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What Are the Benefits of Moving to the Suburbs

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Living in a big city is not for everyone, so if you’re tired of all the rush, noise and high prices, you should consider moving to the suburbs. You’re free to make your own nest with all the space you need and with a healthier lifestyle away from the urban jungle. There are a lot of benefits to living in the suburbia, and here are the most important ones.

What Are the Suburbs – Just The Facts

The area surrounding the city or a town is called a suburban area. It comes from Latin “sub,” which means below or near, and “urban,” which means city. These neighborhoods outside of the large urban areas can be vast, and they usually have fewer tall buildings and more houses, schools, and green spaces.

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Suburbs are residential areas that exist within a reasonable commuting distance of a large town

What Are the  Popular Advantages of Moving to the Suburbs?

Choosing to relocate to the suburbia has many benefits. If you feel like the metropolis just isn’t for you anymore (or maybe it never was), or if you want to increase the quality of your life by living in a tranquil, tight-knit community, then moving to the suburbia is the best possible advice we can give you. Here are just some of the more popular advantages of such a step, regardless of whether you’re relocating alone or with a family.

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Everything Is Cheaper

A high cost of living and unaffordable housing in urban places are pushing millennials to the suburbs. Since affordability is much higher, you’ll be able to save more money once you leave the city. Things like groceries and petrol are much cheaper  on the peripheries.

It’s More Space For Less Money

If you’ve always dreamed  of having a big house and a yard, a playground, and maybe even a pool, you finally have the chance! You can get all of that for the price of renting a one-bedroom condo in downtown Los Angeles. Finding the square footage and a new, dream home for an affordable price will be like a wish come true. Some suburbs may be expensive, but you can always find those on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Living Outside Of The City Means More Privacy

You’ll finally get the chance to enjoy your “me” time. With far fewer people surrounding you every day, it’ll be the time for reclaiming the privacy that tends to disappear in modern urban jungles. Walking in nature or through your neighborhood will become one of your favorite pastime activities. You’ll also have a lot of time to think clearly and to focus on yourself and your family.

You’ll Have A Healthier Life

Suburbia offers a life with a very low level of stress, a good night’s sleep, and a cleaner, quieter, and safer environment. Grab the chance to get in touch with nature, since your new home will be much closer to the woods, parks, and lakes. Also, all the healthy outdoor activities like biking, swimming, or hiking will be more accessible than before. Suburbias have a slower pace of life, and this kind of environment is great for finding a home and raising a family.

No More Crowded Places

Once you leave the hectic mess of a crowded city, there will be no more bumping to people on the streets, being in crowds waiting for public transport, and looking for a seat in packed coffee shops. You’ll have no trouble finding a spot in a good restaurant. There are also more open spaces for public use.

Suburbia Is (Almost) Crime Free

The crime rate in the suburbia is much lower than in large cities – walking home at 1 AM is much safer, far fewer homicides happen, there’s less gun violence and because of the higher concentration of ambulances, dying in an accident is less likely to happen. It’s just the way it is – suburbia is safer than the urban jungle.

You’ll Be Able To Get A Better Education

These areas are well known for their highly-rated public schools with no waiting lists, and they’re free! Exceptional school districts are one of the main reasons to move out of the urban area, especially if you’re relocating with children. If you’re in a search for a good education for your kid, look no further than the peripheral areas of your city.

Say Goodbye to Stressful Commutes in Urban Areas

Stressful commuting will be a thing of the past. There are no traffic jams here since you can walk to work or to your kid’s school. If that’s not the case (say you kept your old job in the city), you’ll have to rely on your car. Still, you’ll be at your destination in no time, plus there will be no trouble finding a parking spot. After all, you’ll probably have your garage.

Stronger Sense of Community

Suburban neighborhoods have a stronger sense of connection. Spending time outside means meeting the same folks that live nearby while walking the dog or visiting playgrounds with your kids. It’s possible that you’ll make more friends in a month than in a year in the metropolis. People are warm and friendly, and you’ll get a kind welcoming and a helping hand from them.

There Are New Opportunities For Work After You Move

Because the cities are getting overpopulated, some companies are moving their offices to the peripheries, so there’s always a chance to find a new job. Traveling to work will become stress-free, so you’ll have a better work-life balance. You can always start your own local business and try your luck and skills as an entrepreneur.

job interview
There are many advantages of relocating out of the town

Moving to the Suburbs vs. Living in the City: What Are Your Options?

If you like what you’ve just read, find a good relocation company and move your home to the suburbia in no time! They will offer you their moving services, as well as packing or custom crating of breakables. In case you have a car, it would be convenient to move it as well, so you’ll need someone for auto transport.

Then again, if you like urban life and if that’s your style, enjoy it as long as you wish. After all, urban centers wouldn’t be so huge and expensive if they had nothing to show for it. But if you plan to have kids, remember that you’ll need more space. That will probably be the moment when moving to the suburbia will sound like a smart idea.

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