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How to Reduce Moving Stress – All You Should Know

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Relocation is one of the most significant stressors in a person’s life. Dealing with a big change – a different environment, school, job, and home can cause moving stress. The important thing is to understand why it’s happening and how to handle it the right way. Relocation can cause negative feelings, just like a divorce, job loss, or loss of a loved one, so taking some steps to reduce them is something you need to do.

Answering a question like why is moving so emotional isn’t as simple as you thought, right? If you’ve already moved at least once, or you are in the middle of this process, you’re probably wondering what the best way to handle this change is. The reasons for all these negative feelings are different because the reasons to move can differ, too. Some reasons are positive, such as relocating for a job or taking a long-distance relationship to the next level, while others are negative, and you just want a fresh start. In both cases, a stress-free move is something you should look for, and that’s why we’ve prepared relocation tips that will make you feel more relieved and relaxed.

Why Is Moving So Stressful – Know the Causes and Prevent Bigger Issues

The main cause why people feel stressed is not being prepared. Not so much in the physical sense, but emotionally. Relocation is one of the top three most stressful events in people’s lives, and if you don’t take care of yourself, it can lead to anxiety about relocating and even depression after the move. So if you take some time for yourself and prepare mentally for the new place and all the challenges you’ll face, then the level of negative feelings is going to be a lot lower.

On the other hand, there are some quite common things we all should do before the move, but that can push you to feel stressed:

  • Relocation budget – the price tag is one of the top reasons the relocation process can be overwhelming for most people. The average cost of the move is around $2000, and looking for the cheapest way to move out isn’t something you should neglect.
  • Get your old place cleaned – it’s probably the most commonly forgotten task when it comes to relocating. Make sure you put this task on your relocation checklist and leave the old house in the condition it was when you first moved in.
  • What to do if the new home isn’t ready on time – some things you just can’t affect, and you should be ready for some unexpected events. So if your house isn’t move-in ready on the relocation date, ensure you have a storage facility for some of your belongings.
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Recognize the Symptoms of the Stress of Moving and Deal With Them

Feeling a bit stressed about the relocation is completely normal. However, if you let the symptoms go unnoticed, you’ll be dealing with a much worse state of mind. Here are symptoms you should be aware of and ask for a helping hand if you can identify most of them in your behavior:

  • You can’t relax even when you’re tired,
  • Insomnia,
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the things around you,
  • You easily get annoyed,
  • Headaches and chest pain,
  • Having difficulty focusing.

Manage the Negative Thoughts

Being afraid of the unknown is entirely normal, especially when relocating for the first time. But staying healthy and focused should be your main concern, and the great news is that there are some actions you can take to settle in your new home as painlessly and possible:

  • Adopt a positive mindset,
  • Create a routine and a relocation to-do list that will keep you on track with your progress,
  • Stick to your reasons and remind yourself of all the benefits of the move.
Notebook with the word 'today' before moving state to state
Knowing how to manage negative thoughts is an essential part of the relocation process

Reduce Moving Stress and Start Planning as Soon as Possible

Making a plan for the relocation process isn’t easy at all. So when you decide to move, roll up your sleeves and start with all the preparations for a successful move. Avoiding last-minute moves is something you should think about, because if you don’t have enough time for all the tasks, not only will you feel anxious, but you’ll also have negative experiences that will affect your adjustment period after the relocation.

Thinking about all the tasks you have to finish before the relocation day can be just too overwhelming – from most commonly forgotten things to pack to remembering who to notify when relocating. However, these tasks have to be done if you want a successful move, but how you will do it is a game-changer. That’s why you need to make a checklist of relocation essentials and don’t worry about the stuff you could forget.

How Do You Relieve Stress From Moving – Declutter Before You Get to the Boxing up Part

For most people, one of the most stressful parts of the whole relocation process is packing. There’s a lot going on in your head, and worrying about what the most stressful part of moving is won’t get you anywhere. Instead, you can start decluttering your entire house, room by room, and get rid of everything you don’t need or use. Not only will it calm you down when you see that there’s actually not a lot of stuff to pack, but it will also give you more time to deal with other tasks.

Once you ensure the unnecessary clutter isn’t going with you to the new place, you should get to work and begin organizing the packing process. Like decluttering, it’s a tedious process for some, but if you organize it properly, it can even help you reduce the negative thoughts. The best way is to pack one room at a time. For example, if you start with the kitchen, the sooner you’re done with packing plates and also packing glasses, the fewer worries you’ll have later.

Organize the Boxes by Importance and Label Them Correctly

When you decide what to pack, now comes the task of figuring out how to do it efficiently. It’s essential because you don’t want to end up with your belongings broken once you start unpacking after the move. That’s why you should think about one more step in this whole process – organizing the boxes and properly labeling them. Label each box on its side and write exactly what’s in it.

The relocation day is always the most stressful part and doing everything that can reduce the level of anxiety is what you need to do. Undoubtedly, the essential bag will help you with that. In that bag, you can put all the necessary items – towels, a change of clothes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and some snacks – that will help you survive the first day until you settle in. If you’re struggling with organizing the packing process, feel free to watch the video below.

Make Notes and Take Pictures of How the Furniture and Electronics Were Assembled

Preparing and storing furniture and bigger appliances that can be disassembled can be a tricky task to do because you can start with it weeks before the relocation day. Now, considering that some pieces can have many things you have to put together once you get to the assembling part, taking a picture of all the items before disassembling them is a good idea. The same goes for packing electronics. Ensure you know how to put everything together and keep all the pieces safely packed in zip-lock bags.

Freshly assembled coffee table post-move
Make things easier for yourself and take a note or video of how to assemble pieces of furniture and some electronics

Switch Utilities and Have Your New Home Ready for the Move-In

We all want to adjust as fast as possible to the new surroundings and house. That’s why transferring utilities should be one of the first tasks to do before the relocation day because surely you don’t wish to settle in the house without electricity and water. Imagine relocating in winter, and you can’t turn on the heat just because you thought you could turn on the utilities after the move.

Ensure Other ‘Smaller’ Tasks Are Completed Before the Relocation Day

Once you take care of utilities, ensure you change your address. That way, you won’t have to deal with how to stop getting mail for previous residents and give yourself unnecessary tension. The good thing is that you can change your address just in a few minutes by filling an online USPS form.

Woman sitting on the bed with a laptop before moving interstate
Change your address and avoid inconveniences

Hire Professional State to State Movers That Will Deal With Services You Can’t

If you are having trouble taking care of all these tasks and organizing a move, you are ready for a professional helping hand. Hiring a trustworthy crew that can offer you relocation services. along with auto transport as well, will do you only good (mentally and physically). Taking care of your own relocation process might seem like a more affordable option, but you’ll feel more stressed, too. In fact, according to the latest research, people who hired professional movers said that they did spend more money, but they would do it again just to avoid all that stress that comes along with the relocation tasks.

State to state movers wrapping up furniture
Hiring professional movers means you won't have to deal with most of the relocation tasks

Only You Can Take Care of Your Health – Ask For Professional Help

Most of us find dealing with situations such as changing the home we’ve lived in for years quite challenging. You can take some steps and try to reduce all those stressors, hire efficient movers, and let them pack you with their packing services, but you’ll still feel anxious and agitated. In that case, you should seek professional help. Especially if you are relocating with children – you have to explain to them what’s happening, too, and give them support as much as possible.

The same rules go for relocation with pets. Your furry friends will realize soon that something’s happening and will probably become anxious as well. So, it’s completely understandable if you can’t fight this on your own.

Say Goodbye to Your Family and Friends – It’s Best to Throw a Farewell Party

The whole process is challenging, and it will take a while to have everything organized and ready for the relocation day. However, there’s one more thing that’s probably the biggest stressor of all – saying goodbye to your friends and family. The best way of doing it would be to throw a farewell party. That way, you won’t be going through this painful situation with each loved person, and you’ll spend some quality time with all of them together.

A group of friends having dinner together before interstate moving
Throw a going away party and say goodbye to your loved ones

Embrace the Change and Enjoy the Adventure

You know the saying – change is good. As cliche as it sounds, it is usually true. You never know what opportunity is ahead of you and what the future holds. The essential thing is to stay positive and embrace change because as long as you keep looking back, you won’t be able to seize the opportunity and start living your life to the fullest.

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