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The Ultimate Guide to Moving With a Newborn

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Daisy Wilson

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Moving with a newborn can be a tricky process, especially if you’ve never done this before. According to the latest UN research, about 385,000 babies are born in the world each day. However, like in many other developed countries, the US birth rate has decreased over the past years, but there were over 3.79 million births in the United States in 2018. No matter if it’s your firstborn or not, relocating with babies is challenging.

Once you realize all the benefits of relocating, you’ll probably ask yourself, is it better to move before or after baby? The answer to this question will depend on many factors. However, if you decided it’s the right time to move, the best way to do it efficiently is to start with preparations right away. The relocation while pregnant was too much for you, but now that you have your little one, you’re thinking more and more about your new home, right? We’ve prepared a guide that will help you organize this move in the best way possible.

Is It Safe to Move With a Newborn, and Should You Do It?

Every family has different reasons for relocating, but you need to know that organization is the key to a stress-free move if you’re relocating with kids. On the other hand, there’s a safety matter, and many give up on moving with an infant just because they don’t have clear and straightforward guidelines for doing it safely.

Moving from state to state is challenging, but sometimes you can’t postpone it because you got an excellent job offer or found your dream house. If you worry whether relocating with a small child is a good idea, know that it’s manageable with proper planning and doing your best to stick to it. However, the first thing you need to do is to consult with your pediatrician.

Pay a Visit to a Doctor and Ensure the Interstate Moving Is a Good Idea

After you decide what the best cities in the US for families are, you should visit a pediatrician. If you’re a new parent, you’re probably wondering how long should you stay home with a newborn, especially when moving interstate. Most of us think you need to wait at least a few weeks before newborns can go out, but it’s not true.

So, once you pick one of the best coastal cities to raise a family, ensure you get your appointment at your current pediatrician, and don’t hesitate to ask everything you want to know. Another essential thing to remember in this whole process is to see how you feel about this change in your life. Yes, you’ll learn all the tips the doctor gives you, and if you don’t feel ready, you can take your time and postpone the move.

A mother and daughter in the pediatrician's office before interstate moving
First, pay a visit to your doctor and ensure that you and your little one are safe to travel

Start on Time With the Preparations When Moving With a Newborn

What to expect from this relocation is the most important thing you should find out when relocating with a baby. Eliminate any possibility for unpleasant surprises, like not leaving enough cash to tip moves or forgetting to contact and notify everyone of your move. These things can happen if you don’t plan the whole relocation process thoroughly. Even if you’re in a last-minute move, it’s possible to relocate efficiently with a checklist of stuff to do when you move to another place.

Create a Checklist of Tasks and a Schedule Them So You Don’t Have to Worry About Anything

Every successful relocation needs preparation and a good plan. It’s certainly not the same when you’re relocating alone and when you have to move your family to another state. But, one thing is certain – creating a checklist when relocating to another state will not just keep you on track with all the tasks you need to complete, but it can help you handle the relocation depression.

If you moved with pets before, then you might know what routine means to them. Well, the babies are all about the routine, too. So, create a list of things you should do before the move and create some kind of routine that will ease the whole process for you and your child. To make that happen, you’ll have to set aside some of your free moments.

A to-do sign on a paper
Keep your tasks and baby's routine aligned when preparing for a new home

Consider Getting Help From Professional State to State Movers

Between thinking about all the relocation essentials you have to prepare and keeping everything under control, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at some point. From learning how to organize packing for your move and thinking about relocating your loved ones safely, time can become a real problem. That’s when you should consider finding a helping hand from a professional relocation company. All the relocation services that a trustworthy crew can offer you, including auto transport, will ease the whole process.

Check If the Relocation Company Is Legitimate and Reliable

If you decided to go with the relocation company, the challenging part is to avoid relocation scams. So, take some of your free moments to surf the internet and check the following information:

  • Company’s reviews – this is the first thing to do when you’re in the reliable relocation crew hunt. There’s no better way to check a company than reading what customers think and how satisfied they are with the services.
  • Ask for quotes from more than two companies – comparing the prices isn’t enough to ensure you’re in good hands, but it can come in handy when relocating on a budget.
  • Check the USDOT number – run a quick check on the website of the Department of Transportation. Every serious business must have this number.

There are other red flags you should be aware of when it comes to relocating safely. For example, if a company changes its name too frequently, it’s a bad sign. On the other hand, if you call the crew and they aren’t polite, or they won’t answer your question, you should continue your search because your child’s safety should be your number one priority. Watch the video below and see other’s experiences with the relocation scammers and ensure you don’t make the same mistake.

Useful Tips on How to Pack Your Household Like a Pro When You Have a Baby

Now we come to probably the most tedious task of the whole relocation. But, as we all are aware, packing has to be done. The question is how to make it as effortless as possible and save time and energy? If you want to achieve a stressless relocation, the key is to stay organized, as we already mentioned. That’s why another checklist of everything you want to pack and bring with you to the future house is essential.

You’ll probably have to deal with wrapping up pots and pans, or you’ll be figuring out how to pack a TV, but once you’re done with it, you’ll feel much more relieved. However, if you think you just can’t do it yourself, experienced movers can give you a helping hand with their packing service. If you can handle both taking care of the baby and the wrapping up, here are some of the hacks that you can find useful:

  • Get enough packing materials – all sized boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to move, you can find some free supplies on Craigslist.
  • Pack your fragiles last – it’s better to put them last into boxes, so you avoid them breaking during the transport.
  • Prepare a bag of essentials – ensure you have formula and food for kids when the movers come and during transport. You can also put diapers and clothes in the bag (depending on how far away is your future house.)
  • Toys and pacifiers – kids at that age can be really nervous and easily irritated by cramps, so ensure you have pacifiers and toys they like.

First Things First – Declutter Your Entire Home

When you get enough materials for your belongings, from boxes to tape, you should get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore. This is an essential part of the relocation because it won’t only lower the price of the whole process, but you’ll have less clutter to deal with when the wrapping task comes. So, start room by room and select only what is necessary for you to bring. We know that it’s easier said than done, especially with an infant in the house. That’s why you can contact your loved ones to assist you.

New Parents Salvage Rule – Pack Only the Essentials

If you’re new at this, then the crucial thing is to realize that you’ll have more stuff since your family has one more member. Now, all the attention should be directed into a little one that came into your life. But, once you start with the wrapping up process, deal first with the essentials your kid needs.

A baby holding wooden cubes
You want everything packed as quickly as possible, but prepare the essentials for your little one meticulously

Ensure Everything Is Ready for the Relocation Day

When the relocation day comes, the most important thing is to remain calm and not let stress overwhelm you. So, the night before, make sure you get a good sleep so you can wake up fresh and rest. One of the relocation hacks that can come in handy when the movers come is to step away from the crowd and check if all those ”little” items are packed, items that people tend to forget. For example, check if you wrapped up electronics and the chargers, ensure the keys are safe, and some food and beverages for grownups are packed.

A Help Will Be Necessary When Moving With a Baby – Think About Childcare or Other Options

While all of your boxes and other larger stuff are taken care of by the professionals, you better ensure your little one is not around. As hard as it sounds, it’s better that your kid is not involved in all the chaos and dust on the relocation day. So, if you have a friend that can recommend you a reliable babysitter, then you should do it. On the other hand, you can do some research online and contact a childcare service that has many years of experience.

A mother and a baby are playing after interstate moving
Contact a babysitter that will assist you with your little one on the relocation day

How Do You Move Around With a Newborn – Things to Do Once You Move in

If you thought that wrapping up your entire household was a tedious task, then you forgot about the unpacking. But, before you begin with that process, ensure you clean the whole place first. Once that task is checked, you can proceed with this next one – unpacking. Start with the nursery and unpack the baby stuff first. This is important because you’ll have to change your little ones and put them to sleep. Where will you do it if the nursery isn’t ready? Don’t worry about the rest of the stuff; you can unpack room by room later.

Baby-Proof Your Future Home Once You Settle In

Another very important task to do after all the stuff is unloaded and unpacked is babyproofing your house. All those sharp edges and dangerous places of the house, such as stairs, cleaning supplies, and other hazardous supplies, must be put away. Luckily, reliable relocation companies offer storage facilities to their customers, so you can put that one angled coffee table there.

Woman holding baby's feet
Ensure your house is completely safe for your little ones

With a Proper Guidance, Moving Interstate With a Child Will Become a Breeze

Many people give up on relocating with an infant because they think it can’t be done safely and efficiently. However, with a guide that will assist you in every little task, not only will it be possible, but you’ll have the experience to remember. So, don’t hesitate to do something different, but ensure you’re making the right steps.

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