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Do You Need to Rent a Storage Unit When Moving?

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In the ideal world, when you relocate you can take all your stuff with you. Since that’s usually not the case, you’ll have to rent a storage for spares. Here’s a short but all-encompassing guide to do it.

What to Consider When You Have to Rent a Storage

The first thing to consider on the checklist for moving to another state is, of course, the available budget for storage space. Decluttering is vital in relocations, and if you know how to have a successful garage sale, you can earn some money and, at the same time, maybe lower the facility’s price.

When you’ve sorted out the finances, it’s time to contact companies and get information on what they offer. What is the facility’s location, is insurance included, are there any add-ons, etc. Then choose the one to help you with moving.

What You Need to Know About Unit Types

To put it simply, you can choose between conventional units of different sizes and a portable container. If you wish to place the latter in your yard, you might have to get special permission.

Rent a Storage With Better Access to Your Stuff

When deciding on the service provider, an important matter should be accessibility. Things like can you contact them every day of the week. Or, can you access the facility whenever you wish, or there is some procedure for that. And, of course, is the unit close to your new home.

Consider Container With Add-ons

Another important point is the so-called add-ons. Depending on the items you’ll put in, you might want the unit to have better locks, video surveillance, or security detail. Then there’s the matter of air conditioning. It can be extremely important if you’re storing items movers won’t move, which are often hazardous. Or in case you’re stashing business files, or valuable books, for example.

Different facilities have different access methods and size of units,

Self- or Full-Service Level

There are two types of storage services – self one and a full one. Full services are what you get when you make a deal with a company. Self-service is a more popular option and a more affordable one.

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What You Get With Them

With full services, the company sends a truck for your stuff at the booked date, takes it to the facility, and takes care of loading and unloading services. Also, the provider will usually make a list of the stored things available for you to see on the internet. They’ll even deliver the stuff to the destination when the time comes.

On the other hand, self-storage facilities are safe and affordable. They are also ideal for bulkier items, as well as for motorcycles, boats, and cars waiting for pick up after auto transport. But, delivery and pick up, together with packing, are on you. So, you should know tips on how to pack a moving truck, as well as how to properly prepare car for shipping.

Rolls of packing paper that will be used for long-distance moving
Self and full services differ in affordability, but full one is better for business needs and you also get a moving truck with crew

Cost of Renting Containers and Facilities

The price of storage space is an integral part of the cost of interstate moving, whether planned one or last minute moving. That price depends on many factors, such as the level of services and what add-ons the unit has. The price will also rise if you wish to insure your belongings with the unit owner. Not surprisingly, storing a boat or other huge things will increase the bill. But the two main factors are the unit’s size and for how long you use it.

Price Per Square Foot

We mentioned before that decluttering can save you some money. That’s mostly because more stuff means you have to lease a larger size storehouse. The math is simple – a larger facility means higher monthly costs.

Length of Lease

Length of lease is, too, a significant factor for the costs. Space can be rented on a month-to-month basis or long-term. In both cases, you should aim for flexible pricing, since that can be the most suitable thing to do. Most companies that offer moving services will also provide the first month of storage for free.

box crates storage
Size and location of the storehouse will contribute to the price of the service you need

Should You Rent Units Near You

When moving, you would usually wish that your stored stuff is near you. This is especially so if you cached business documents and items. But that’s not always the best option. For example, if you’re moving to a big city, units there will be pricier, because of higher demand.

In that case, the cheapest way to move out of state in this regard would be to opt for some close by, but the less populated area.

A pile of money
Nearby storehouse in the city’s center may help you keep business items close, but going a bit further will make it cheaper

Quality Storehouse Will Help You Move

So there you have it. No matter what are your reasons to move, you undoubtedly wish the process to be as stress-free as possible. So, after putting aside moving essentials, you would like your stuff to be put in the best possible conditions for as long as necessary. Take your time, find the most suitable option for you, and enjoy setting into the new community.

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