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Steps You Should Take When Hiring Movers in 2021

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So you decided to move to a different state, city, or maybe street and need a moving company but don’t know which one to choose. If this is your first time hiring movers, you should do good research and make your preparation on time.

Relocating can be very stressful. No matter if you are doing this alone or with your family, there are many things you have to arrange, and if you decide to hire professionals to help you, it is a good decision. Here are a couple of tips you should know when organizing your relocation with professionals.

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Check for Movers Online and Make a List of Best Companies

First thing first, you need to check your company of choice online. As you may know, all state to state movers must be registered at the US Department of Transportation and have a USDOT number. If you are moving interstate and your company doesn’t have this number, they are probably a fraud. Moving to a new state is stressful enough even without you worrying about the safety of your things on top of it. So check these businesses online and make a list of the ones that suit you best.

Read Reviews and Compare Moving  Companies

After you made a list of your local movers, go online and do some more in-depth research. Read all the reviews about these companies and compare the ratings. Some of the best sites for reviews are Yelp and Consumer Affairs. So we don’t need to tell you not to hire a business with bad reviews. Better be safe than sorry, especially if you are moving out for the first time, and be extra careful. There are a lot of scammers out there.

Man searching the internet
Make sure to leave your review for future customers

How to Hire a Moving Company?

Hiring a mover is the most important step in your interstate moving. No matter what your reasons to move are or if you are relocating with kids or moving to a new state alone, finding a good quality moving service is a tricky part. So after you have done your research, you should now contact at least three companies of choice and ask for a free estimate. This way you will have quotes and can choose the most suitable company.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Movers

You are probably wondering “Is it cheaper to hire a moving company” or to do relocation by yourself. Here are some pros and cons you can consider when you want to hire professionals for relocation. Let’s see the pros first:

  • You will save time and money – professionals will do all the heavy lifting and packing for you and you will have time to work or arrange other relocating obligations you may have.
  • Your belongings are handled with care – Experienced relocating professionals will know how to pack fragile items and how to move a piano, and of course how to pack your electronics.
  • You have insurance – If your belongings handled by a professional are damaged, every breaking can be refunded.
  • Your relocation will be more organized – You will have all that you need with one company. That means packing service and auto transport, but also packing supplies and even storage facilities if you need some.
  • You will not have to arrange everything – Organizing can be a real drag, especially if you are moving your family to a new state. There are a lot of other things you will have to get done for this relocation like school transfer, job transfers, buying a new home, and others. Believe us, it’s much easier to do all that if someone else is in charge of heavy lifting.

Some of the cons are obvious:

  • You have to stick with the agreed date – Once you set a relocation day, it can be hard to change one with your company.
  • It can be expensive – Relocation with professionals can be costly, which is no wonder considering that there is a lot of hard work involved, as well as the knowledge and experience most of us don’t possess.
Movers packing up a truck
Loading and unloading boxes on a truck are much easier with professionals

Ask for an in-Home Estimate

An in-home estimate is a crucial part of the estimation of your relocation price. Before professionals come to your home, you should make an inventory list of all the things you will bring with you, so your company can give you the most accurate quote. If your state to state movers doesn’t want to give you in-home estimation, they are probably some sort of scammers. The most important thing for a stress-free moving is that you can trust people dealing with your belongings. This is why you need to meet your professionals in advance. If they don’t seem right for you, you shouldn’t hire them.

Don’t Choose Movers Only Based on Price

We all know that costs of interstate moving can be a real burden on your budget but don’t choose a company only on price. Choosing a cheaper business can save you some money, but you will have no guarantee that your belongings will be safe. When asking for a quote from at least three companies and some of them give you a much lower quote, this can be a sign that they are scammers. Scammers lure their customers with lower prices and free services, so avoid them, especially if you are moving interstate. If you are relocating locally, you can take this risk because your relocation will take only one day. But with relocation to another state, choose professionals that are well recommended.

Woman calculating
Price shouldn’t be the only criteria for hiring professionals

Ask All the Questions in Advance

One of the tips for hiring movers is not being shy and asking them all the questions you have. When they tell you the price of their service, make sure to ask them what is included in this price and what is not. This way you will avoid any hidden cost they may have. So when your professionals come to your home, ask them anything that crosses your mind.

Do They Provide Insurance?

Every legit company will give you insurance on your belongings, but it is important that you know how they do the refund if any damage occurs. Most companies provide mandatory liability coverage, but also full insurance. Mandatory liability coverage will cover 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, while full insurance will cover the full price of damaged stuff. Ask them if this insurance applies to the stuff you packed, because most companies will not give you full coverage on things their professionals haven’t packed.

What Is the Difference Between Full and Partial Packing Service

Ask your professionals what is the difference between full and partial packing service. For instance, in full packing service, they will pack and unpack everything and they will bring packing supplies, so you don’t need to worry about where to get free boxes or how to pack TV for moving. If you are moving furniture, ask them if they disassemble and reassemble it. You can choose to pack some items yourself if you don’t want strangers to deal with some of your things. And, finally, there are some items movers won’t move, so make sure you ask them about these things.

How Do They Make Estimations?

This question is crucial for your budget. And it is important to talk with your professionals in person about their price and how they calculate it. Most relocation businesses will give you an estimate, but if they charge a flat rate, that’s even better, provided there are no hidden fees. Most businesses are calculating their price on the distance, weight, and type of service you want, while some are charging based on the inventory list.

What Type of Auto Transportation Do They Have?

There are two types of auto transportation you can take – enclosed and open trailers. If you have a luxury car, then an enclosed trailer (a more expensive option) is better, and insurance is higher too. But if you have more than one car, then the open trailer will be more cost-effective for you. Your professionals can give you some car shipping tips, like how to prepare your car for shipping accordingly.

Is There Any Other Service They Provide?

Maybe you have plans on moving a pool table, but your doorways are too narrow and you don’t know how to relocate this on your own. Ask your professionals if they provide this kind of service. Also, if you have some giant valuable sculpture, ask them if they give custom crating service as well. Maybe it will cost more, but you will be sure that your items are well-protected. Check this video for more questions you should ask your mover.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers

Well, if you follow our tips listed above, you will avoid the most common mistakes people usually make. But here are some more mistakes you should have in mind when talking with professionals:

  • Don’t pay too big a deposit in advance,
  • Ask all about hidden fees or extra charges,
  • If they change names a lot, avoid them,
  • Never sign a blank contract,
  • Ask them to show you their truck papers and other licenses,
  • If they avoid answering your questions, you should avoid them too.
Woman reading a contract
Always read your contract before signing it

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Local Movers?

As we mentioned above, the cost of hiring relocation professionals depends on many factors like distance, weight, and type of services you want. Some relocation businesses are providing an online free estimation of your relocation. Find one that can give you this estimation, and you will have the approximate price of your relocation. If you are wondering, How much do you tip movers in 2021, here are some rules is  you should follow:

  • For a half-day work, you should tip $20 per person,
  • for 8-hour work it’s $40,
  • and for a 12 hour and more $50- $60 per person.
Money for tips
Remember to tip your movers

When Should I Hire Movers?

Depending on the size of your relocation or on your final destination, you should consider hiring professionals, especially if you are relocating out of state. If you are moving while pregnant or moving elderly parents out of state, your relocation should definitely be done with the professionals’ help. Sure, you can do things on your own, and if you have time and help from your friends and family, you don’t have to take full relocating service. But in some situations, you may have no choice but to hire state to state movers to help you. For instance, in last-minute moving, this kind of help can come in especially handy.

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