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Pros and Cons of Moving in Winter

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Relocating during the times of freezing temperatures can be more challenging than the usual move. You might be wondering what’s the best time of year to move? One of the main advantages of moving in winter is saving money during the process. The negative sides are that you’ll need to make more thorough preparations for packing materials, driving routes, and winterizing your new home. If you are down for it and want to find out some useful winter moving tips keep reading our article.

The List of Advantages and Disadvantages For Moving in Winter

If you are looking for the reasons to move, there are some crucial advantages when you are moving in the winter, such as:

  • Movers are easier to find,
  • You can pay less for relocating services,
  • Housing prices might be lower, and getting the good deal easier,
  • You can evaluate a home under the worst conditions.

On the other hand, the disadvantages that might occur are:

  • The procedure of loading/unloading might be slower,
  • Delays are possible,
  • You need more planning and organizing,
  • Weather conditions might be dangerous for trip,
  • Walkways around the house might be icy or unapproachable,
  • You have to protect your floors and winterize the house.
Photo of a relocating checklist
Make a checklist of pros and cons

What Do I Need to Know About Moving to a Cold State?

Making a decision about relocation never comes easy. If you are adjusted to warm temperatures and plenty of sunny days, relocating to a cold state can bring you more life-changing circumstances than just the new house environment. One thing is sure – low temperatures are not preferable for everyone. There is a higher risk of depression after moving if you move somewhere with shorter days and less sun. If your health condition is not at its finest or you simply don’t like being cold, think twice before relocating to a state like this.

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Check The Forecast Because You Might Need Some Extra Travel Time

One of the most important things is that you’ll need to stay flexible with the dates. When arranging your move, contact the moving company’s customer service and set up an approximate week when it can happen. Don’t force any strict dates because weather conditions might change over the night. You don’t want any problems to occur unexpectedly on the relocation day because you didn’t leave enough time for a snowstorm to end.

Where Should I Move if I Hate Winter?

If you think that adjusting to low temperature and snow is just not possible for you, you should move to some warm climate places. Number one and probably the most logical option is Miami, Florida, as is the rest of this state. Hawaii is the second-best option, as well as California. Most of the cities here are snow-free. If none of these places suits you, check out some of the American towns that have never seen snow.

Photo of a tropical beach
Consider relocating somewhere warm if you hate winter

Waterproof Your Belongings and Check Your New Home Before Unpacking

If you want to have stress-free moving, you’ll need to clear up your new home in advance. This is even more important if weather conditions on a relocating day include snow. Protect your floors from getting wet with plastic film or cardboard boxes, and clear the walkways and driveways from ice. If you’re moving with pets or little children, check for any hazardous surroundings and secure everything that you find potentially harmful for them.

Tips For Moving to a New Home

First of all, make a checklist when moving to another state. Don’t forget to make a special box with moving essentials and keep it close to yourself. Pro tip: Keep some bags of tea, boiling cattle, and a blanket here to stay warm before unpacking the rest of your items. Make sure to also think about the most commonly forgotten things to pack and items movers won’t move.

Protect your Belongings From Cold Weather and Snow

Waterproof your belongings with plastic wrap, mattress bags, plastic bins, and find some waterproof labeling materials. Be extra careful with electronic devices such as cords and cables. Put them in plastic bags before packing them inside a box. If you’re not sure how to pack a moving truck, it’s important to follow the same rules. Protect everything from damage with the right packing materials, or hire professional state to state movers to ensure everything is secured.

Make Some Tea For Your Helpers and Movers

You may wonder what do you do to keep off the cold in winter? You and your professional helpers are most likely to get cold if you don’t plan the ways to prevent this. Take mini-breaks as often as you can, for some tea or hot cocoa. Tea is easy to make even if your kitchen assortment is already wrapped up. Your helpers will be thankful and much more productive if they stay warm. Layering clothes and non-slip shoes and boots are a must. Don’t forget to check how to tip movers if you are satisfied with their assistance.

Check out this video with tips on how to waterproof and protect your floors:

Consider Hiring a Professional Long Distance Moving Company

If you already considered hiring a professional cross country moving company for your wintertime relocation, you might be wondering what are the services movers near you provide? Long-distance movers can provide you with great options for auto transport, for example. Your vehicle will be shipped and delivered to the required address at the right time. If you need additional packing services, they can also supply you with plenty of high-quality packing materials, such as different shaped boxes, wraps, covers, and more. Custom crating service is explicitly established for delicate and fragile items like antiques and art pieces that require superior protection. Long-distance moving services also include storage relocation facilities. Your storage unit can be relocated wherever you need, while your items stay protected from harm. Loading and unloading services are available if you already have a truck big enough for moving state to state and need an additional workforce for carrying heavy furniture. If you are interested in finding out an estimated price for the required service, you can request a free quote.

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