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Moving to College Packing List

Moving to college is usually emotional, but a reasonable step. You only want the best out of life and choosing to enroll in the college is a great opportunity. However, you can be sure that living outside the home will be encouraging and that it would enrich the university experience in a thousand ways. But like any adventurer, before starting any trip, you must prepare well. Take a paper and a pen, or a computer, and make a list of all the things that are necessary or might become crucial for the new place.
A book, a mug, and photos will decorate nicely your new place
If you have never lived on your own, there will be many things that might be considered as irrelevant. That's why it's essential to complement the ideas with those of other people. An excellent source is the university students you can meet. It is impossible for your list ever to be complete. There is always something that will be omitted, because one can never know what items become crucial in our lives. Do not worry. There is nothing that can’t be purchased, but the more things you prepare , the better. On the day of arrival at the college you will want to spend time meeting some new colleagues, not shopping sheets because you forgot to bring those. 
One more note when you are making a list. If you are going to share a room or an apartment, and you already know with whom, coordinate with the future roommate. The space you have is probably going to be small, and there are some things like televisions, mini-fridges, dishes, etc. that one brings it enough. State to State Moving and Auto Shipping will be ready to help in this process, so let's get ready and prepare the list. 


The clothes are necessary. You should wear a variety of clothes and accessories, but choose basic things like pants or skirts, blouses, and shoes that are easily cleaned and versatile enough to wear on different occasions — pack two outfits for special events. Study the dress rules of the college, for example, if it is a conservative place, avoid tight or short clothes. Don't bring too much stuff. Don't bring ten pairs of jeans we all know you don't wear at home, because there won't be much space to have them all there. Choose at least four pairs of jeans, since it is enough to have two to wear during the week, while the other two are being washed so you can combine. Don't bring every jacket from your closet. Check the climate in advance, and bring a coat for light weather and another for colder months. When it comes to shoes, people usually forget the most important pair – the slippers. You need them because no one wants to walk barefoot over the dormitory or the apartment. Bring one pair of casually, elegant, and necessary shoes. By necessary, we mean those needed in case of a storm or heavy rain – boots.
Moving to College

Medication and Hygiene Products

Medication for moving
Make sure to fill the prescriptions stash to last until you come home to visit. There will be no time to go chasing pharmacies and ask for medicines when you can quickly get those from the local pharmacy, where your doctor knows what kind of medication to prescribe. As for the hygiene products, bring things you are used to using. For example, a particular shampoo or a shower gel. Bring the lotions and hand creams, because if you are used to using one brand, then keep using it. Don't forget a toothbrush and toothpaste, and dental floss. But no need to bring toilet paper. We all know those can be found in every dormitory or a local bodega near the apartment. 
Bring the standard manicure set. Why? Because in that set, there can be tweezers and nail clipper and small scissors. Basically, everything a person needs. Bring the hairdryer, but as we said – if you share a room or a flat with someone, make a deal who will bring what. If you are a young lady, who likes to make up, pack the cosmetics, so you don't borrow a mascara from someone else. 

 Documents and Identification

While you cannot leave home without the passport and driver's license, you will need to carry other essential documents, such as the birth certificate and a photocopy of the passport and the driver's license if the originals are lost or stolen. Also, it provides a list of emergency contacts, health insurance, and financial information. You may never need them, but again there is no harm in having it around.

Towels and Linen

Even though the place you go might have clean towels and linen, people usually like to have their towels and sheets when they move somewhere. It is a matter of personal taste, but also you know that your towels smell like home, and make sure these items are packed. Also, some might get used to only cotton sheets, so when you come to the new place and find synthetic linen, don't get disappointed. If you bring the towels and sheets, any possible allergic reactions to bad materials will be avoided. So, it is better safe than sorry. 
What many people often forget is bringing their pillow. When you find a perfect pillow, stick to it. What if that new place has fluffy pillows, but you cannot sleep on those because you are not used to it? It is not a heavy item, so make sure it's on the list. 

Personal Belongings

When it comes to dishes, it is the individual’s decision. Again, check with the roommate or check if the place has most of the items already. But, bring your favorite mug, for example. A laptop, the phone, and the chargers for both are a must on this list. If you have a camera, bring that too so new memories can be created. 
Finally, do not forget to bring some things of sentimental value to decorate the new room. Leaving your family and friends behind to study in another state is a transition that can be difficult. Having photos of friends and family with you, a poster that decorates your room at home, your favorite stuffed animal, or some plants will help make the room less “a place” and more home. You will not feel so far from it, and all those items will make any feeling of nostalgia you have, which are very common in the first few weeks, more bearable.