old Connections

Instead of saying goodbye to your friends, you should try and keep in touch with the people you leave behind. Moving to a new state without a job is stressful, and you will need all the support you can get. While networking and new relationships are vital for your professional progress, keeping old connections is essential for your emotional well-being. Also, if things go awry, it’s good to know you have a support system back home.

Consider Signing Up for Helpful Moving Services

Amidst all the job-hunting, you’ll probably be too tired to deal with the actual organization of your cross-country relocation. You should know there are many interstate moving companies that offer affordable moving services. If you would rather focus on finding work than packing, you can enlist professional movers to handle things like loading the truck. Concentrate on advancing your career and leave the heavy lifting to someone else.Is moving without a job a wise decision? If you are currently unemployed, you should check out these helpful tips before relocating to another state.

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