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Car shipping safety tips

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Shipping a car is a huge responsibility, for the shipping company, but also for the owner of the car. If you’re moving long distance, you’re probably thinking of hiring a professional car shipping agent to deliver your car to your new address. However, you may be wondering how you can proactive ensure that your car is safe during the shipping process. The truth is, even though the car shipping company will mostly be responsible for the safety of your car, you can participate too! Continue reading to learn how to ensure that your car is safe and sound during the shipping procedure.

1: Choose your car shipping agent with care

When searching for a car shipping agent, you want to take as much time as you need. After all, your car will be in their hands, and there won’t be much that you can do to prevent any damage during transportation. However, by choosing the right car shipping company, you can make sure that the chances of your car getting damaged are as slim as they can get. A good tip on finding the right company for the job is reading online reviews. Other people’s experience with the car shipping agent will give you an insight into how they handle their business and whether they are worthy of your car in regards to your car.

2: Make sure that you’re aware of any pre-existing damage to your vehicle

Before you hand your car over to the shipping agent, you want to make sure that you’re up-to-date with the state of your car. Write down any marks or scratches that you may have noticed. You can also take pictures of the already damaged parts of your car. Once your car arrives, you will be able to estimate whether your car was damaged during transportation or not!

3: Check if the car shipping company offers any insurance

Another good idea is to check for an insurance policy with your car shipping company. If they offer an insurance policy, it means that they are responsible and that they will offer you a compensation of some kind, in case anything goes wrong during transportation. However, even if they don’t offer insurance, you can check in advance to see if they have any kind of way to make up for any damage that may occur during transportation, for example, if they will refund the costs of shipping!

4: There are safety measures that you can take too!

For example, making sure that your car is in a solid driving state may be important. After all, the car shipping company will likely have to move your car around, and for that, they will require your car to be in a proper driving state. This means that your car should be fully operational, with all of the safety equipment that it needs. The moving company will not be responsible for any damage that occur if your car was not in a proper driving state at the time!


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