Blog November 28, 2020

Car Insurance When Moving To A New State

If you’re in the process of moving to a new state, don’t forget to renew your car insurance. In this blog, we will look at some points as to why you should insure your vehicle, regardless of where you will be moving to, or how. No matter how many tasks there are to perform before you relocate, take the issue of transferring insurance as a serious matter that should not be left out or disregarded. Let’s dig in and see why:

1.Call your insurance agent:

This is number one on our list because your agent will most likely give you the best advice on what to do to obtain the new insurance. He or she will also know the requirements in your new location. Check if your current insurance carrier offers to cover you in your new place of residence.

2.Learn the differences:

Anytime you are shopping for car insurance it is a good idea to start with your declaration page. It will give your prospective agent an idea of where to start. If you’re moving between states, keep in mind that insurance coverage varies across states. Coverage may differ in your new state. It is important to be aware of any differences.

3.Get multiple quotes:

Moving out of state is also a good time to ask around for quotes from different insurance companies. If you have to switch anyways, you might as well look around to compare insurance companies in your new area. Or you can go onlne and search for someone in your immediate area.

4.A fair warning:

When you move to a new state you usually have between 30-90 days to register your vehicle. Use those months to get your car insurance situation straightened out – do not do it before you move.

5.Driving without a policy:

If you were considering driving across state line uninsured, we urge you not to. Also, and this cannot be stressed enough, do not cancel your old car insurance policy before setting up your new one. Do not cancel your policy in one state and then move to another state before getting a new one. Life altering car accidents happen anywhere at any time, and with a car packed full with your family members and their belongings, you do not want to take that risk.