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Top 6 Best Cities for Millennials in America

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Luckily, you’re in America, where most of the places are considered the best cities for millennials. This population was born between 1981 and 1996, so today, they are in their mid-twenties or older. This is usually a working population or people with children, so it is important to understand what they look for in a place they would like to call home. If you’re among them, dive into this article and find out what to expect from some of the best options.

Where Should I Live as a Millennial?

While being in America, you are already in an advanced position because some of the best places for millennials to live in the world are right here. With a modern lifestyle, plenty of amenities, good infrastructure, developed job market, some of the places we’re going to talk about are dream come true options for almost anyone. 

The only thing you need to consider is what are your personal preferences – are you relocating for a better climate, or do you want to move from a small town to a big city? Are you hoping to find better business options and live in a busy downtown area, or are you starting a family and looking for a pleasant suburb with a short commuting time? Once you sort your criteria, you’ll be able to find the most suitable option.

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What Cities Are Millennials Moving To?

What city has the most millennials? Some of the most popular options and best US cities for millennials are Denver and Seattle. The quality of life, good transportation options, and high standard that can afford a comfortable lifestyle are something that attracts most of the millennials to come to this area. 

Seattle is known as one of the areas with the most developed public transportation, so no matter the size of this metropolitan area, all the parts are well connected, and commute time is short. Denver is among the cities millennials are moving to because of great business opportunities and a good climate. If you want to get a job in another state before you move there, Denver might be a good place to look.

A man talking on the phone while working on a laptop
You should decide what you're looking for in a city and define your expectations

#1 Seattle in Washington Is Ultimate Millennial City No Matter the Age Group, You’ll Enjoy Many New Opportunities

According to some statistics, this place had roughly 270,000 millennial inhabitants over the past few years, and today they make up over 35% of the total population. This is one of the cities with amazing options for young professionals, and it offers picturesque neighborhoods ideal for peaceful family life. One of the things to consider before relocating to Seattle is the cost of living because it is higher than average. On the other side, incomes are also very high, and the job market is amazing – constantly growing and looking for experts in the field of marketing and technology.

Things to Do Around Seattle

If you are lucky enough to find yourself living here, you’ll probably enjoy various activities. Minding the fact that commute time is short, it shouldn’t take you a lot of time to visit some of the popular attractions or meet with your friends. You can start by exploring some of the finest restaurants, such as the Canlis and Aerlume. Also, Maneki offers amazing Asian food if you’re into it. If you’re relocating with kids, Seattle Aquarium is probably one of the most interesting attractions and a place that the whole family will enjoy. Olympic Sculpture Park is also interesting to see, as well as a popular Japanese garden.

Seattle is the ultimate destination for every young millennial

#2 Texas Offers Popular Options For Younger Crowd – Austin Is Interesting and Very Affordable

Where is the best place to live in your 20s? If you’re in your twenties and looking for the most affordable cities for millennials that still offer plenty of options for an active and interesting lifestyle, Austin in Texas should be a place to consider. Because of affordable prices and a good housing market, it attracts a younger crowd, so it might be a good place to move and make new friends

If you don’t have children, statistics show that you’ll need an annual income of $43,000 after taxes to have a comfortable life around here. According to Niche’s reviews, you can buy real estate in this area for about $330,000, which is the median home value, or rent a place for $1,300 a month.

This City Is Full of Interesting Amenities

Relocating to Austin is not just an affordable option, it is probably one of the most interesting options because of the plenty of amenities this place offers. No matter which one of the finest Austin neighborhoods you choose for your home, you won’t be disappointed. McKinney Falls State Park is a beautiful option for relaxing afternoons, as well as extraordinary Zilker Park. If you’re into arts and culture, you should definitely visit the Blanton Museum of Art and Bullock Texas State History Museum. You’ll also enjoy various dining options, ideal for meeting your friends to catch up. This video might give you an idea of some other fun things to do around this area.

#3 Denver in Colorado Is One of Best Places for Millennials to Work

Known as an outdoor city full of cultural attractions, a good music scene, various craft breweries, and plenty of options for work and business development, this is definitely one of the hot spots for millennials. It is also popular for its pleasant continental climate and good safety. Additionally, it is ranked as one of the most walkable areas in the country, so it’s ideal if you like walking around and exploring your surroundings.  However, even though it is really walkable, if you want to explore areas around Denver, you should consider shipping your car to a new location. 

Let’s say you decide to move to Denver, you should consider its cost of living – it might be higher than average, but the good business market provides high-paying jobs for a change. If you fear moving because you believe that your relocation budget won’t cover housing expenses, consider that the median home value here is about $390,000, and the median rent is $1,300. However, if you choose to live in some of the highest-rated neighborhoods around the downtown area, prices are significantly higher than around the suburbs.

Jobs In Demand In Denver Are Various

Before you pack your belongings and move across the country with the highest-rated long-distance movers, you should definitely consider applying for a job here. Interesting facts about the corona pandemic show that this area added back more than 40,000 jobs to the market. Some of the current jobs in demand are:

  • Nurses,
  • Network systems and data communication analysis,
  • Physician’s assistant,
  • Environmental engineers, 
  • Physical therapists,
  • Physician assistants.
Buildings in Denver
The job market in Denver is growing rapidly, so many people move here yearly

#4 Tampa in Florida Is Another Highly Recommended City

Apart from being one of the most recommended options to raise a family in Florida, this place is also known as the economic center of the western part of the state. It is also home to popular tourist attractions such as Busch Gardens – a place that combines an exciting amusement park and a zoo. The whole area is loaded with recreational trails and a beautiful nature preserve, so it might be a perfect option if you’re an outdoor person.

However, long before you hire state to state movers that provide excellent packing services you should also learn about the job market. And don’t worry, when it comes to business growth, it is expected that it will be extended for over that 47% in the next ten years, so it’s no wonder many millennials relocate here nowadays.

If You Like Warmer Weather and Beaches, This Location Might be Perfect for You

If you’re a fan of waterfront activities and considering relocating to a warmer climate, there is no better place for you than Florida. Tampa is surrounded by many beautiful beaches, so you can spend every weekend in different surroundings, exploring your options. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Ben T. Davis Beach,
  • Fred Howard Park,
  • Indian Rocks Beach,
  • Sand Key Park,
  • Honeymoon Island State Park.
Miami, Florida skyline and bay at sunset seen through palm trees
You can enjoy various waterfront activities in this exciting ocean-facing area

#5 Charlotte in North Carolina Has Huge Percentage of Millennial Residents

Charlotte is one of the top cities for millennials for a great reason – it offers a lot of amazing restaurants, coffee shops, beautiful parks, and highly rated public schools. It’s perfect for young professionals and raising a family in pleasant mountain-styled surroundings. It’s also known as a commercial hub of North Carolina. Good news for those who’re relocating on a budget – life costs here are about 5% lower than the national average, and you can find amazing homes at the real estate market for a reasonable price. It can be ideal if you’re moving in together with your partner and plan to expand your family.

Popular Hot Spots You Shouldn’t Miss Around Here

If you’re relocating with pets, local dog parks might be great for recreation – start with Frazier Place and Shamrock Drive. They are both in a good location and offer beautiful settings. Merchant & Trade is one of the popular hotspots for those who want to experience celebrity lifestyles, drink cocktails and watch sunsets on a gorgeous rooftop. Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary is an amazing place to relax and enjoy peaceful surroundings, while the Mint Museum exhibits beautiful pieces from all around the world. If you consider putting Charlotte on your long-distance moving list, this video can give you more ideas about fun options in the area.

#6 Indianapolis Is Also Among the Best Cities for Millennials to Live

This attractive location is known for popular university campuses and some of the Fortune 500 companies. Also, popular sports clubs and a home place of the largest Children’s museum. It is very safe and good for raising a family. With the growing automotive industry, this might be the perfect location for experts in that area. 

Indiana is also known as a state with the lowest cost of living, so there’s another reason to move here. If you’re interested in cultural amenities, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is definitely worth visiting. The Lilly House and Gardens are a National Historic Landmark of this area and technically speaking part of the museum – it is beautifully arranged, so don’t miss it. If you get hungry after all the sightseeing, you can stop for lunch at some popular restaurants such as Bluebeard and Hinata Japanese Fine Dining.

Cost of Living Here Is More Than Attractive, Especially For Younger Crowd

Thinking about making a list of benefits of moving? If you’re preparing your moving-out budget, get ready for a big surprise. The median home value in Indianapolis is only $140,000, which is significantly lower than in most of the other areas in the US that are attractive to millennials. Additionally, the median rent is approximately $900, which is also incredibly affordable for US standards. If you check online statistics, you’ll see that the overall cost of living is about 8% lower than nationals, while the housing prices are 19% lower.

Well-lit house with a driveway
This place offers affordable housing options

Follow Your Heart and Relocate to One of the Places That Suit Your Unique Preferences

Although this group shares some common interests, every millennial is different, and every individual has their own preferences and expectations. Now that you know some of the most important facts about his popular option, the only thing left to do is to make a final choice and call professional state to state movers. We promise that you won’t be disappointed once you move there and start exploring your options.

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