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Moving With Pets – Some Things You Might Need

Moving with pets can be stressful both for you and your beloved animals, even when you are traveling interstate. Before the move, you might consider consulting a vet and checking the necessary documents. Every animal must be well protected throughout transportation, and you need to feel comfortable knowing that they won’t be harmed under any circumstances. Also, your new home should be secured in a way that prevents any harm to your pets. These are some of the best tips that can help you during your move.

Pack Everything That You and Your Pets Need

When packing your treasured books and mugs, don’t forget your pet’s favorite toys. This action can easily reduce their stress – something familiar that they can use in a new environment. One of the moving hacks is to pack something with yours or your family members’ scent on it – like an old T-shirt or hoodie. Include their grooming accessories such as comb, scissors, and shampoos. Don’t forget their medicines, food and water bowls, and litter kits. If they use a special kind of food, consider packing some extra doses and using the best packing materials and methods so it doesn’t spill. You will probably feel overwhelmed with all the unfolding that you’ll have to do when you move into your new home – so not worrying about your dog’s nutrition can feel unexpectedly relieving.

Dog with pet toys
Don’t forget their favorite toys

Choose a Proper Transportation Method

If you are interested in questions like how to move pets across the country, you must know that choosing a transportation method depends on the animals’ size and species, as well as on the distance of your move. If you are moving out for the first time while being their owner, you should consult a vet and provide your pet with a proper container. The vet may introduce you to some sedative medications that can be used during your pet’s transportation. Don’t worry – this isn’t harmful, and it can help them survive the move without any potential trauma.

If you are planning on driving to your new home, check out the video below for some tips on how to get your dog used to car rides.

Free Tips on Other Transportation Methods

If you are relocating with your pet across the country and you don’t feel comfortable doing this on your own or have other concerns, you can always contact a professional pet transportation service, and your cats, dogs, or any kind of exotic animal will be taken care of.

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Prepare Your Pet’s Documents

You might be familiar with this procedure if you have traveled with animals before. If not, consult local services on getting required medical records for them (for moving across the country) and organize important documents at home, such as vaccination confirmations and other vet reports. Try keeping their collar visible and marked with your personal information. If your cat is microchipped, even better. Just make sure every piece of data on it is up to date, including your new address.

looking for a specific document
Don’t forget medical records

Train Your Pet Before Moving

How to move with pets – training 101: the training process for a stress-free moving experience may involve shorter car rides with your cats or dogs,  and using their transporter in a familiar environment, preferably at home. Don’t forget treats and petting during these lectures – your puppy may even start enjoying it, which can make them a perfect travel companion for your future adventures.

Cat and dog in the car
Train them with short-distance drives

Ask Your Landlord About Moving With a Pet or Adoption

When it comes to your pet’s size and energy levels, your future landlord has to permit having animals inside. They will probably advise you to act with caution. Don’t sign documents before negotiating this. If your dog has a training certificate and medical records, it’s a good idea to show these to your landlord.

Travel Tips

On the day of the move, make sure they have enough room, food, and fresh water. Check on them as often as possible. Secure their container and stay flexible for any unexpected change of circumstances. Transportation will be much easier if you planned everything and packed well. You can split responsibilities with your family members and get their help while traveling.

Dog and cat in the car
Make stops for short walks

Dogs Need Time to Accommodate to Your New Home

If you are moving to a new state with a dogdepending on your home size, which can be different from the previous one, your dogs will need to adapt to their unknown territory. Give them a tour of the house with you by their side to make them feel safe. Show them a place where it can drink water and try to give them some extra time during walks. Also, try not to leave them alone for too long. If you own a backyard, make sure that it is well secured and that all the fences are well adjusted, without sharp edges and tangled wires. Dogs can be easily trapped and maybe even injured as they get carried away while wandering around. As soon as they get adjusted to the new space, you won’t have to worry about them trying to escape and practice your usual walking and playing routines.

empty apartment ready to be moved into
Give them some time to adapt

Cats are Likely to Go Wandering

Because of their inquisitive nature, cats may try to escape and wander off for a few days or even spend some time hiding under furniture in your house until they feel comfortable to explore their surroundings. Problems that may also occur include lack of appetite, anxiety attacks, or regressing from their learned ability to use a litter box. Cats require extra care during this time. Don’t worry – it usually lasts only a couple of days before your cat realizes that there is nothing to be afraid of with you around.

Cute bengal cat living in the new, modern apartment
Your cat might start acting shy

Contact Your Neighbors for Help

You will probably meet new neighbors as soon as you move, especially if you often walk your dogs in the area. Other animal owners will most likely give you tips on the best equipment shops, pet-friendly places, and, most importantly, point you to a good veterinarian. If you must leave your pets unsupervised for some time, ask your neighbors to check on them during the first couple of days.

Hire an Efficient Cross Country Moving Company

If you are moving interstate and need help with any of the following cross country moving services or moving with pets tips, consider turning to a professional long-distance moving company. They will be able to provide you with many services such as packing, so you don’t have to be bothered with the most tedious part of a relocation. If you’re not planning on driving to your new home, you can also hire auto transport services, but make sure you know how to prepare a car for shipping. However, if you’d rather not worry about any part of the relocation process, you can simply get the full long-distance moving service. No matter what your reasons to move are, professional cross country movers can help you get through your relocation process with ease. If you are interested in the cost of interstate moving, you’ll be happy to hear that most state to state movers offer free quotes.

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