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Moving to college dorm checklist

Moving to college dorm checklist

Moving to college dorm checklistLeaving your home and moving to another place is not simple – you have to plan and organize your move in detail if you want the whole relocation process to go smoothly and you have to start doing so quite long before the actual move. There are many things that you need to take care of, so the best would be to make a list of all those things first so that you can keep track of the ones you did and the ones that are yet to be done. When moving to college dorm, this change can be even more stressful, but don’t worry – we are here to help you organize your move. To minimize the level of stress you are exposed to, you should do your best to focus on all the good sides your move will bring you – you’ll get to meet new people, make new friends, learn a lot, explore a new place, etc. As for the list of most important things you should bring, here’s what we believe you should set as the priority.

  • Technology: Laptop, flash drives, wireless mouse, laptop case, camera, tablet, chargers (phone, laptop, camera, etc.), portable phone charger, headphones, speakers, router, TV, batteries.
  • Dorm Bedding: Pillows, pillow cases, extra long sheets, mattress pad, blankets, storage bins, foot locker, bed side lamp.
  • School supplies: Backpack, pens and pencils, highlighters, stapler set, tape, scissors, printer, printer paper, notebooks, note pads, book light.
  • Kitchen: Blender, mini fridge, toaster, coffee maker, dishes, mugs, travel mug, bottle opener, can opener, napkins, food storage containers, paper plates, dish towels, paper towels, sponges, trash bags.
  • Room: additional seating (beanbag chair, folding chair, comfy chair, etc.), couch cushion, cushion cover, bedside table, alarm clock, wall clock, coffee table, bulletin board, posters, wall art, photos, picture frames and photo clips, closet organizer, hangers, space bags, curtains, wall mirror, candles, plants, shelves, drawers, decorative baskets.
  • Bathroom and toiletries: Air freshener, shower curtain and rings (if needed), shower mat, bathroom rug, shower shoes, shower cap, bath pouf, washcloths, bathrobe, bathroom cleaning supplies (e.g. drain cleaner, glass cleaner, rubber gloves, shower cleaner, sponges, toilet brush, toilet cleaner), bath towels, hand towels, shower gel, face wash, face creams, shampoo and conditioner, tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, mouth wash, brush, hair dryer, hair care products, shaving cream, shaving razor.
  • Cleaning up: Dish detergent, dishcloth, disinfecting wipes, tissues, febreze, hand-held vacuum, laundry supplies (bag, detergent, fabric softener), instant stain remover, double closet rod.
  • Documents: Bank documents, credit card, debit card, checks, driver’s license, car registration and insurance information, copy of birth certificate, copy of social security card, passport, student ID, emergency contact list, financial aid documents, health/dental insurance cards.
  • Medical supplies: Allergy medicine, aloe lotion, antiseptic wipes, cortisone cream, Vaseline, bandages, blister bandages, first aid kit, birth control pills, cold and flu medicine, decongestant, throat drops/lozenges, throat spray, eye drops, hot and cold packs, humidifier, insect repellent, multivitamins, supplements (iron pills, etc.), prescription medicine, rubbing alcohol, thermometer, upset stomach medication.

These are some of the things students usually need when they start living in dorm, but it would still be a good idea for you to make your own list and see which ones of the previously listed are necessary in your case and which are optional. It is advisable that you make a detailed plan so that you don’t miss anything once you get there. Update your checklist as the packing goes on and you have nothing to worry about. Of course, take some time to see which items you can do without (at least for a start) and consider crossing them out to make the tiresome process of packing simpler.