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Moving in cold weather

Have you decided to pursue your dreams and move to a new location during winter? Don’t let the cold weather stop you from making your dreams come true! If you’re going to be moving in bad weather conditions, it is important to stay safe at all times. After all – safety comes first. We will cover some of the most important steps that you should take in order to ensure a safe, injury-free relocation. One of the most risky tasks during bad weather in transporting your large, heavy furniture into the moving truck, especially if there’s snow or frost on the sidewalk. Follow our steps to ensure that nothing goes south!

1: Be prepared weeks in advance

Do you have a scheduled relocation date for yourself? If yes, it is time to start preparing for the big day. If you happen to be moving during the winter months, especially during January or February, when it tends to snow, you should be prepared in advance. As you already know, it is much better to make sure that no snow or frost accumulated on your sidewalk, than to have to get rid of it once it’s there. This means that it’s time to take out your shovels and begin cleaning the snow every day leading up to your relocation day. If you leave the snow on the sidewalk, it will eventually freeze, which will then make it ten times more difficult to get rid of it.

2: Make sure that you have the appropriate attire for the big day

If you’re going to be out in the cold weather, handling large furniture and other items, you want to make sure that you’re warm at all times. Your usual working clothes may not be suitable for this occasion. Make sure that you have plenty of layers of clothing and don’t forget to wear a warm hat, along with some good quality thick gloves. As you may already know, being cold makes your muscles constrict, which can in turn lead to muscle weakness, or even inflammation. That’s why it’s important to be warm at all times, especially while doing physical labor.

3: If you have frost and ice on the sidewalk, get rid of it before the big day

If ice has already accumulated on your sidewalk, it is important to remove it before your relocation day. Handling large furniture will be nearly impossible if you’re constantly trying to keep your balance on ice. Removing ice is easy with some kitchen or dishwasher salt. You should use approximately one tablespoon of salt for every 10 square meters of sidewalk. If you’re out of salt, use sand.

If you have snow accumulated on your sidewalk, remove it by using a shovel only. Do not use any water, or any other liquid substance, as that may lead to the formation of more ice, specifically, black ice. Black ice is very dangerous because it is invisible, therefore making it more likely for someone to trip and fall.


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