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Best Tips for Moving Out of State

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Daisy Wilson

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Moving state to state is stressful even for experienced people who moved a lot in their lifetime. Then you can imagine how stressful it can be if you are moving out for the first time. So knowing useful tips for moving out of state can come in handy. Stay tuned and go through our relocation checklist and find out what you need to consider before moving.

When is a Good Time to Move Out?

First, ask yourself, are you ready to leave your parents’ home? If you are moving out for the first time and leaving a family house, this can be very emotional and difficult. But if you have set that as your goal, then good preparation is all you need. If you feel like you are up to the task of living on your own, if you have a job and a means to sustain yourself, this is the right time for you to move out. There will be anxiety about moving out, especially if you plan to relocate to another state. But don’t worry, a lot of people have been in that situation, and you can learn a lot from their experience.

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With good preparation everyday is a good day to start thinking about relocation

How Do I Prepare to Move Out of State? How Much Money do I Need?

If you know how to prepare to move out for the first time, you did half of the job. For every successful relocation, good preparation is vital, so before contacting any state to state movers, you will need to do a lot of research. Here are some of the things you need to check out before taking this step.

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Things You Need When Moving Out of Your Parents House

For starters, you’ll need to tell your parents that you plan to leave the family home for good. After this, you need to sort out all the moving essentials you plan to bring with you, like clothes, laptops, bedding, and hygiene products. Go around your room and see what you want to take to your new address. If your bed and mattress are in good condition, put them on the list.

Bring your desk and chair also, especially if you are moving for a job. Even if the work is remote, you will need some furniture and you won’t have a lot of time for shopping when you settle in. Ask your parents to give you a couple of plates until you buy yourself a new set. Get a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, and also iron. If you are moving in winter and to a not-so-sunny state, take some blankets too.

How Much Money Should You Save to Move to a Different State?

Before deciding to relocate, you need to figure out the money, right? You will have to do some math and see how much money you need to go through one month, then multiply that by three, and you will get a minimal amount of needed money. If you are moving to a new city alone, add at least 30% to this number, because you will have more expenditures until you get used to the new town and living cost. There are useful websites like Numbeo that can approximate all necessary expenses in every state, so visit them and check out the cost of living in your chosen destination.

Man and woman carrying boxes
Involve parents in your relocation, this way, they will be less emotional

Visit Your New State

If you can, go to your new location and spend at least one week there. You’ll feel the city’s vibes and see and meet local people. So eat, drink, and wander in your city of choice – who knows maybe you find some new friends along the way.

two suitcases on an airport
Be a tourist and feel the vibes of your city of choice

Search for Moving Company

Before hiring professional moving services, you need to do good research about these companies, so you don’t get scammed. The golden rule is if they are not online, they are probably scammers. While this may not be the case, it should be a red flag for you to check them. Every state to state movers need to have a US Department of Transportation certificate, and if they don’t have this, they are fraudsters.

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Find a reliable company that will take care of your things with the most care

Get to Know Your Movers

The next step for you is to contact at least three moving companies and ask them to give you an in-home estimation. This way, you will be able to compare prices and to ask them all the questions you may have. For example, do they offer packing service, or do moving supplies come with a price? If you need a storage facility, how much will it cost you? It is essential to ask for a quote in advance, so there will not be any hidden costs at the end of your relocation.

Set a Moving Day and Save Money for Relocation

Set a date for your relocation at least one month before, so you have time to arrange everything. There is no such thing as starting relocation prep too early. And of course, you’ll have time to save some money not only for your travel expenses but also for hiring movers.

piles of papers and lists
Ask for an in-home estimate and get your quotes on time

More Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

No matter what your reasons to move are, moving for the first time is stressful, challenging, and expensive. The cheapest way to move out of the state implies that you take on yourself a lot of work regarding relocation. Here are some tips that can be useful if you are relocating on your own.

Make a List of Things You Need to Pack

Even if you don’t hire movers to do the packing for you, it will be useful to list all the things you need to take with you. This way, your box labeling will be much easier when you start packing.

Also, don’t forget your car. If you plan to pay for auto transport service, you will need to prepare your car for shipping before the big day.

Search for New Home Before Hiring a Movers

If you are renting a house for the first time, you need to check everything before your relocation. If possible, find a home near your job, make sure your new place has working electrical appliances, and that all utilities are turned on. Take a tour and check if there are pests, mold, or any visible damages. Make sure to take photos of a place before relocation day. And for more useful tips, check this video.

Is Moving Out of State a Good Idea?

Every change is challenging, but exciting. So moving state to state is a good thing. After all, so many Americans are doing the same thing daily. Relocation to a different state means you get to meet new people, find new jobs, enjoy different landscapes, try diverse cuisine, and be more independent and confident.

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