Blog November 30, 2020

How to Find Reliable Auto Transport Reviews

As a consumer, you need to know how to choose a reliable and reputable auto transport company. The best way to do that is to go through auto transport reviews and check former customers’ experiences. With proper research, you can easily avoid scams and untrustworthy companies and find a firm that will ship your car professionally and on time.

Find the Best Car Shipping Reviews

You need a car transportation company with reliable reviews. There are many vehicle hauling companies on the market, but finding a decent one takes a lot of work. Reputable car shipping firms should have a good online rating, but you need to make sure that the given feedback is informative. Read what past customers actually said instead of just looking at the rating number of all commentaries. When reading through evaluations, you should look for both the good and the bad about the company. Keep in mind that having a spotless record is rare, so if a company has just positive reviews, there might be some review manipulation that includes deleting bad criticism. Even the best companies have some bad reviews.

How to Find Auto Transport Companies and Avoid Damage

Before you choose a company, it’s essential to do proper research, know what to look out for and beware of, and pick the best option. Making the wrong choice here could lead to additional expenses and damage to your machine.

Pros and Cons of Auto Transport

Car shipping services have their pros and cons, so you need to look into all the benefits and drawbacks of transporting your car. Using car shipping services will save you time and money, especially for long-distance hauls. And you can even choose door-to-door delivery and have your vehicle shipped to your door, which many believe is the best option. However, deliveries often have delays and your vehicle might arrive later than expected. If you need your car delivered urgently, you can use terminal-to-terminal services, but that means you have to drive your vehicle to the closest regional storage facility.

Check Licenses and Payment Solutions

You need to make sure that the carrier handling your vehicle is licensed and insured. And you should keep in mind that no reliable car shipping company will ask for wire transfer payments, and you should avoid doing business with any firm that requests this. Legitimate companies will always ask for credit card and check payments.


All car shipping companies should have insurance that will cover any damages that can happen to your vehicle during the ship. If you want to get protection from your own insurance, most companies will offer to help you find the best protection for your car during the transport.

Types of Transporters

Before you actually hire an auto shipping company, you need to decide if you want to get an open-air or enclosed transporter. You’re probably wondering what’s the difference? Open-air carriers are considered to be the most popular and most affordable option, but enclosed carriers offer crucial advantages that you shouldn’t overlook when you want to ship your vehicle.

Open-air Shipping

As we previously mentioned, the affordability of an open-air carrier is its main advantage. The open-air carrier is less expensive than the enclosed transport option because they can carry up to 9 or 10 cars at once, which will save money and time. However, the problem is that these transporters don’t have side and roof protection, which means that your car will be exposed to outside weather during the haul.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed carriers are expensive, but they do offer excellent protection against any weather conditions. If you are looking to ship your car during winter, an enclosed carrier is a better option, since it will keep the vehicle safe from snow and ice damage.

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