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Which States Are Californians Moving To?

California may seem like the place everybody in the USA is rushing to. However, there is a solid stream of people leaving the Sunshine State. A vast majority of moves are motivated by similar wants, which include a lower cost of living, better job opportunities, familial ties, and better climate and living conditions. Such is the case of California, a state that has numerous people leaving state lines in pursuit of a different lifestyle. Many Californians are getting tired of the specific way of life that California offers, and have decided to move to other states. ‘Which states are Californians moving to most?’, you may ask. State to State is here to show the most popular places Californians choose to live in.

Moving Statistics for California 

If you wish to talk numbers, somewhere around 1.7 million people have moved to California from other states. On the other hand, 2.5 million people whose lives were mostly poverty-stricken, had decided to try their luck somewhere else. It’s no secret that people leaving tend to be relatively poor, and many lack college degrees. If you checked the stats of those higher up the income spectrum, slightly more people are coming than going.
Moving statistics

Most Popular Destinations For the Majority of Californians

But where are Californians moving to? Some studies have been carried out to track where most domestic migration is headed to and the results are interesting. According to the statistics, the biggest outpour of Californians leaving their home-state goes to states such as:
  • Colorado: Colorado's natural beauty and enjoyable lifestyle are definitely pros to moving to this wonderful state. Colorado is on the up and up when it comes to its economy, There is a boom of jobs in the state, and many are flocking there to pursue a career. Its relatively short distance from California is another reason many choose this state as their future home.
  • Florida: Florida is a great alternative for those that have gotten tired of the Californian lifestyle, but still want to live in a sunny state. This coast to coast move is popular for those that want to experience the East coast and its stunning and amazing beaches. Florida has it all, from amazing food, great beaches to a strong economy that is driven by trade. Consider Florida if you cannot say goodbye to the sunny lifestyle of Cali.
  • Texas: A lot of Californians are moving to the Lone Star State, and it is not hard to understand why. Texas has a lot to offer, and many Americans are flocking to it in pursuit of a better life. Texas’ popularity comes from the amazing lifestyle it can provide to its citizens. One of the main factors that attract people here is the growing economy. Texas is one of the strongest economical states, and jobs are plentiful and well paid. Along with the good employment opportunities, Texas also has pretty affordable prices, plus there is no income tax! Apart from all the financial benefits that the Lone Star State offers, many flocks here for the great natural beauty, world-class education, and amazing food.
  • Arizona: Arizona may not seem like the go-to destination many choose to go to, but the state has a lot to offer. Arizona has an all year-round warm climate, perfect for those that hate the cold. Making it a familiar feel to many Californians. To go along with the great weather, Arizona has stunning natural landscapes to see and experience. It is one of the must-see states for nature lovers. Apart from the natural beauty and weather, Arizona also offers very agreeable livability costs. The price of necessities is not high, and finding a job should not be a problem.
  • Nevada: Nevada might not seem like a good alternative to the Sunshine State, but many are deciding to move there and settle down long term. There are many reasons people move to Nevada, and one of the main ones is the potential to save money. Nevada is another state that does not have an income tax and is cheaper when it comes to necessities. Apart from affordability and saving money, Nevada also offers unique natural scenery and a familiar climate. The only thing missing is the beach, but many do without it. 
In most situations, people’s choice reflects the movement away from expensive core regions and the basic preference among people for affordable, less dense housing. The new Census estimates have backed up this national trend as well. So, we’ve seen what happens when the middle and lower middle class decide it is high time to move. But what about those whose income and lifestyle count as better than average?

Where the Wealthier Californians Move To

People unaffected by the pursuit of financial stability in another country use completely different criteria when deciding where their future home will be. These sorts of moves tend to be focused on a better quality of life, related to comfort, status or lifestyle. States like Texas, New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee are among the most popular choices for domestic migration by those who earn more than they can spend. Colorado and Illinois are next on the list of states embracing the out-migrants from California. Even though there are a lot more people leaving than arriving, there are still some parts of California that seem unaffected by the recurring trend. 
What is the choice of the wealthy?
From the facts observed, it’s obvious that states like California, New York, and Illinois can seek comfort in the fact that their populations aren't declining in absolute terms thanks to migration from foreign countries. Ultimately, although California residents may be fleeing to other states, those former residents are being replaced by new residents from abroad, which helps keep the balance of the Golden State. 
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