Blog November 30, 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Move out of State? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

One of the most worrying questions when changing homes is how much does it cost to move out of state and transport all your belongings to your new address. The first thing you should be aware of is that the price is calculated by taking into account the volume of things that you are going to move, and the shipping route. With this information, the company can give you an estimate. When you decide to leave the state and go somewhere else, a moving checklist will help you prepare everything. Make sure that the list includes the costs of relocation so that you can start looking for the best company to help you out.

When talking about prices, you must know that many things influence them. You have to know if the company offers a full package, or you have to find friends to help you out with some part of the process. Yes, the process itself is challenging, but you can try doing it properly. Let’s revise some factors that directly or indirectly affect the cost of this tiresome process and go through some useful tips to reduce your expenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Move out of State

If you thought there was only one price to cover, you were wrong. We present you with the main points to consider before you hire a company to help you.

Hiring Moving Services

Depending on the season, whether it is a peak or a slow period, the amount of money you have to set aside for moving services would be between $20 and $30 for a 10′-17′ truck and $30 to $40 for 20′-26′ trucks per day.

Hire a Company for the Moving Plan

Have in mind that there are different options when it comes to choosing the right agency to help you move your stuff out of the apartment. There are companies which charge per distance, per load and hour. The prices can go up to $4,500, so make sure you have it calculated right.

Full-Service Company That Can Pack All Your Items

This means that the company will do everything for you. Literally, from packing the stuff from your condo to unpacking it when they reach a new one. This is pretty convenient, but costly too.

Costs of Renting a Container

Another option is to hire a small storage for all your stuff, and that is where containers step up. The prices can go up to $2,500, again depending on various factors.

Professional Movers

If you choose the full service, the company staff will pack, load, transport and unpack all your belongings, so all you have to do is tell them where to put the chairs. Many people choose to pack everything themselves to save money and make sure they are handled properly.
Estimating the costs of professional moving services is not as easy as entering a website. The companies may send an expert to your home to evaluate your objects and give you a rough estimate of the prices. Firms often do not consider miles but the weight of cargo. Professional moving companies can be expensive, but their services will allow you to focus on other urgent issues.

Truck Rentals Are (Not) Great for Moving Interstate

Renting a moving truck is not for anyone. You have to feel comfortable driving a large vehicle without a rearview mirror (and using the side mirrors). Most truck rental companies do not offer any training on how to drive a large truck, so people who do so for the first time may need time to adapt. Usually, the only requirements for renting a moving truck are that the driver is 25 years old or older and has a valid driver’s license.
Truck rental companies usually base their rates on the size of the truck, travel distance, days of use and insurance. Additional items such as carts for appliances and furniture protectors are optional. Make sure to evaluate the size of the truck compared to your belongings. That way, you will not be charged for space you don’t need. Many rental trucks come with a crane so you can hook your car and take it with you. Do not forget to take into account the price of fuel.

Shipping with a Container

Shipping services eliminate all the hassle of transporting your items. The company delivers a storage container to the address of your current home and you specify where you want the company to send it. You fill the container as you want and close it with your own lock.
On the designated relocation date, the company returns to remove the container and sends it to your new destination, where you will unload it as you wish. If you still don’t know what your new address is, the shipping company can often keep the container in storage space. You can store your items for a monthly fee (similar to your own storage deposits), but you cannot access your belongings while they are in there.
The containers come in various sizes where you can usually store items from one to three rooms. Prices vary according to destination and container size. You can either be charged per mile (which is around $2) or by the size of the container. Renting the containers of 20 feet is around several hundreds of dollars, while the 40 feet ones are more expensive.

Tipping the Movers – A Good or Bad Idea?

This decision is up to you. The movers have their own salaries and are paid hourly. If you are happy with the way things are handled, you can tip the movers and thus show gratitude for a job well done. However, note that the tip may vary from 10% to 20% of the total sum. It is better to calculate in advance if this is a good option, especially if the trip is long.

Helpful Tips on How to Cut the Costs

Let’s sum with a few tips on how to cut your expenses and save some money in your pocket.
  • The more things you have to move, the higher the price will be. So, one of the tips is to get rid of the things you know you won’t need in your new home.
  • If the moving company takes care of packing your things, the price will increase significantly. If you want to lower that cost, get down to work and with the help of your family and friends, pack on your own.
  • Before hiring any transport agency, make sure you have requested a quote so that you have an approximate evaluation. Then, you can decide which is the best option.
  • If your future home is not that far away, you can carry certain things in your car. Maybe someone has a van to lend. This will reduce the number of boxes and obviously the overall price of the service.
  • If you can, be flexible with the dates of collection and delivery of your belongings. Some companies can modify the price according to the date. Hence, make room for some changes, as it can help you save money.
As you can see, the expenses depend on many factors. However, it is not impossible to find a great company that offers highly professional service at reasonable prices. S2S Movers is a reputable and reliable company with years of experience in the business and highly-trained staff that will make your relocation as stress-free for you as it can be.