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Relocation with pets - some things you might need

Relocation with petsIf you’re going to be moving soon, and you have a pet, you might be wondering what are some things that you might need before you can embark on this journey. Well, that’s a really good question, considering that relocation with your pet might not be as smooth as you might expect. There are certain things that you will need to have at hand while traveling with your pet, and we will try to list the most important ones. If you would like to learn what some essential items and documents that you need to have with you while traveling with your pet are, continue reading! First of all, let’s cover all of the things that you need to check in advance, before you can travel with your pet:

1: Check whether you airline allows pets on board

Before you do anything else, it is of utmost importance that you check whether your airline will allow your pet to board the plane with you. Nowadays, the majority of airline companies allow pets on board, but there are some exceptions. Here are some airlines that DO allow pets on board:

  • American Airlines,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • JetBlue,
  • Southwest Airlines,
  • United Airlines,
  • Virgin America.

Make sure that you check this information again before booking your flight. NB: Certain exotic pets, such as snakes and lizards, are usually not allowed to enter a plane at all.

2: Check whether your pet can be in the cabin with you

The next important thing to check is whether the airline you have chosen will allow your pet to be in the cabin with you during the flight. If your pet is not allowed inside the cabin, the chances are that they will be put in the cargo area, which might not be ideal. The cargo area is extremely noisy, dark, and cold. It might be best to choose a different airline if your pet must be in the cargo area during the flight!

3: Check if they provide a pet carrier or not

Certain airlines will provide a pet carrier for you at the airport. However, that might not be the case for all airlines. Some will require you to have your own pet carrier before your pet can enter the airplane. Also, make sure that your pet carrier is properly functioning, and that the doors won’t suddenly open, because pets are generally not allowed to be outside of their carrier during the flight. Make sure that you have a comfortable towel or any other cloth for your pet inside of the carrier. Another good idea is to put one of your belongings that has your scent on it inside the carrier. This usually helps the animal feel more calm and relaxed.

4: Which documents you need to provide for them

The airline might require you to provide proof that your pet has received all of the necessary shots and boosters, such as the rabies vaccine. They might also ask you to provide a certificate that your pet is healthy and not carrying a disease that might be harmful to other passengers. You can easily obtain such a certificate at your local vet office.

Now, let’s move onto the things you will need to have with you while traveling with your pet:

1: Food and water for your pet

It is important that you bring some pet food while you’re traveling with your pet, if the airline company allows it. This is especially important if your flight is longer than 2-3 hours. Since you’re usually not allowed to bring a bottle of water on board, you can ask the flight attendants to provide some water for your pet, if necessary.

2: A toy or any other stress relief for your pet

A good idea is to have your pet’s favorite toy at hand, just in case they get anxious or rowdy. A bit of play time will certainly be beneficial, and it will help your pet relax and be more calm during the flight.

3: Any medication that your pet is taking

And last, but certainly not least, you need to bring any medication that your pet takes on a daily basis. If you’re not allowed to bring the medication inside of the cabin, it’s a good idea to bring the medication to the airport, give it to your pet, and then put it in your luggage, which will go into the cargo area. Remember to bring a few packs of your pet’s medication, as you might not be able to find a pet pharmacy right away when you arrive to your new home.


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