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The Ultimate Guide for Moving to College

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Anastasia Hill

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College is a milestone in many people’s lives. Moving to college is the first step toward independence and adulthood for many young individuals. It’s the first time students are given the freedom to freely express themselves and live far away from home, and they feel many unknown pleasures as well as challenges. If you are embarking on this great adventure, read on to find out what it entails, plus some useful tips.

Why Is It Better to Move Away for College?

Starting Uni usually means moving out for the first time or even moving to another state alone, and it’s only natural to feel anxious about moving out. But though you’re entering a period of uncertainty, there are many things to look forward to once you become a student. You will be able to meet new neighbors from your dorm and come in contact with all sorts of interesting students. Besides, you can pursue your hobbies and create your identity in an inspiring surrounding. You can also travel and discover the place, so perhaps making a list of things to do when moving to a new state is a good starting point.

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How Do I Prepare to Move to College

Once you get accepted, start preparing as soon as possible to avoid moving stress and the panic of last-minute moving. You need to think about documents and the administrative part first, and then you should sort out the regular student things such as accommodation and roommates. If you’ll live on campus in a dorm, contact your roommate via social media and start planning the packing and who will bring what to avoid duplicates. Start reading about your campus to help you familiarize yourself with its ways and improve your long-distance moving experience.

Students studying in college library
Getting in touch with your roommate on time before the meeting day is vital

What Should You Bring to College – Make a Plan Before You Pack

Think about what you’ll need when you arrive and pack accordingly. Make sure you bring:

  • Moving essentials – things you absolutely need with you for day one such as your medications, toiletries, and clothes to change,
  • Pajamas – they always come in handy in the long days of studying,
  • A stack of cosmetics – you don’t know how far the nearest shop is,
  • Charger – you don’t want to be cut from home if your phone dies,
  • Clothes for cold and hot weather – you never know what the new school has in store for you, so bring both,
  • Fancy clothes – maybe a party or a job interview is around the corner,
  • Basic learning materials for school – you can always buy more as you go on.

Reconsider Bringing Your Pet When Moving to Campus

Though you are probably tempted to bring your furry friend along, think twice about this since many school facilities don’t allow pets. And those who do have strict policies and rules about keeping a pet in your campus dorm room.

Plan What to Bring and Leave Your Furniture Behind

Moving cross country is never easy because many people get tempted to bring as many things as possible but still somehow manage to forget some of the most important stuff. Forget about those bulky items like chairs or your comfy bed. You’ll have to get used to the furniture in your dorm. Try to approach this logically and envision your dorm room if it helps, or go through your daily school routines to assess what you’ll really need. Take a look at this video if you want to learn more about efficient packing and get the best tips.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to College

Moving out of state for college might be a big expense. But, you can always research the cheapest way to move out of state. Besides,  some students work while studying and you can enquire how to get a  job in a new city. You can also learn about government-funded scholarships and apply for some of them.

How to Move to College in a Day

If you are moving across country for college, consider exactly how you will do it. Are you going to relocate your car too, and if so, do you need to invest in an auto transport service? Do you plan on asking your family and friends to help? Will they be sufficient to move your stuff? If you are planning to contact a reliable long-distance moving company and arrange their moving services, analyze the costs, and calculate what is in your best interest.

Also, think about loading and unloading since you want to avoid wreaking havoc on the big day, so make sure you don’t bring everything you’ve got in your home. Besides, if you’re all over the place and find it hard to keep up with everything that is happening, perhaps you should consider paying extra for packing services and custom crating for your valuables.

A piggy bank
Calculating costs can go a long way

Moving Away for College Don’ts – What Should You Not Bring to College?

Every campus has a list of forbidden items, so make sure you look at it carefully before you start packing. You don’t want to be turned back. Besides, some things that are not on the list are still useless to you! For example, if you plan to eat in a canteen don’t ponder over how to pack dishes for moving. It’s best to set realistic expectations and stick to them.

Homesickness and Missing Your Friends

There’s one thing we would like to bring with us when moving across country, but we can’t, and that is our friends. Although it’s hard to get ready for saying bye to friends, don’t let the depression after moving prevent you from making the most of your student life. Find ways to deal with homesickness and put yourself out there to embrace and enjoy the new experience.

Boxes of furniture ready for moving
Don’t bring everything from your home

Extra Tips for Freshmen – Explore Your Campus

Though you might be confused in the beginning, and it will all seem novel to you, there are certain things that you can do to improve your experience and adapt faster. These are some hacks that might help you find your feet:

  • Find out about your college’s sports teams or art clubs so you can become part of the community,
  • Explore your Uni and familiarize yourself with all its amenities,
  • Go to orientation week to meet other students and share first impressions,
  • Most importantly, start studying on time to avoid stress and disappointment and get the best results.
young woman choosing books before a move
A good start can go a long way

Moving to College Day – the Beginning of Something Beautiful

If you have decided how to organize important documents and how to move efficiently, you are ready for your academic adventure. This will be a unique opportunity for you to develop your full potential and meet inspiring people every step of the way. So make the most of what college offers, take up additional classes, and develop social networks while building strong connections.

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