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Types of Moving Labels for Boxes

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During relocations, people tend to underestimate the importance of moving labels for boxes, and as a result, a lot of confusion can often ensue. When moving state-to-state, you’ll most likely have dozens of containers lying around, waiting to be unpacked. If they are not properly labeled, the arrangement of rooms can get pretty chaotic. Luckily, there are many different types of labels and methods of labeling.

You Mustn’t Forget About Moving Labels for Boxes When Shipping Your Items

Box labels for moving interstate are undoubtedly one of the main essentials for relocation, yet many people disregard their importance when relocating to a new home. Stickers are extremely important if you want to move efficiently. Namely, it makes unpacking after you have arrived much easier.


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You Can Find This Product and Use It Easily – Here Is the Basic Information on How to Acquire and Use Labels for Moving Boxes

How do you label boxes when moving? First of all, you need to get the appropriate packing supplies for relocation. This has to be one of the priorities on your relocating to-do list, and the good news is that it won’t affect your savings much, which is important for people who are relocating out of state on a budget. Here are the supplies that are required:

  • Stickers are naturally the most important items that you’ll have to get, and there are various ways of acquiring them.
  • A permanent marker is another necessary thing. For interstate moving, it is best to have waterproof markers since the regular ones can be affected by weather conditions (especially if relocating during a rainy season) and storage conditions.
  • Plastic tape and scissors will also be needed for stickers to remain on the containers during shipping.

Packing Labels for Moving Are Printable, and You Will Not Have to Purchase a Single Box Sticker

It is natural to look for the most cost-effective way to move out of state, and for some people getting free stickers can mean a lot. Here are the ways of getting labeling supplies:

  • If you have any kind of printer at home, you can get them for free. You will just have to go on the internet and search for templates. There are many free templates available online, and what is more, there are many different types of labels available. Finding one that suits your needs will be easy.
  • Any store that sells office or household equipment will probably have them. Moreover, you’ll also find waterproof markers and tape in such stores. Although not much, you still have to be aware that this will increase the cost of your interstate relocation.

You Can Solve the Issue of Labeling Completely by Hiring a Professional Relocating Crew

We can debate whether state-to-state movers are essential for relocation. However, one thing is certain, when you hire a long-distance moving company and purchase their packing service, there will be no need to worry about labeling. For a stress-free relocation, it is best to hire movers. Labeling is not hard, but relocating to another state checklist can be quite extensive, and even such a simple task can seem hard when organizing for a move.

Cross-country relocation crews use electronic labelers with barcodes, and they will just require a list of all possessions that you want to relocate. Furthermore, all protective supplies will be provided by them, and everything will be appropriately packed and marked for shipping according to the inventory list. Above all, hiring professionals will save you a lot of time and energy for other issues like organizing important documents or preparing your car for a vehicle shipping service.

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There Are Many Different Methods of Labeling When Packing Your Containers

Whatever your choice might be, you won’t make a mistake. These relocation hacks have all been proven to be convenient for relocation. Still, it is useful to know what exists and how to apply the one you choose, especially if you are relocating for the first time. Here are the most frequently used types of labeling:

Color coding

How do you color code moving boxes? Color coding is probably the most popular method of labeling when relocating to a new state. So, for each room, you’ll pick a color. For example, your bedroom can be labeled with a purple sticker. This means that all crates that will contain your bedroom possessions will have a purple sticker attached to them. But, you will also have to label the bedroom in your new place accordingly with the same purple sticker. In that way, the person who is unloading the containers will know automatically where each crate goes.


Room-by-room method is almost the same as the method above. You will just have to write down the name of the rooms instead of using colors.

Using numerals

When making a checklist for relocating to another state, you can add a number next to every item on the list. For example, you can assign a number four for all bedroom possessions, and then all containers that are labeled with the number four will contain these objects. However, when it comes to using numbers, people often write down the name of the room on the sticker also.

Priority Labeling

This technique is a combination of several methods of labeling. For example, it can be a combination of the techniques above. This is particularly useful if you are relocating with kids or with your pets since they can both experience immense anxiety when relocating, and you’ll want to unload their home possessions first. So, for example, if you want to pack in a way where you can first unload your child’s possession, you can take a red sticker and write down “To be unloaded first,” “High Priority,” or “To be placed in the truck last.” In this way, a person who is loading the items onto a truck will know the exact order of placement. This will also be applied when placing the containers in storage units.

Labeling containers according to the types of items

This technique can also be used in combination with all the aforementioned. However, you have to be careful if you opt for this method, as things can easily get disorganized. What we mean by this is that, for example, you can label a container with a sticker “small electric appliances” and then put an espresso machine, an iron, and a laptop charger together. This is never a good thing to do when relocating for many reasons. But, on the other hand, it can be the best labeling method for clothes. For instance, if you are relocating during summer, you can label a few containers with a blue sticker and write down ” winter clothes, low priority.”

What to Write on Packing Boxes? You Mustn’t Forget to Write “Fragile” on Containers That Need It

Without any doubt, the most important label when relocating is “Fragile.” When preparing fragile objects for relocation, under no circumstances should you forget to place “Fragile” on the appropriate containers. Whether the professional movers or your family members will carry the containers is not important at all.

The sticker “Fragile” is there for more reasons than just carrying. Don’t forget that your household objects will have to go through various stages of relocation – placing the containers into a relocation truck, transporting, unloading, and placing them in storage units if needed (to name a few). Relocation is certainly a long process. During relocation, you or anyone else can easily forget that a particular container has fragile objects. The sticker “Fragile” will serve as a sign of warning at all times, and people who are carrying these containers will immediately treat them with more care.

The Box of Essentials Should Have a Unique Sticker

A box of essentials is quite important when relocating to another state. This box will contain all the necessary objects (hygiene supplies, kitchen utensils, medication, or bed linen) that will help you get through the first few days while the arranging of the new home is taking place. This box should, of course, be packed last and unloaded first.

You can use any of the given labeling methods above for the box essentials. For example, take a garish yellow sticker and write down “Essentials, to be packed last!”. Of course, if you are relocating with your family, don’t forget about their essentials as well, and label each container appropriately. Here is a useful video on what should be placed in a container of essentials.

These Additional Tips May Prove Useful When Labeling Your Containers

These long-distance relocating tips can increase the efficiency of your move even further. The following things can be performed in addition to the standard labeling process:

  • Containers should ideally be labeled on all sides. This is especially important for the ones that have the “Fragile” sticker.
  • If you find stickers that already have glue on them, know that it will not be enough. They will most likely fall off during transportation so make sure to apply additional plastic tape after sticking them to a container.
  • Using second-hand containers can be cost-effective. However, they will most likely have old stickers attached to them. Make sure to remove everything before the containers are packed, as a lot of confusion can ensue when unpacking begins.

Here Are Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes to Labeling

There are many situations that can occur during relocation, and here are some of the most frequent questions and explanations that you might find useful.

Should you put your name on moving boxes?

This isn’t obligatory, especially if the objects will go straight to the new address. However, if, for example, storage services will have to be used, or there will be a change of trucks during transportation, it is wise to put your last name on the containers. Finally, sometimes it may happen that the shipment will consist of home possessions from more than one customer. In this case, writing down your last name is a must.

How do you label plastic storage containers?

Labeling plastic containers doesn’t differ from labeling the usual cardboard ones. You’ll require the same materials mentioned in this article, and you are free to apply any of the available labeling methods.

How do you label furniture?

When relocating furniture, there will be a lot of dismantling going on, and all parts have to be labeled appropriately. However, you should avoid placing a sticker directly on the furniture piece or, even worse, writing with a marker. This can result in permanent damage. Furniture pieces should be first covered completely with protective materials, and then on top of these materials, a sticker should be placed.

Although a Small Detail, It Will Certainly Make Your Relocation Go More Smoothly

Relocation is not an easy process at all, and even a small task like labeling can take a lot of time if you don’t know what to do. All in all, take this task seriously, and if you still think that labeling is not that important, ask people who have had experience with relocation. Everyone will tell you that labeling is an important part of the process.

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