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Where to Get Free Moving Boxes

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Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

The amount of cardboard people get rid of in America each year is enough to provide heating for 50 million houses in the next twenty years. But learning where to get free moving boxes won’t only save the planet, it’ll also help you keep an extra buck. If you’re in, stick around, as we’ll break down the best ways to achieve this goal.

Since 17% of the US population changes their residence each year, until an entirely new way to change houses is invented, boxes are bound to stay. But, if you’re clueless regarding how to choose a container and where to get free ones, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve got you covered.

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First Things First – How Do You Assess Your Situation?

But before you get to the actual search, you must go through a certain preparation to have a stress-free long-distance moving and avoid any panic that can follow when you need to go back to some steps you’ve already completed. Knowing how to organize your move in terms of decluttering is a vital phase that will help you find out what containers you need and in which quantities.

Declutter and Determine What You’re Taking With You for Your Interstate Moving Adventure

If you want to learn how to organize packing to move, the first thing you need to do is create piles of items you own. These should be separated by the criterion of whether you want to keep them, sell, donate, or chuck them out. That can help as you’ll get to perceive the volume of your relocation and plan how to move out of state on a budget and your future actions accordingly.

Check What Kind of Containers You Need

Determining what to get rid of is a huge success, but some other considerations are left before you learn how to prepare your home for sale. Not all items possess the same traits, and accordingly, they can’t all be transported the same way. So, it won’t hurt if you pay attention to these when planning your relocation essentials or compiling your checklists.

And while cardboard is fine for most objects, it’s not a go-to material for irreplaceable fine art or fragile memories. In this case, arranging custom crating services from a reliable interstate moving company is the best way to go as these crates will be specifically designed for your precious possession, and they’ll be in safe hands, so you won’t need to lose hair while questioning your packing methods.

Decide on the Size of Your Containers

Most people believe that “the bigger, the better” is the proven recipe for containers, but it’s not true in most cases. Because heavy loads are difficult to carry, regardless of whether you’re taking your family to another state and having more stuff or you’re going to a new city alone, you should try to avoid them.

The golden mean is ideal in most cases as it won’t put too much pressure on you if you’re doing the lifting or on your container. If you opt for bulky ones for some objects, ensure you make handles, or else you might struggle. So take your time to create a customized cardboard box, and it will bring you a step closer to answering the question of how to move efficiently; and you can watch the following video to learn more about the process.

Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving – Idea 1 – Stores You Like to Buy at

Now that you’ve learned how to downsize for a move and what to look for, you’re ready to delve into places. The first suggestion we have is to browse your favorite stores, especially the large ones, as they deal with an enormous amount of containers daily, so they could basically always spare some for their customers.

Local Chain Stores Are a Safe Bet if You Know a Couple of Tips

Big-box stores such as Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Costco, or some others of a sort might have the correct answer to the question where can I get big boxes for free roaming in your head. And, it shouldn’t be a hassle at all if you play the loyalty card. The best tip is to go early in the morning because an early bird catches relocation supplies, and they’re more likely to unload the goods they’ve received at this hour. And if you’re involved in last-minute relocating, and this is your last resort, do make a purchase as it can stack the odds in your favor to a large degree.

Closed and taped cardboard boxes flying isolated on turquoise blue background
You'll be surprised at how many stores will be willing to become involved

Where to Find Free Moving Boxes – Idea 2 – Local Cafes and Restaurants

Saying bye to friends is always confusing and sad, but if you do it at a cafe you spent hours chatting in and reminiscing, the farewell might seem only temporary. And, you guessed it right, why not use this time and ask your favorite waiter if they could spare you some containers they regularly get. Starbucks is famous for having these in abundance, but if you’re not into corporations, the quirky local franchise should do just as well. And if you want to be on the safe side, you can phone in advance and enquire, but if you are their admirer, they’ll always go the extra mile for you.

Woman serving coffee in a cafe
Celebrate the last sip and pop the question (not THE question, but the question)

Where to Get Moving Boxes for Free – The Liquor Store Is One of the Best Options

And if you’re more of a cozy type and you prefer to allay your anxiety about moving state to state with a glass of wine while you remind yourself of all the great things your future has to bring, there’s still something for you in this situation. And it’s not more wine.

Liquor stores are goldmines of potential costless containers. And it should do the trick to call in advance and reserve yours or just make sure to put on your best smile when you run for another round.

Cardboard box with quality wine bottles
Liquor businesses are also known as supreme donors

How to Find a Cost-Free Box Online?

If you don’t like to go in person, the Internet is an excellent source to find something up your alley in this regard. Apart from the fact that it allows you to google absolutely anything and everything that comes to your mind, such as the best beach towns to live in, for example, or best coastal cities to raise a family, it can also connect you with fellows who might have just the thing you need. So, what are some safe virtual realms abounding in containers free of charge? You’re about to find out.

Go Hit Craigslist Up

Craigslist is the site where you can buy, sell, obtain, or find pretty much everything for one’s home. And relocation containers come as no exception because people who have just been through moving interstate are waiting to say farewell to what they no longer need.

It’s on everyone’s list of things to do when arriving in a new state, as nobody is willing to pay to rent storage just to be able to reuse containers when the next relocation springs up. So, find someone with supplies that fit your needs, agree on the destination where you can pick them up, and do the same when you’re done with the process. It’s the great circle of life, as Simba’s father would say.

Or Try Freecycle

Freecycle is a broad network that offers completely costless objects that you can arrange to get from strangers who don’t know what to do with relocation materials they don’t need. Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3, and if you’re new to it all, it might be ideal for you as you’ll get to participate in such a nice project while simultaneously dealing with a practical aspect of your journey.

Facebook or Reddit Groups Have the Insider Info

Another perk of cyberspace is that it offers you virtual gatherings that can tell you more about promising hunting grounds in real life. And this meta-level mainly refers to Reddit and Facebook.

Their huge advantage is that you can talk endlessly with strangers who have been through what you’re experiencing. So, if there are people from your area, you’ll quickly find out about the best state-to-state movers nearby, superb places that are willing to give away a box or two, and more. And if you’re eager to get practical suggestions such as best car shipping tips, somebody will share

A man using a laptop to find reliable state to state movers
A lot of things will come up online too

Where Can I Get Free Moving Boxes Near Me?

Last but not least, remember that there are probably more containers to spare around you than you can imagine. Yet, you must know how to gain them, and it’s super simple and won’t take you much time from essential issues or interfere with your interstate moving costs. Sounds great, so what are these tips?

Attempt to Ask in Your Neighborhood or Apartment Building

Before relocating to a new state and getting to meet new neighbors, you should finish it off with the old ones on a positive note. And why not combine it with them doing you a good turn and create a harmony that surpasses all former feuds. Jokes aside, you should ask in your area if you live in a house or building if you’re an apartment resident whether there’s someone ready to give containers away.

These are some ways how you can notify people of what you require:

  • Make a poster and hang it in the lobby of your building,
  • Create an ad and tape it to neighboring trees close to your home,
  • Put a tiny note in your nearest neighbors’ mailboxes,
  • Share it on your social media.

Your Office Might Be Another Quick Solution

Staying in touch with your colleagues can be good for your career, and you should do all you can to ease this transition and make it as smooth as possible.

But, it’s also helpful to remind yourself that your colleagues might come to the rescue since this is one of those opportunities when you should help your coworkers. Maybe, someone close to you has recently undergone relocating for a job and is glad to pass on the wisdom and the material remnants, which would be containers. Either way, come up with how you want and who you want to notify and let the rest work itself out.

Two colleagues sitting at a table and eat
Finish your quest in the well-known and hopefully loved work surroundings

Experienced State to State Movers Know the Answer to the Question Where to Get Free Moving Boxes and Much More

Finally, whichever way you decide to go about this chase, start with a positive mindset as sharing and helping people along the way can help you cherish each moment of your adventure. And if you’re in doubt about some other issues, such as how to arrange top-rated auto transport services or book immaculate storage facilities, you should rely on the professional state to state movers whose job and passion is to give their best to make your passage to the next home angst-free.

Customer support is waiting for your call, so if you’re interested in excellent moving services or packing services that can do the loading and unloading for you and open up space for things that matter, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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