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How to Ensure Safe and Secure Shipping of Tesla Cross-Country

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If you’re considering auto shipping services for the relocation of your electric vehicle (EV), it’s important to familiarize yourself with the key aspects of this process. Hiring professionals for the shipping of Tesla cross-country will give you peace of mind. State-to-state movers have the tools and secure Tesla transportation methods to ensure the utmost safety of your auto. Let’s get started.

How Many Tesla Cars Are Sold in the US Annually?

The appeal of Tesla extends far beyond its electric capabilities, and that’s why it would be beneficial to delve into these aspects before arranging the shipping of your vehicle. According to the Good Car Bad Car Automotive sales data, the US stands behind the majority of global sales numbers of this EV. The Tesla company sold more than 350,000 vehicles in 2022, showing steady growth compared to the previous years. Let’s see what the most popular models have to offer.

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Explore Different Tesla Model Specifications and Shipping Needs

Thanks to their revolutionary technology and unwavering dedication to sustainability, these models have set new standards in the automotive industry. They have also captured the hearts of environmentally conscious and tech-savvy drivers across the country.

In light of these developments, it’s important to know your options and make informed decisions when it comes to the transport of these four-wheelers. As they continue to push boundaries, it becomes essential to grasp the intricacies of cross-country electric vehicle shipping and secure the best Tesla transport services.

However, you have to explore their specifics before moving interstate. In the list below, we cover the details of some of the most popular models and their shipping needs.

Tesla Model 3

As the reigning champion of electric vehicles, this model has soared to the top, with an astounding 1.2 million automobiles sold worldwide. The Model 3 doesn’t hold back either, offering an impressive range of up to 358 miles and an exhilarating 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 3.1 seconds. When arranging transportation for this particular model, consider its compact dimensions, which may necessitate specialized handling to maximize space utilization and guarantee safe transit.

Tesla Model Y

This remarkable SUV boasts an impressive range of up to 330 miles and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. Equipped with standard all-wheel drive for impeccable traction in any weather, it can be conveniently charged using Tesla’s Superchargers, adding a substantial 200 miles of range in a mere 15 minutes.

Due to its substantial size, it requires a bit more space for transportation. Additionally, it’s crucial to be diligent in securing its interior components during transit to prevent any potential damage.

Tesla Model S

This luxurious sedan was introduced in 2012. It marked a groundbreaking milestone as the first mass-produced electric car to surpass 200 miles of range. With an impressive range extending up to 405 miles and a remarkable 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of just 2.1 seconds, it continues to set the standard for EVs.

Given its elegant design and cutting-edge features, it’s essential to approach its transportation with care. A thorough grasp of its charging and maintenance requirements will help you keep it in optimal condition.

Tesla Model X

This SUV features distinctive falcon-wing doors. The Model X offers an impressive range of up to 360 miles and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. To transport this luxurious model safely, it’s essential to give special attention to safeguarding its unique features and ensuring that its larger frame is accommodated suitably when loaded onto a relocation truck.

Tesla Cybertruck

This vehicle is poised to take on the leading pickup trucks with its remarkable capabilities. Featuring a rugged exterior design with sharp edges, Tesla’s all-electric truck exudes a genuinely tough and robust appearance.

Cybertruck is distinguished by its futuristic design and sturdy construction, which unquestionably helps it stand out in the EV market. Its unconventional shape and dimensions will demand enclosed transportation to safeguard its striking exterior and advanced high-tech features from harm through the transition.

Start Preparing the Tesla for the Long Haul on Time

Initiating Tesla vehicle transport safety preparations on time is crucial for mitigating common relocation mistakes. As technologically advanced vehicles, Teslas require extra attention to ensure optimal performance and a successful long-distance moving experience.

In case you decide to take driving upon yourself, there are some things you need to do and plan before hitting the road. Familiarize yourself with the locations of charging stations along the way and plan your relocation route accordingly. Additionally, take the time to update your emergency kit and ensure all necessary charging cables and adapters are in place.

Parked Tesla electric vehicle charging for a long-distance moving journey
Explore the features of your car to ensure safe EV long-distance transport

Research and Choose the Right Shipping Method

Researching and choosing the right interstate moving company is vital when booking professional auto transport services. This step is crucial, as it ensures your car is handled with expertise and care, minimizing relocation stress and the risk of damage.

By thoroughly evaluating these firms, you can assess their reliability, insurance coverage, and track record of customer satisfaction. This way, you’ll find solutions that align with your specific needs and relocation budget.

State2State Movers offers various moving services as well, from professional packing solutions and quality packaging materials to the best trailers that provide maximum safety. With our team handling your journey of moving state-to-state, you will have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in capable hands.

Pros and Cons of Enclosed vs. Open Carrier Transport

Choosing between enclosed and open transport solutions is a critical decision in this process, as each offers distinct benefits and limitations. Enclosed transport by State2State Movers provides extra protection and security, which is particularly useful for high-end vehicles. Yet, this option tends to be pricier and can take more time.

Conversely, our open transport option is more budget-friendly, faster, and capable of transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously. However, it exposes your vehicle to elements like weather changes, dust, and road debris. Carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of each choice is essential when making your decision.

Open trailer full of cars
Asses all the pros and cons before picking the best career solution

Pre-Transport Preparations Are a Must

Undertaking these steps is non-negotiable if you’re looking for a smooth and stress-free transition experience. Start with a good cleaning session, not just for aesthetic reasons but to make any existing scratches or dents more visible. Documenting your vehicle’s condition through photographs provides a clear record that can be invaluable in case of disputes or insurance claims.

Additionally, it’s crucial to remove all important documents and personal possessions from your vehicle. These items might include essential paperwork, electronic devices, or any valuables, as they are not typically covered by transport insurance.

Run Essential Maintenance Checks Before Shipping

Start this process by ensuring that all fluids are at appropriate levels and check for any leaks that could pose a problem during transit. Battery health is also crucial. Make sure it’s fully charged and securely mounted.

Tires should be inflated to the recommended pressure, as over or under-inflation can lead to issues during transportation. Finally, verify that brakes are functioning correctly to prevent any movement within the transport vehicle.

Secure the Interior and Exterior of Your Tesla

Security measures are important for a safe and efficient relocation. Internally, remove or secure any loose items that could shift or cause damage during transit. This includes personal stuff, electronic devices, or any aftermarket additions.

Externally, retract or remove any antennas, custom spoilers, or mirrors, and ensure that all doors, windows, and sunroofs are firmly closed and sealed. Covering your auto with a protective cover can provide additional security against dust and minor abrasions.

A man inspecting a car
Cleaning your auto will allow you to verify the pre-move state of your vehicle

Safe Loading and Transportation Techniques for Moving a Tesla From One State to Another

Implementing safe techniques for loading and transporting your car is paramount due to its unique build and functionalities. The heavier structure of EVs, attributed to their battery packs, necessitates extra caution, workforce, and space to avoid injuries and maneuver the auto successfully.

Moreover, the potential for wheel locking in the absence of power calls for specialized equipment. That’s because magnetic fields in electric motors can mimic brakes when not energized.

Also, the feature of regenerative braking in electric vehicles, although advantageous while driving, poses a risk during transport. This feature can inadvertently generate electricity, potentially harming the electrical systems.

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure all four wheels are elevated during transportation. Lastly, to avoid any structural damage, it’s critical to use their tow eye for loading the vehicle rather than pulling it by the chassis, frame, or suspension components.

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Go Over Auto Shipping Insurance for Tesla and Liability Options

It’s imperative to thoroughly assess the available transportation insurance options, as they provide different protection levels. Dive deep into the specifics instead of merely glossing over them. Fully grasp the extent of coverage provided to make an informed choice.

State2State Movers presents two distinct insurance alternatives, contingent on your trailer selection. Selecting an open trailer entails compensation coverage up to $100,000. However, opting for an enclosed carrier increases the potential compensation to $500,000 in the event of damage.

Cars with protective covers loaded on carriers
Book a reliable company to ship a Tesla across the country and ensure its safety

Conduct a Post-Transport Inspection and Address Damages Promptly

After your automobile has been transported, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough post-transport inspection. Examine your car for any potential damages that might have occurred throughout the journey. Compare the current condition with the pre-transport photographs and notes you’ve taken.

Should you discover any discrepancies or damages, document them immediately and report them to your service provider without delay. Swiftly addressing these issues is essential for a timely resolution and to ensure you’re rightfully compensated.

Don’t Forget Post-Transport Maintenance and Check-Ups

Once the inspection is complete, it’s equally important to conduct post-transport maintenance and check-ups. Performing this check-up will ensure all the systems and software are functioning as they should. You will want to check:

  • Lubricant levels,
  • Tire pressure,
  • Battery levels,
  • System functionality.

Even if no immediate damages are visible, the stress of transportation could potentially affect your vehicle’s performance. Scheduling a professional check-up or service after transport can help identify and rectify any underlying issues, ensuring your automobile maintains optimal condition and performance after its journey.

Tesla car is charging
Run your four-wheeler to the closest service for a maintenance check-up

Shipping a Tesla Cross-Country Should Be a Breeze With Our Company at the Helm

Navigating through the complexities of cross-country car shipping might appear exciting at the beginning. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that covering great distances demands careful preparation and organization. This is where State2State Movers excels.

With our premium tools and superior carriers at the ready, we guarantee the secure transport of your cherished four-wheeler and household belongings. So, feel free to reach out to us now. Choose us as your reliable ally on this venture, and embark on your journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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