Blog November 28, 2020

How to deal with your best friend moving away

Your best friend moving away can be an unfortunate and harrowing experience for both of you, and the fact that you will soon be going through plenty of strong emotions throughout this transitional period will not make things any simpler for you.

Learn how to cope with your best friend moving away. No matter how far he moves away, this does not have to be, and it should not be the end of your friendship. And it will not be, not as long as you know what to do when your best friend is moving away.

Talk about the relocation

The first thing you have to do is to find time to sit down and talk about the pending relocation. It does not matter where you have it, and the important thing is to have an open and honest conversation about the move.

The thought alone of your best friend going away is terrible, and you know things are going to get worse when the moving truck pulls away from their home. Be honest with each other do not withhold important details that may later lead to possible misunderstandings.

Be a good listener

Where that pre-move conversation takes place, you are going to depend mostly on the core reasons behind your friend’s decision to move away. If your friend is relocating to another place for a good reason, then he or she should be excited about the upcoming relocation. Though saddened by the thought of having your friend move away, do your best to be happy for them and share in their excitement. On the other hand, if your friend is moving away for reasons that make them miserable, then be there for them at that dark moment. Either way, lend a compassionate ear to your friend’s worries, expectations, hopes and fears concerning the coming move.

Support your friend’s relocation

The earlier you realize that your best friend is moving for real and that things are out of your control, the easier it will be for you to accept it. Do not forget that acceptance is genuinely crucial when your best friend is moving away. If you decide to deny that things are changing, then that will make the impending move even more stressful for both of you. The best you can do under the circumstances is to accept that your friend is following their path in life, then you have to prove your friendship by being 100% supportive of their choice to move. Remember that your assistance and even encouragement will be invaluable to your close friend.

Help your best friend with their move

Help your friend get ready for their move. Know that moving home is a lot of work, which means that your buddy will be remarkably stressed out because to their synchronous fight with the struggle caused by having to leave behind good friends and the campaign of coordinating a successful residential move.

There are a lot of ways in which you can help your friend have a calmer move:

Help them find a good moving company

Help them list and sort out their belongings, offer your packing skills, help them with the various tasks on their moving checklist. Make sure you give your friend a helping hand, even if that means you have to do some heavy furniture lifting as well.

Throw a going-away party

Throwing a party might not seem like the best way to handle your best friend moving away, but a party can be a great way of marking the closing of one chapter in his life and the beginning of another. Invite all of your mutual friends so that your best friend can see and talk to everyone before they move away. Going away parties can get emotional, so assume that there will be tears and sadness, but also smiles and laughter while remembering all the good times all of you have shared.

Get your friend a gift

Something else you can do when your best friend is moving away is to give them something to remember you by something that is meaningful and sentimental to both of you. This way, you will have yet another way to say goodbye in a way that in which both of you will feel some closure.

Gifts for friends moving away do not have to be expensive. The best case scenario will be a special gift that reflects your friendship like something you have made. Other good ideas for moving away present include books, framed artwork, plants, personalized items, or something else that you know your friend will like.

Spend quality time together

Your best friend may be moving away, but they have not moved away yet, so you can still spend some time together. Your options will largely depend on how much time you have until they have to move. Ideally, your friend will be able to fit in some time while they are packing so that you two can go do something together like you used to do before he told you about the move. Catch a movie together. Go for a walk in the park or go hiking, fishing, camping. Play your favorite board games or just hang out, spend as much time together as possible before your best friend moves away.

Keep in touch

Note that your best friend moving away isn’t the end of your friendship. An important thing to do when your friend is moving to a new city, state or country is to promise that you will keep in touch. Luckily, in this day and age, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch regardless of the distance. These days you can do that by phone, letters, email, social media, etc.

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