Blog November 28, 2020

6 easy steps to help you downsize your home when moving

Downsizing your home is a crucial decision in your life that, when done the correct way, has the power to bring some undeniable benefits for you and your family. Mainly, it can help you to downsize to a smaller home as a smart strategy to decrease your monthly expenses such as mortgage payments, rent, property taxes, insurance, and even property maintenance costs. This can be done in a couple of simple steps, these 6 easy steps to help you downsize your home when moving are a must read.

It is not easy to give up a substantial part of your living space, either by your own will or by force of circumstance, and the process of moving into a smaller place is not particularly easy either. Before going through the significant steps to downsizing your home, let us take a quick look at the most convenient moment to make that life-changing decision so that you do not look back at it with regret.

Read the article below to find out the best way to downsize your home when moving.

When should you downsize your home?

Are you looking for a good reason to downsize your home? Downsizing a home can turn out to be an advantageous option for you if your disposable income gets routinely hit by increased house bills, and are frantically looking for a decent solution to get that extra financial breathing space you need:

You are about to retire from years of work, and you need to find a good way to make your pension and life savings last longer for smooth, safe and worry-free days in retirement.

You find that your current home has become too big for your needs, mainly when your kids grow up and have moved out.

You want to have more time to yourself and more time to enjoy the hobbies you enjoy doing instead of working hard to clean and maintain your large house.

You feel slightly troubled by the enormous number of household items around you, and you are starting to believe that downsizing all your possessions will lead to decluttering your mind as well.

The sooner you began the change you have needed and been putting off for so long, the sooner you will be able to move into a smaller home and turn your attention to what matters to you.

How to downsize your home

You have just made a serious decision about what you want your new home to be like, so now it is time to get down to work. Knowing how to downsize when moving will reduce costly mistakes and will increase the overall effectiveness of the moving process. The intermediate six steps to downsizing your home are listed in the article below.

Step 1: Plan your time like a professional

The moment you have decided to move to a smaller home, it is essential that people know how to downsize their homes quickly because time will inevitably become your worst enemy until the residential relocation is mostly over. Prepare a moving checklist that includes all the duties you have to complete to be able to call the impending move successful. You cannot afford to lose precious time, and that is where your moving timeline will help you the most.

Prioritize those move-related jobs as well to be sure that the crucial tasks are completed no matter what happens until your moving date.

Step 2: Downsize your household items

Without a doubt, this is the most crucial step when you are downsizing your home. Think about it, you are about to move to a new apartment or a house with less living space than your current home so how can you possibly fit all of your things in there? You just can’t. No matter how you put it, you will have to take less items with you to your new home. Get rid of anything you will not ever need again, decluttering your house before moving out will help you to keep things under control. Remember that each additional thing you choose to take with you will increase the moving cost, and will take up more space inside the new home that has limited living room.

Step 3: Leave behind large furniture

It is the pieces of furniture you own that will take up most of the space in your new home. Be extremely selective while you are trying to decide what to do with a large king-size bed, a huge dresser, a few desks made of solid wood, various tables, chairs, and every other piece of large furniture in your home. If you cannot seem to make up your mind, prepare a floor plan to help you visualize which pieces of furniture will fit in your new home, and will match its internal layout too. Due to their ultimate weight, moving heavy furniture between the two houses will be rather expensive as well.

Step 4: Quickly earn some money

How to downsize your things efficiently? The best way to do this is to sell all of your unwanted things to achieve three hugely beneficial goals at the same time. These are to earn some cash to help cover some of the moving costs, reduce the transportation expenses thanks to the lesser overall weight of the shipment, and eliminate potential problems with inadequate space after the relocation is complete. Have a garage sale to reduce the number of items you have to move or try to sell them online if you have sufficient time before the moving date.

Step 5: Pack your things yourself

With less items to pack and move, things will quickly get easier for you. And cheaper too, especially if you have made the right choice to leave most of the large pieces of furniture behind. Whenever you need moving tips for downsizing your house, know that a single piece of advice can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. In addition to the clear advice of downsizing your belongings before the relocation, the next best money-saving tip is to pack whatever you can by yourself.

Step 6: Hire professionals

Packing up a house by yourself can save you a lot of money unless you own a number of specialty things that you would rather not try to pack or move by yourself. Are you planning on moving that invaluable upright piano all by yourself?

Downsizing your house is all about making intelligent decisions when it matters. Ask for moving estimates and let professional movers take care of the worst aspects of your upcoming residential move. And if you don’t know which company to hire to help you to get to your new home Then hire State to State Movers which is a dependable moving company that can help you to move to and from any place in the country.