Blog November 29, 2020

Health Insurance When Moving To A New State

For most people, the process of choosing a health insurance plan has become incredibly difficult and time-consuming, mainly due to the complexity of the terms of each plan, but also because of the sheer number of choices available. Having that in mind, moving health insurance policies within United States is not possible, but we wanted to help you understand what is.

One thing to note before we begin: large companies which are located around the country mostly allow coverage to their employees regardless of their place or residence, and they still get to keep the same coverage if they move. But for those who buy their health insurance in the individual market, will have to purchase a new plan.

If you become sick or get injured before you buy individual coverage or your employer-sponsored plan begins, you could wind up paying substantial medical bills out of pocket.

But do not worry, as long as you had coverage before the move, you’ll have a 60-day enrollment window during which you can pick a new plan – on- or off-exchange – in your new state. However, you may only have coverage for emergencies once you leave the state in which your policy was issued.

If you’re concerned about the possibility of having a gap in coverage, you could enroll in a short-term plan to cover you until your new plan takes effect.