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How to Pack China for Moving in 3 Easy Steps

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Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

The hardest part of relocating is packing, especially if you have many breakable belongings. While it may seem impossible, you can learn how to pack china for moving state to state, so it doesn’t break and acquire some new skills along the way. Here’s how to achieve that in three easy steps.

Learn How to Pack China for Moving Interstate in Three Simple Steps

Packing china can be challenging, but it’s vital to be methodical and careful when doing it. Relocation stress could make it seem impossible, but taking your time to prepare adequately for packaging fragile items will be the most crucial step. So take a deep breath and don’t let this task give you anxiety about moving out.

One of the most common relocation mistakes people make is being impatient and cramming everything together. If you intend to do this, you’ll find that, sooner or later, it’ll come back to bite you. Ceramic and porcelain dishes will break easily, and you’ll end up without your most precious dishes.

Be patient because this task requires some time. If you’re too nervous about packaging fragile items by yourself, you can call state-to-state movers to help you out. They offer professional packing services and are qualified to bundle any item, breakable or not.

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Find the Right Packing Materials for China Dishes

What is the best way to pack fine china for moving? The best way to pack china is by acquiring suitable packing materials, without them, you’re set to fail. Anyone relocating to a new state needs to prepare well for that change, including the packaging process.

The essential materials for packaging breakable items are:

#1 Find Suitable China Packing Boxes

Moving boxes for fine china are essential packaging materials for anyone who wants to relocate stress-free (which is, basically, everyone). You can even find boxes for free on websites such as Freecycle if you are on a budget. While nothing’s wrong with regular cardboard, those with compartments might be a better choice because they provide cushioning between dishes.

If you can’t find boxes with dividers, it’s possible to make them yourself. Find some extra cardboard lying around or dismantle a box that isn’t suitable for carrying heavy things and create dividers. If you’re relocating with pets, ensure to move them away from the cardboard so they don’t chew it up.

If you’re into crafts and don’t mind taking some time to create your own dividers, check out the step-by-step video tutorial below.

#2 Get Sturdy Wrapping Materials

Getting adequate wrapping materials is essential. The ideal material would be bubble wrapping – it’s soft and cushiony and can efficiently soften any blows. That way, even if the road gets a little rocky, your dishes will endure the journey.

While bubble wrap can be expensive, it’s the ideal wrapper. However, if you’re relocating on a budget or don’t want to pay more, one of many relocation hacks for packaging is to use cotton materials from home to bundle breakable stuff.

That can be anything from your old pillowcases and sheets, which you can cut into smaller sections if you need to, to kitchen rags and even towels. Be careful with towels, though – they’re sometimes too thick and bulky and can take up a lot of storage space.

If you don’t mind packaging more than necessary, towels are the second most ideal option. Additionally, you can use packaging paper or newspaper to roll dishes in. Paper is the second most used material for securing things in storage safely and is cheaper than other kinds of wrap.

Two people packing for interstate moving inefficiently, by both grabbing the same plate
Bubble wrap is the ideal material for securing tableware in relocation boxes

#3 Arrange Plates and Cups in the Boxes Properly

How should I pack my dishes for moving? It’s very different from packaging clothes. When you are packing dishes, especially fine plates, you must be careful when arranging all the stuff in the box. You can’t just throw everything in and call it a day.

The best way to package is to first sort everything by size and shape and start with the wider and bigger items. Saucers and plates will make a good base for other stuff in the box. After that, place cups and some more irregularly-shaped things on top, but don’t put too much in.

Being careful not to overfill the box is likely the most important step of the process. To ensure that the box doesn’t collapse under the weight, secure its bottom side with duct tape, inside and out. This will increase the chances of everything staying intact and safe throughout the journey.

If you move with state-to-state movers and require their storage services, things that are adequately packed will better stand the test of time. It’s not just about caring for them during transport, but while they sit tight, too.

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How Do You Pack China and Crystal for a Move? Tips for Efficient Interstate Moving

You can read many tips for moving state to state online, but a lot of times, you don’t know if they will actually work unless you try them. Here is a brief summary of nothing but proven tips on how to package fragile items, the following advice is crucial to remember:

  • Stack plates in bundles of no more than four,
  • Roll up each piece of ware individually (especially when figuring out how to package glasses),
  • Don’t forget to cover the stems of wine glasses, teapot lids, and cup holders with individual pieces of wrapping,
  • Place the heaviest stuff first,
  • Before you place anything, lay down cushioning on the bottom of the box. That could be paper, bubble wrap, or whatever you have for wrapping,
  • Use a lot of crumpled papers or soft fabrics for cushioning to ensure nothing moves inside the cardboard.

Professional State to State Movers Can Help With Packing Your Breakables Professionally

Professional state-to-state movers are the answer to the question of how do you pack and ship china dishes. For someone relocating to another state alone, having enough helping hands is crucial. Interstate moving services can accommodate your budget for relocating but also provide other options, such as car shipping service and insurance.

Most importantly, professionals will help you package all your fine tableware and ensure it remains safe and sound during transportation. It can be scary to package your home all by yourself, which is why contacting professionals is the best way to move efficiently.

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