Blog November 28, 2020

Moving to a new state with a baby

Moving to another state is usually quite stressful. You are probably excited about your big change, too, but still can’t help but worry about it at the same time, which is normal, given how complicated the relocation process can be. When you decide to take this huge step with a baby, you might be even more worried. But, in that case, being anxious and stressed-out is exactly what you need to avoid because your child will feel your anxiety. So, in order to avoid being overwhelmed by all the stress your move might cause, make sure you start planning and organizing it early enough. In addition to all the things you would have to take care of anyway when moving with a baby, you have some extra tasks to think about. In this article, we will mention some of the most important ones.

First of all, as your baby’s well-being is the most important, you need to think about appropriate childcare for your moving day. As you probably assumed already, the moving day is likely to be quite chaotic, so make sure you find a trusted babysitter to take care of your child that day. Perhaps the best solution would be to have a family member or a friend do that, but if they can’t, you’ll need a backup plan, so make one before that day comes.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to stick to your usual routine as much as possible. We understand that this will probably be hard to do at times, but you should do your best not to deviate from your routine much because doing so might have an impact on the baby and even cause irritability. You will also have to take your child to the doctor before your move and get a confirmation that everything is alright and that your baby can travel such a long distance.

In addition to planning your childcare at home, it is also advisable that you plan it in your new city, too. Do this in advance, and you’ll feel much more comfortable when you get there, knowing that there is a trusted person with whom you can leave your baby. Do some research and find out about best daycares in your neighborhood or nearby.

Furthermore, don’t forget to prepare for your flight/car ride. We suggest that you check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for some specific information about traveling with a baby, including details on safety seat regulations, ticketing information, etc. Contact the airline you’ve chosen and ask them whether there are some specific rules when flying with children.

Finally, do what you can to make your baby happy during the actual move. You could leave an empty room where your child can sleep, eat, and play with his/her favorite toys. You can also play your child’s favorite songs to keep your little boy/girl entertained and calm. Once again, don’t forget about the routine. Just because it’s your moving day, it doesn’t mean that your baby doesn’t get to take the usual nap, as skipping a nap will probably disrupt his/her all day. While your child is napping, you can use the time to deal with some large moving day task. As previously said, stick to your plan, and you’re good to go.