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Where Are Californians Moving and Why

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The Golden State is known for its miles-long Pacific coastline, sunny days, and rolling hills. Yet, many people decide to leave it for good. Keep reading if you’re one of them and discover where are Californians moving to every year.

Is California Gaining or Losing Population?

Unfortunately, Cali is losing its residents. According to the US Census Bureau, Cali lost around 130,000 residents in 2017. The number just kept getting higher, and it got up to 190,000 in 2019. People probably have massive anxiety about moving out because they don’t want to leave it but are instead forced to. The largest group of people that relocate long-distance from the Golden State are middle-aged adults who earn between $100,000 and $200,000 annually. Reasons to move are many, but let’s see the crucial ones:

  • The high cost of living is a top concern, especially housing prices. According to a recent UC Berkeley survey, more than half of residents are considering relocating, and their top reason was this one.
  • Cali has the highest state income tax in the country. Thus, its residents will gladly find the cheapest way to move out of state and leave for good.
  • Traffic is a nightmare. According to a study, Los Angeles has the worst traffic corridors in the whole nation and probably the most horrible traffic in the world.
  • If you’re thinking about starting a business, know that many studies have shown that this is not the right place for starting a business.
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COVID-19 Pushed People to Leave Their Home in California Even More

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, the coronavirus pandemic made residents think about relocating interstate even more, especially business owners. Their stores have been closed for months, with profits dropping by 90%. If they relocate their stores to other more affordable states, they have greater chances of saving it from bankruptcy.

If you’re thinking about moving out for the first time and wondering where are most Californians moving to and what state is most like California but cheaper, you’ll find this article very helpful. Keep reading carefully and start preparing your checklist for moving to another state.

a mover carrying boxes for customers moving internationally
The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of people to move from California.

Where in Texas Are Californians Moving?

Wondering what state are Californians moving to mostly? The answer is Texas. Ex-Californians usually chose to settle in cities such as Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth. The cost of living is notably lower, and there is no personal income tax. The best news is that the climate is similar to California’s. On average, the summer temperature goes between 80 and 100 degrees, while winters are pretty mild. Texas has some of the country’s biggest cities and is also home to beautiful small towns. If moving to the suburbs sounds like a better idea, you’ll indeed find the one that suits you the best.

Click on the Video Below to See Why One Californian Moved to Texas

If you want to see all the reasons why a person can decide to relocate from California to Texas, be sure to click on the video below.

Why Are Californians Moving to Idaho?

Boise is a city in Idaho and is another popular destination for California’s residents. In the last five years, around 7200 moved to this city. According to a recent Forbes analysis, Boise has the fastest-growing tech sector in the US, and there’s plenty of job opportunities. If you choose to live here, you won’t have to worry about traffic congestion or high prices. For example, the average home cost is around $300,100, while in San Francisco is about $1,370,300. The difference between housing prices is enormous! And if you’re relocating with kids, know that Boise is among the best cities in America to raise a family.

Find a new home in beautiful Boise in Idaho.

The Grand Canyon State Is One of the Best for California Natives

Arizona is a driving distance away from California’s southern parts and can offer nice warm weather year-round. To go along with the great weather, Arizona has stunning natural landscapes to see and experience. It’s one of the must-see places for nature lovers. Also, the cost of living in its largest city Phoenix is 40% lower than in Los Angeles. Daylight saving time doesn’t exist here – you can forget all about moving your clock twice a year.

Choose to live in Arizona, and you are guaranteed sunny days and comfortable life.

Many Ex-Californians Have Found a New Home in Florida

Apart from having some of the best coastal cities to raise a family, Florida is an excellent place for those who are tired of the Californian lifestyle but still want to live in a sunny area.  There are many things to explore, a lot of beaches, and the economy is strong. The cost of living is significantly lower than in California, there’s no income tax, and the retirement tax is friendly. If you enjoy the year-round sun, you should definitely book long-distance movers and start packing your moving essentials.

Florida can offer you more beaches than California.

There’s More Than One Reason Why People From California Move to Washington

A lot of people from California migrate to Washington every year as well. Even though they won’t find their sunny paradise here, there are a couple of reasons why they choose this place for their new location. For instance, in Seattle, Washington’s largest city, the cost of living is similar to LA, but there’s no income tax. Seattle is also home to a large number of tech companies – the chances of finding a well-paid job are high. Washington is also among the best environmentally-friendly states in the US. You’ll find plenty of outdoor options within many parks such as hiking, mountain biking, camping, and many more. With a lot of outdoor activities, your depression after moving will disappear within days.

washington dc
Washington can offer many job opportunities, no income taxes, and plenty of greenery.

That’s All There Is on Where Are Californians Moving to and Why

And we have come to the end of the article. You have found out where Californians are moving to every year and hopefully decided where you are relocating in 2020. When you start making your long-distance relocation plans, be sure to find reliable and efficient moving services. If you want to have stress-free moving, you’ll need professional packing and storage services as well. You should also prepare a car for shipping and book an auto transport service, especially if the trip to your new location is very long. Pick the best cross-country moving company and enjoy your transition on this relocation journey.

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