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The Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Blake Shaw

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If you want to sell your house quickly on the market at the best possible price, you can’t be satisfied with basic home cleaning and redecoration – the one you yourself would be pleased with for an everyday living. In preparing your home for sale, you must go for that extra mile to slam dunk that selling with as much equity as possible as quickly as possible.

So, you moved your parents out of state and decided for an interstate move yourself. And naturally, you want to earn some bucks by selling your home as a one of things to do before state to state moving. But, even a great real estate selling agent will only get you so far. We will help you get ahead and get real advantage of that hot market and go through details that your competition might miss. How to prepare your house for sale without missing a thing and yet adding that extra virtuoso spark? We offer you the ultimate preparing your home for sale checklist!

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Start With Your Estate Exterior

Aside from the online photographs, it is the first thing potential buyers see. Imagine a buyer waiting for your agent in front of your house. You need to make it a nice and inviting sight for your potential buyer or he might not even want to step inside. Spray down your driveway and sidewalk and check them for bumps and fractures. Take the time to trim your bushes, take care of flower arrangements, mend the paint and maybe add a row of potted plants. That will increase your selling chances immensely, so don’t neglect it even in the case of last-minute moving.

Remove the Mold and Grime From Your House Roof by Pressure Washing It

Dirt makes the roof of your house look more damaged than it is. The mere thought of having to replace the roof anytime soon will turn your buyers off, especially if you’re moving in winter. Agents agree that a shoddy exterior can break the deal so be sure to give enough attention to it when preparing your house for sale.

A half cleaned house roof shows the before and after effect of a roof cleaning
Don't let your potential buyer worry about how to deal with that shoddy roof

Everything Inside Your House Should Be Sparkling Clean

It’s the unavoidable step in preparing your home for sale. Make your taps and appliances sparkling clean and give your windows a detailed washing. While you’re at it, use a cleaning agent that smells extra nice. Get rid of all the house dust from wherever it could be hiding. To sell, you need to make everything look brand new and clean all the time.

Take Good Care of Your Floors and Kitchen

Kitchens are a big selling point so keep them unlittered and make sure there is order inside your refrigerator. Don’t forget to vacuum and wash the floors clean on a daily basis. Air out any moldy areas and pet odors and don’t cook any food with a strong smell the night before showing your home off to potential buyers. Instead, consider introducing the scent of flowers or fruit. Attractive smell makes for an easier sell!

Image of a modern clean kitchen
Don't forget to make your kitchen extra tidy and neatly organized

Make the Space Inside Your House as Neutral as Possible

When it comes to preparations, you should repaint every room in tones like tans and whites so that your buyers can have an easier time imagining the space as theirs without being distracted by an extravagant color. Also, a good practice is to remove any peculiar decor and overly personal items. Don’t leave those in the open. Instead, put those items in moving boxes and put them away in your closet. You can even think about leasing a storage unit where you can move furniture for the time being.

However, you can add scattered sketches that showcase the real hospitality of your home. That will make for that extra sales boost! For that you need vignettes like an armchair near a small table and a coffee cup, with a colorful magazine on the side. Any top agent will agree that making your buyers feel at home should be on the top of preparing your home for sale list.

Empty room
Let potential buyers see your home as their own

Make Your Home Look More Orderly

Whatever your reasons to move are, you can organize a garage sale to sell all the items that you don’t really need, since the cost of interstate moving isn’t low, and every extra buck will come in handy. For example, items interstate movers won’t move are prime candidates for sell-off. Also, mend loose doorknobs and leaky faucets. Make sure that all of your lights are in order. Take the time to repair all the little things like broken heating ducts and cracks in the walls.

Everything Must Look as Best and Brand New as Possible in Your Family Home

Make sure to throw some new cloth covering over your worn-out furniture. Take care of any mess you find, and put away that stack of shoes. Add odorized candles in your bathroom and buy new towels in matching light tones. It is best practice not to keep the unused toilet lid open, as it gives off a better impression of your bathroom.

Make It as Bright as Day

A light room looks larger and more inviting. Open up all windows and add lamps to more shadowy areas. Plants in a vase or pot can bring additional energy into the room. Throw in occasional bright colors in the form of cushions, for example. Make sure to get rid of any oversized furniture that could make your room look smaller. You need to take the time to modify furniture arrangements that break the flow. Make your living room into an open space that inspires conversation and an impression of a free flow of energy. And for more ideas on brightening up, check out this video.

Taking New Professional Photos Is What You Need to Boost Your Selling Potential!

You redecorated your home for sale on the market, fixed it, and made it clean so that it looks all-new, awesome, and sparkly. But you have to somehow attract the buyers to come to your real estate. Since in most cases the buyers will see the photos of the house either through online real estate selling sites or through info supplied by their real estate agent or company, make sure they fall in love with your home enough to pay you a visit. Think about your home’s best selling points and key info. Inform your real estate agent as well! Do you have parking available? What makes your garden special?

House exterior with a lovely garden
Let your house shine with all its beauty with a bit of help from professional photographer

Designing the Online Image of Your Home to Attract Buyers Is Crucial for Preparing It for Sale on the Market

If there is something especially wonderful or attractive about your home estate, like an awesome staircase, inspiring kitchen, or a fairy-tale garden, make sure the photos do it justice and think about the photos when you decorate. Include photos of an attractive environment in the vicinity of your real estate, like coffee shops, restaurants, or parks. Think about it as an extension of your home. You wouldn’t believe how many times buyers decide to check the real estate out based on the beauty of the surroundings. Don’t overdo it with the number of photos you take of each room, a few of the best ones are enough to arouse a desire to see more. Hopefully, you did everything else perfectly and it is just a matter of time before you sell! Now you can focus on having a stress-free relocation, where your biggest tasks will be tipping your state to state movers and meeting new neighbors in a new city.

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