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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Move a Washing Machine When Relocating

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Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

More than 80% of Americans own a washer, which means that this appliance is a part of the household inventory list for many who plan on relocating. If you’re one of them, you could use some tricks and tips on how to move a washing machine since it isn’t exactly a simple task. So, how do you move a washing machine by yourself? If you want to know, just follow our guide.

You can avoid all the heavy lifting and back-breaking work if you decide to get long-distance moving services. However, if you are determined to proceed with a DIY approach, we can teach you how to do it right and keep both yourself and your appliance safe. Since there are plenty of different models on the market, it’s crucial to read the user manual. If you can’t find it, do an internet search via the brand’s name and the model of the device. In the right manual, the disassembling and reassembling process should be explained in detail, making it significantly easier.

Cleaning and Drying Should Be Your First Step When Moving a Washing Machine

If you don’t have a last-minute relocation, there is no better time to deep clean your home and household items than before the move – this device included. But, how to prepare a washing machine for moving state to state? It includes more than just polishing its outside.

Because there can be a lot of dirt and limescale amassed from all the previous work, ensure you run one cycle without any clothes. For a better result, purchase a tablet specially designed to deep clean the inside of the drum.

After the cycle is finished, clean the drum with the soft microfiber cloth and let everything dry at room temperature at least a day before you decide to pack. If not adequately dried, this helpful device can become your nightmare. Excess water can create mold during the transport, which can damage not only the device itself but also other items.

Person cleaning a washing machine before interstate moving process
Did you know that washers should be cleaned at least once a month?

Turn Off the Water Supply

So you don’t encounter any leaks, the water supply needs to be shut down. To do so, you first must locate a valve – usually, it can be found on the wall behind the device. When you want to shut off the valve, you have to rotate it clockwise.

Disconnecting the Power Supply Is Also a Necessary Step

This task should be a no-brainer, but we decide to point it out nevertheless. When handling any device that works on electricity, it must be disconnected from the power supply. It’s a step that must not be forgotten – otherwise, you’ll face a high risk of electrical shock. Therefore, ensure it is discontented from an electrical network before you start disassembling and relocating it.

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Drain the Hoses and Install Shipping Bolts for Complete Security

These two tasks are some of the most common things people forget to do when moving to a new home. However, neglecting these steps can have severe consequences after the move.

How to drain a washing machine for moving? Once you disconnect the supplies, hot and cold water hoses must be removed. Have a toolset by your side because you may need a wrench or pliers for this task. After they are disconnected from the device, ensure you drain any leftover water, wipe the hoses and let them dry. The same goes with the washer’s drain hose, except it needs to stay attached to the device.

Next, you must ensure the drum is locked in place. To do so, you must use the transit bolts you got when you made your purchase (if you can’t find them, contact the closest appliance store). Long-distance moving implies long roads, during which a drum suspension mechanism can be damaged when the drum itself isn’t immobilized.

Installing shipping bolts is necessary if you don’t want to deal with unnecessary relocation stress. Take a look at the video below to learn how to do it properly.

Get the Right Packing Supplies for Moving a Washer to a New Home

All the supplies you’ll use for packing glasses and other smaller household belongings won’t work here. Instead, it would be good to invest in quality moving blankets – strong cloth coverings that can protect your appliances the best. They are the top answer on how to pack a washing machine for moving.

However, keep in mind that these blankets must be secured, so you’ll also need stretch wrap in hand. Additionally, you can get sliders that will be helpful when the time for pulling out the device comes. Of course, you won’t have to worry about any of this if you opt for hiring state-to-state movers and getting packing services – bringing the supplies will then be the movers’ reasonability.

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Choose How You Will Carry a Washer and Get the Right Equipment for It

An average washer weighs around 170 pounds. Even if you can lift that much weight, its shape will only make this task harder. However, the right equipment can make it a lot easier. Think about renting (or buying) lifting straps or even an appliance dolly that will help you transport this heavy device smoothly and without injuring yourself. Keep in mind that they can also help you relocate furniture and even boxes more efficiently.

Can one person move a washing machine? It depends on the equipment you choose. However, trying to move large objects by yourself is always risky, especially if you’re not familiar with the proper lifting techniques. Therefore, if you want to move safely, one or more sets of hands can be very useful. Even if you’re relocating to a new city alone, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for assistance.

Empty washing machine that should be packed before cross-country moving
How to move a washing machine by yourself? Don't do it alone - ask for assistance when relocation day comes

Move and Load the Washer Carefully

If you wish this device to be a part of your new apartment checklist and won’t want to make any relocation mistakes when transporting it, here is what you should do:

  • Secure the power cord and drain hoses connected to the device,
  • Place sliders (or cloth) under front legs – it will allow you to pull out the device without damaging it or the floor,
  • Wrap an appliance with blankets and secure them,
  • Bend the device backward and slide the dolly beneath it (you’ll need an additional set of hands). The alternative would be placing the lifting straps on the shoulders (or forearms) and beneath the appliance,
  • Keep the device in an upright position whether you’re moving a front load washer or a top load one,
  • Load it onto a relocation truck using the ramp,
  • Secure it to the side of the truck with rope or specialized straps, so it doesn’t move during the transport.

How to Move a Washing Machine Effortlessly? Hire the Best Cross-Country Movers

How can I move my washing machine easily, you ask? The right answer is that you can’t. There will always be a lot of work involved, which is why hiring reliable long-distance movers may be the best option. Reputable movers know many relocation hacks regarding all the items on your packing list and are most likely to provide you with a stress-free relocation. Leave them to worry about questions such as “How do you move a washing machine into a tight space?” or “How to move a washing machine with a dolly?” while you focus on more important relocation tasks.

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