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Moving with children

Moving with children

Moving with childrenAre you planning on moving soon? Are you worried that your children might not like the idea of moving? We have some great tips and tricks to share with you, that will hopefully make this relocation a less stressful event for your youngest family members. We know that relocation can be quite stressful and demanding even for us, adults, so it’s easy to imagine how much it may be to handle for a child. But don’t worry – if you follow our advice closely, you can be certain that your child will be well prepared for the relocation day! Continue reading to learn how to make this a pleasant, exciting experience for your children.

Tip No. 1: Prepare them by letting them know in advance

Depending on how old your children are, you should let them know about the relocation a week or up to a month in advance. If you’re dealing with toddlers and children of preschool age, experts suggest giving them at least a month of mental preparation. This means that you should start talking to them about the relocation slowly and then prepare them step by step. Tell them that even though you’re moving, they will still keep all of their belongings and favorite toys. If you have a pet, reassure them by telling them that your pet is coming to the new house too.

Tip No. 2: Let them know that they can stay in touch will their friends or caregivers

If your children have a nanny or someone else taking care of them, such as grandparents, let them know that they can still see them or talk to them via Skype or phone calls. Make sure to tell them that you can also arrange birthday parties, or other gatherings, to which they will be able to invite all of their friends! If you’re going to be moving long distance, let them know that they will still be able to see their friends or caregivers via video calls.

Tip No. 3: Have a positive attitude

Children look up to their parents the most, which is why it’s important that you have a positive attitude towards this relocation. Even if you feel stressed out or tired, make sure that you don’t show that in front of your kids. It may make them feel even worse about the whole relocation process.

Tip No. 4: Allow them to feel anxious or scared

It is completely normal for your children to feel the way they do. Don’t expect them to immediately feel better after a couple of days. Experts suggest that it generally takes up to six months for children to completely recuperate and get back into their normal daily life.

Did we manage to help you out? We sincerely hope that we did! In order to be able to fully dedicate yourself to your children during this stressful time, we suggest that you hire a professional moving company to take care of everything else! State to State will always be at your disposal. Give us a call if you wish to schedule your relocation with us.