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What are Your Options for Car Insurance if Moving Out of State

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There are approximately six million car accidents in the USA every year, and around 16,450 car crashes per day. We don’t need to mention how important it is to have car insurance when moving out of state. As you know, when moving from state to state, your policy will change. So, learning how to change car insurance when moving out of state should be on your agenda.

Aside from regular things when preparing your car for shipping, you will have to prepare documentation and inform the insurance company about your plan to relocate. Once you arrive at the destination, you can either transfer the existing or take a completely different plan. The procedure will not take long, but you will have to be informed about your options and possibilities. Keep reading and find how to deal with this conundrum.

Find Out All About Your Options for Car Insurance When Moving Out of State and Make Policy Comparison

When interstate moving, each state will give you a grace period of 30-90 days to get a new:

  • License,
  • Registration,
  • Car insurance.

If you fail to complete these tasks within this period, it may result in a fine and maybe even other legal problems. So even if you are last-minute moving, getting another coverage must be on your checklist for relocating to another state.

Compare State Quotes and Get the Best Quote Possible

Go online and find websites in your city of choice where you can compare quotes and coverages. Contact your current agent to give you a policy you have right now so you can pick the similar one. Depending on the laws, the quote can be higher or lower. You can make some car insurance comparisons online just to get an idea of how much your quote will differ.

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Gather Your Auto Documents in One Place

Once you hire state-to-state movers for moving service, they will tell you which items you can not bring with you. Even if you hire them for packing service, you will have to arrange your important documents alone and bring them with you, as well as your valuable items.

Aside from your personal papers, your car documents should be part of your moving essentials. So you don’t end up looking for them in boxes.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent About Switching a Policy

When relocating to a new state, do not cancel your old policy if you still don’t have a new one. You can do the switch after you relocate. Contact your company and inform them about your plans, and they can cancel or transfer your policy later on. On the other hand, if you are moving out for the first time and wish to have stress-free relocation, ask about your options before relocating. Some companies might work in your state of choice, so you don’t have to do anything. Still, you will have to switch your policies in most cases.

If you don’t change your plan and continue to drive your car with an old one (that can be cheaper,) it will be considered a felony and fraud. Check out this video for more tips on switching the policies.

Register Your Vehicle in Your New State

No matter what your reasons to move are, once you relocate, you will have to change your car registration as well. Your car registration needs to match the location of your new home. So go to your state’s DMV and fill out the registration form. This usually costs around $95. Until you get new plates, keep a copy of your old registration in your car just in case.

Also, remove all inspections stickers from the place you are leaving. Once your plates arrive (via mail,) you should return your old ones to DMV. It is illegal to keep those plates or to give them to a third party.

Get New Driver’s Licence

You will have to change your driver’s license as well. The good thing is that all of this you can do at the same place once you relocate. Go to DMV and fill out the change of address form. Bear in mind that most states require proof of insurance before registering your vehicle, so logically, your first step should be to buy different coverage.

 Car moving from state to state
Don't forget to change your plates

When Moving Out of State, Car Insurance is a Must

One of the benefits of moving is the opportunity to get a better and cheaper policy. Aside from your old quote, we advise you to ask your agent. You should get at least three quotes from their different companies and make a comparison of the price. If your company provides the service in your state of choice, you may keep your policy, and you will get a loyalty discount and avoid all the fuss about all this paperwork.

On the other hand, if you have to change your policy, our tip is to go with small local insurance companies because they will give you the best quotes. If you move from a faulty to a non-faulty state, your plan will change too. Your new city of choice might ask for additional forms of coverage from four main categories:

  • Bodily injury coverage,
  • Liability coverage,
  • Personal injury protection,
  • Uninsured motorist coverage.
Men shaking hands in front of a car
Go with small local companies

Get Insurance for Car Shipping as Well

When you start your search for an interstate moving company, make sure to ask all about moving insurance. The most reputable companies will give you coverage for your belongings. Your car, too, should be covered for all exterior damages that might occur. And if you choose some expensive transportation, your car will be covered even more.

When picking movers, pick the ones that offer other services as well, like storage facilities or car shipping. This way, you will not have to bother giving the different documentation to different parties when moving interstate.

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