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Prepare for Moving With the Best Car Shipping Tips

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Cross-country moving is hard enough as it is, without the difficult task of transporting your vehicle to another state. If you are looking for car shipping tips that are easy to follow, you’re in the right place! We have come up with a comprehensive list of practical advice to help you organize a quick and painless transfer. Whether you’re a biker chick or a family man with a minivan, you can follow the tips below and ensure a stress-free moving experience!

What Do I Need To Know Before Shipping a Car?

The logistics of vehicle transportation can seem overwhelming. However, if you do your research, you can make the whole process more relaxed. You should familiarize yourself with different auto transport methods and decide which one is best suited for your needs. Then, depending on the details of your long-distance relocation and your financial situation, you can choose the right company to provide auto transport services. It’s also a good idea to schedule the shipping at least two weeks in advance because most companies can’t help you without proper notice, since last-minute moving is hard to handle. Keep reading, and you will learn the best ways to transport different types of vehicles, the right preparations you need to make before the transfer, and most importantly: how does shipping your car work?

Is Shipping Your Car Safe?

It’s perfectly normal to worry about your car’s safety and obsess about everything that could go wrong. If you are wondering if vehicle transportation is secure enough, the short answer is yes, especially if you follow these auto transport tips. In general, there are two ways to ship your car: in an open trailer or an enclosed one. Now, you may ask yourself, should I ship my car open or enclosed? Most of the time, vehicles are sent in an open trailer cause it’s relatively safe and cheap. However, some claim cars are more likely to get damaged during an open trailer move, especially if the movers use chains to secure them. If you own a luxurious car or motorcycle, you should opt for enclosed trailers with lift gates. Enclosed carriers can protect your car from extreme weather conditions, physical damage, and theft.

Car transporter in the port
Think carefully about what kind of trailer you want

The Best Car Shipping Tips to Help You Prepare

There are a few things you can do to prepare your car for shipping. Transportation usually goes without much hassle on your part, but there are some details you should take care of yourself. For example, most companies will insist you leave your vehicle completely empty so that you don’t end up losing some of your belongings or cause damage to your car during shipment. If you plan on driving as soon as you arrive, you have to make sure your machine is good and ready for use. Just follow these practical tips, and you’ll have everything set when the day arrives!

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Always Check the Tire Pressure

You might be thinking it’s not that big of a deal, but checking the tire pressure is paramount. You have to make sure your tires are not flat or even slightly under-inflated. There is an almost imminent risk of damage. It is also quite dangerous; if not adequately inflated, the tires could fall out on the road and harm other drivers.

Make a Copy of Your Keys

Your car will be locked once it’s loaded onto the carrier, so don’t forget to make a copy of the keys beforehand. The driver will probably have to move it at some point, and it’s not wise to give them your only set of keys.

Make Sure to Remove Any Custom Accessories

If your car has many custom parts, it’s best to remove them prior to transportation. Custom parts are usually weirdly shaped, and that’s why keeping them could cause a bumpy ride. This way, you will prevent any damage that might occur.

Don’t Forget to Empty the Gas Tank

Emptying your tank might stop you from immediately going for a drive in your new neighborhood, but it will make the transportation easier. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s a necessary precaution. It doesn’t even have to be completely empty; you can leave it at ¼ full.

Don’t Take Your Car to the Car Wash

Before saying bye to your friends, you should ask them to help you deep clean your car. It’s better to do it yourself, instead of going to a car wash, because that way, you will have a clear picture of every scratch, crack and dint. If you’ve never done it before, check out this video on how to thoroughly clean your car at home!

Be Sure to Do a Maintenance Check and Get It Tuned Up

Before putting things in motion, you should do a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Go to your mechanic and ask him to do a maintenance check. You may not be aware of this, but most companies will charge you an additional fee or even refuse to ship your car if it’s in bad shape, like leaky fluids or malfunctioning brakes. Tune-up is particularly important if you intend to leave it in storage for a significant amount of time, which is also a service some companies provide.

Mechanicals running a maintenance check
Have your vehicle thoroughly checked out before shipment!

Remember to Request a Free Quote

Don’t forget to ask for a free quote to avoid any hidden costs. If you are looking for the cheapest way to move out of state, then getting an accurate cost estimate and checking for insurance coverage is the way to go. This is especially important for auto transport because even if you take all the right steps, there’s always something that could go wrong.

Compare Costs and Don’t Be a Cheapskate

The cost of interstate moving is somewhat higher than moving locally. Instead of requesting a single company’s quote, you should inquire with several different businesses and then compare the cost estimates. Your instinct may be to go for the cheapest option, but that is a big mistake. The price is usually indicative of the quality of service and equipment they provide. There are several ways you could save up without risking damage to your car. For example, you can arrange for terminal-to-terminal transport, which is significantly cheaper than having your car shipped door-to-door.

money on the table
Try to save up, but don’t be a cheapskate!

Don’t Go to Auto Brokers, Hire Professional Movers Instead

Instead of turning to auto brokers and ending up with questionable companies, it’s safer to recruit professional long-distance movers and have them take care of both your car and other belongings. A number of companies are registered with the Department of Transport and can provide you with exceptional service.

Find the Right Company With Auto Transport Services

If you hire a reliable long-distance moving company, you can make the whole process a lot easier. Apart from car transportation, they can also make sure your belongings are safely relocated to your new home by providing packing services and even custom crating. Why do the heavy lifting yourself when you can hire professional cross-country movers to handle the loading and unloading for you?

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