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How to Downsize for a Move – Best Downsizing Tips

You have been satisfied with plenty of room in your large house? Still, at some point in your life, for whatever reason, you might think it is time for you to move out into a condo or a smaller house. So, how to downsize for a move, and why do it?

There are many reasons to move and downsize along the way. Maybe you yearn for a simpler life and a few additional bucks or desire giving yourself a fresh start, eliminating all the clutter and living costs, and relocating into a minimal and cozier space. Maybe you moved elderly parents out of state and want to be nearer to them. It’s all about having a clear goal and motivation, proper preparation and execution, and a clear conception of your living space.

Costs and Benefits of Downsize Moving

Downsizing can save you money and increase your lifestyle quality. You can be able to afford activities like travel and hobbies better. But, be aware of potential costs!

Even Downsized Relocations Cost Money

The cost of interstate moving, even when downsizing, include shipping items, purchasing furniture, or renting a storage unit for things that won’t fit in your home, as well as many other items on a checklist to move to a new state. You will also have to spend money to fix your current home to make it fit for sale.

In terms of money well spent, your best choice is hiring professional state to state movers. With their interstate moving services, not much can go awry.

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Financially Beneficial Aspects of Relocating to a New Home

On the other hand, downsizing can save you from some expenses. For example, if the value of your home has increased, you can sell it and after a bit of organizing documents pay off your mortgage debts. A more affordable property might give you enough equity and free time to spend on more important things.

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Relocating to a different state can be a beginning of a new adventure

How Do You Prepare For a Downsize Move? What are the Best Tips for Downsizing

Getting into downsizing, you might feel anxiety about moving out and letting go. So, think of your home downsizing project as a valuable exercise in getting rid of the clutter that holds you down. You want to focus on good memories, instead of room space of no use and things you no longer need.

You might be undecided between moving state to state and staying at your current residence. Is it possible to downsize without relocating? We will show you key downsizing methods so you can have it both ways!

Plan for a Smaller Wardrobe in Your Room

Your clothing should reflect your current life. Consider how many times you wore that piece of clothes within the last twelve months. Reduce your clothing by getting a capsule wardrobe. Also, always keep “maybe” items to a minimum when you are relocating to a smaller home.

How to Downsize When Moving – Selling, Giving, Throwing Away, Recycling

Have you ever actually wondered how to downsize a home? First, get rid of trash and broken items. Put them in paper bags and you will get motivated by the resulting empty room space. Also, recycle what you can. For example, ask around for used packing materials.

For the usable stuff, think about organizing a garage sale or selling your stuff online. You can also donate unwanted items. If you give large furniture to people in need, you don’t have to pay for its removal.

Also, there are some items movers won’t move, so contact them in advance and your choice about some stuff might be a lot easier.

Divide and Conquer

Finally, sort out what’s left. There are many views on what the best sorting technique might be. We recommend the use of the Four-Box method, sorting items into “Put Away,” “Give Away or Sell,” “Trash,” and “Storage.”

Divide the items into furniture, clothing, books, documents, and the like, and finish with sentimental things. Start with easier items like furniture, to get into the zone.

Use Mari Kondo’s method to orient yourself around whether the item brings you joy.

Things to Think About When Downsizing

Whether you want to exploit the benefits of relocating to the suburbs or to enjoy the multitude of cultural content and restaurants in the city core, some considerations are essential.

When you downsize, it is best to have the space you are moving into always in mind and the kind of life you want to lead in it. If you move to a building with a fitness center, get rid of your gym stuff. If possible, visit your new home beforehand, and walkthrough with a measurer to get the best ideas for placing furniture items like tables, couches, and beds and abandon the idea of keeping room furniture for decoration or just in case.

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Ask for help from your friends and family when relocating or hire professionals

Moving into Your New Home Will be Much Easier

If you’ve been wondering “how do I downsize and move out of state“, we hope this article helped you. The process of moving state to state can be daunting, but downsizing is the best way to move long distance. Not only you’ll have less to worry when packing a moving truck, but knowing that there’s less unpacking to do in the end will bring you one step closer to stress-free relocation.

And if you wish to leave the entire process in the experienced hands of the state to state movers, call them and arrange for packing services. In that case, you can focus on the more important stuff, like learning about the destination, saying bye to friends, and maybe even making friends in a new city.

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