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How to Pack Furniture for a Long-Distance Move

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Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Household items are the most expensive ones after a house itself and a car. So, no wonder you want to know how to pack furniture when relocating across the country. You surely don’t want to furnish your new home all over again just because the objects weren’t prepared for the truck and the move, right? Especially if you consider that an average American moves around 12 times in a lifetime.

Having a stress-free move is the ultimate goal for everyone who is relocating – no matter if it’s just around the corner or long distances. However, achieving it won’t be a piece of cake because there are many tasks you need to do. The first thing should be hiring movers and using their professional moving services. A trustworthy relocation company will offer you packing services and if required, a storage facility for some belongings. Also, safe auto transport for your vehicle. But, when it comes to relocating objects from the household, you need to make sure everything is well protected before the move.

Learn How to Pack Furniture for Moving Interstate and Why It’s Important to Do It Correctly

Wrapping furniture for moving might be the last thing on your mind since there are many other things to think about. For example, you need to plan the cost of an interstate move and check how much money you’ll have to save for some of the needed services. So, organizing your move should be your priority to have a successful relocation.

However, besides thinking about relocation essentials and organizing the whole process, you should also consider correctly protecting your bulkier objects, like sofa, table, couch, chairs, and alike. Not only because they could easily get damaged or broken during the transport, but also because buying new ones is an investment that requires some serious budgeting.

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Let the Professional State to State Movers Take Care of Bulky Pieces

People move for many reasons – whether it’s a better home, job opportunity, or education. No matter what the actual reason is, consider hiring movers because it will have numerous benefits. One of them is surely taking care of bulky items. So, between checking which things movers won’t move, you should be sure that the relocation company is willing to help you with some of the bulkiest household objects, like king-sized bed and huge sofa. That way, you’ll be relieved of a big task and don’t forget to tip the relocation crew correctly.

Professionals Will Disassemble the Robust Things Before Loading the Truck

Another great thing about hiring a relocation company is that they will gladly disassemble and assemble the robust item. It’s a great option if you’re in the last-minute move when every second counts. With the right equipment, they will make sure all the objects that need to be disassembled arrive at the new location undamaged. That’s why relocating to a new state has never been easier, right?

Two movers picking up the wrapped chair for moving interstate
Let the professionals assist you with bulky objects

Facilitate the Whole Packing Furniture Process With Some Decluttering First

When you decide to move to a new state, plan the whole process first. This means you need to think about all the stuff you have in the house and whether everything goes with you. Keep in mind that an average American lives in one house for ten years. That’s a long period, and you’ll probably have a lot of clutter.

So, before you start packing up the things, be sure to downsize for a move first. That way, you won’t lose the precious time and effort for things you don’t even use anymore. For example, you have in the basement an old table that’s still functional but not used for years. You probably won’t be needing it for the future house, either.

Sell or Donate Items You Don’t Use

Don’t let these items be some of the things you forget when relocating because you can donate or sell them. Not only you’ll move more efficiently, but you can do a good thing and help those in need or earn an extra buck that could cover some of the relocation costs. So, if you want to donate, check an online Goodwill website. On the other hand, you can organize a garage sale before the move and earn some extra money.

A person donating and selling stuff online before moving state to state
Nowadays, you can do pretty much anything online in just a few clicks

If You Want to Wrap Each Piece Properly, You’ll Need the Right Equipment

When making a relocation checklist, ensure you put all the packing materials on it. Only when you have everything in abundance will you be able to organize the wrapping process correctly. Imagine running out of a bubble of plastic wrap in the middle of the process. Doesn’t seem fun right?

Also, with the right materials, you’ll protect more efficiently each peace that will be moved. So, here are the materials you should get:

  • Plastic covers – protect each piece from moisture and water with plastic covers.
  • Bubble and plastic wrap – a great solution for irregular-shaped items.
  • Moving blankets – soft materials like blankets are the best options for large objects.
  • Boxes – place screws and similar stuff into boxes, so they don’t get lost during transportation.
  • Tape – seal and secure everything once you place protective materials with a few layers of tape.
  • Sticky notes – make a good labeling system and put on each disassembled part a sticky note for faster assembling after the move.
  • Markers – use markers for labeling the boxes correctly.
  • Dolly – a tool you can’t go without if you plan on relocating larger stuff by yourself.
  • Tools – screwdriver and wrenches would be enough if you don’t have the whole toolbox.

How to Protect Furniture When Moving With Materials You Have at Home?

There are many things you have to do when relocating to a new state. One of them is to plan your finances. If you’re moving out on a budget, have in mind that obtaining these packing materials we mentioned above can be very pricey.

Don’t worry; there are some free alternatives you can find at your home. For example, instead of blankets, use any soft material you can find – sheets or clothes. That way, you’ll protect and secure pieces during the transport, and you won’t spend a fortune. Also, check websites like Craigslist for some free stuff too.

Storage with moving blankets and other materials state to state movers use for the packing process
Check some free alternatives for protecting larger household objects

The Key Is to Prepare Each Piece Before the Moving Day

When you’re wondering how do you pack furniture for cargo, you first need to realize all the benefits of hiring professional movers. Not only because they know some of the best relocation hacks but also because you don’t have to think about disassembling robust household objects. And one of the most common relocation mistakes is precisely that – not disassembling and preparing that kind of stuff for a move. As a result, you’ll have some pieces damaged or even broken after the move.

Make Sure You Have Time for This Tasks

Whether you’re relocating alone or not, ensure there’s enough time for you to protect and secure your belongings. Especially if you plan on disassembling objects by yourself. Don’t leave it for the last day when the moves come to load your belongings, but ensure it is done at least one day before. That way you won’t have to do it while the house is crowded and you won’t feel anxious about the move.

Clean the Pieces Before You Start to Wrap Them Up

Another very important question you should answer is how to prepare furniture for moving. The first thing you should do is clean all the surfaces and then get to the packing process. Gather all the cleaning supplies and roll up your sleeves. Don’t forget to be gentle with delicate surfaces – one wipe with the dry mop would be enough. For more tips. Watch the video below.

Apply Some of the Best Tips and Wrap Like a Pro

Once you realize all the benefits of relocating and do all the needed tasks, you should deal with securely packing furniture. You need to ensure that each piece is well protected from scratches and damages. And the best way of doing this is layering. So, place first a bubble or a plastic wrap around the piece, then cover it with blankets you prepared earlier, and for the end, secure and seal everything with the tape.

Be Extra Careful When Wrapping a Heavier Piece – Safety Comes First

If you’re asking how do you pack heavy furniture, you should know that this task isn’t something you should play with. We all know how some stuff from our house can be heavy, and you need to be careful. So, besides planning how to move to another city, you should consider learning some techniques to load heavier furnishings. If you can call some extra assistance, that would be great. Two pairs of hands can do so much more than just one, and you’ll avoid getting hurt during the process.

How Do You Pack Wood Furniture for Moving?

Delicate objects like wood furnishings could be tricky to keep from damage when relocating long distances. These furnishings are not only often pricey but also have sentimental value. So, preventing them from damages is something you should keep in mind once you decide to move.

If possible, disassemble the wooden object because it will be easier to protect it and load it later into the truck. Begin with separating the legs and covering them with some soft material. Then, if the object has drawers, remove them, as well. And then take care of the edges. Cover them with styrofoam foam, or just cover them with a blanket and tape.

Living room with some wooden pieces after moving state to state
Wooden furnishings requires some extra steps for better protection

Use Some Tips on How to Load the Truck and Have a Safe Transport

What is the easiest way to transport furniture is one of the questions you should figure out if you want an efficient move. The key is to avoid any kind of possible wobbling and tumbling during the trip. So, you should learn how to load the truck as the professional movers would do it. Place the heaviest boxes first and then load the bulkiest furnishings. That way you’ll ensure they won’t move during the transport. Add some extra safety by placing things vertically and securing them with ropes and straps.

Bulky furniture wrapped and ready for moving interstate
Learn some techniques on how to load everything safely for the move

With Professional Help, Everything Will Arrive in One Piece to Your New Home

Having a safe and successful move isn’t always easy. However, you won’t have to worry about almost anything with the right moves and professional assistance. Keeping your precious furnishings in one piece during transport will be challenging. That’s why letting professionals do it for you could be the best solution. Not only because you’ll have more time for other stuff, but you’ll be more relaxed because you know that your belongings are in good hands.

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