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Best Tips on How to Move Out of State on a Budget

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You are planning on moving state to state because of business opportunities, saving more money, a chance to start again, or you prefer a warmer climate? If you want to spend as little money as possible, the question of how to move out of state on a budget becomes vital. We will give you all the main tips on how to move out with little money, starting from the best way to sort and pack things to choosing the best way to travel.

Moving Out of State? Best Tips for What to Leave and What to Pack

How to move to another state with little money? One of the main tips to know when you’re moving out on a budget is to eliminate as much stuff from your home as possible. Donate, sell, or throw away, but don’t keep anything inessential. You might learn how to have a successful garage sale, just to make some additional bucks.

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What About the Packing Materials

You should get a hold of all the standard packing materials for moving long-distance, like boxes, duct tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap. But it’s actually quite easy to save on these. Get them second hand on Craigslist or just look around the neighborhood. Folks from your local bookstore surely know about tons of free moving boxes lying around, waiting to be recycled. Same thing with bars and warehouses. Make use of towels, pillows, and newspapers for additional cushioning, and blankets to protect bulkier stuff like furniture.

Packing materials
Not only you may get quality materials, but you can get them for free

Do It Yourself Type? Check These Drive and Rent Options!

Don’t want to hire a professional company, and you want tips on how to move efficiently to another state with little money? For a really low budget option, the cheapest way to move out is to take the bus. Travel light, don’t pack the large stuff, and everything you don’t really need, cause you’re allowed to pack up to 250 lbs in boxes and baggage. It’s undoubtedly tough, but it’s doable. Make sure you tuck in the new and the fragile stuff real good. Also, think about the costs of food since you may have to stop for many nights along the way. Be sure to get health insurance when moving to a new state. Also, most buses don’t handle pets and there’s no option for transporting your car. You would have to pay separately for auto shipping.

Tips for Moving Out of State With a Train

A more inclusive option is the train (500lbs per day, multiple loads,) but more expensive than the bus ride. You will be able to ride with your pet, if it isn’t over 20lbs, though for extra buck. The best policy is to arrange for your belongings to be moved in advance and make sure you pick your stuff after 2 days max.

Benefits of Using a Truck

Up for an adventure? Then rent a truck and drive it all by yourself. If you want to pack a moving truck with all your bulky stuff, it is certainly the least expensive means of moving cross country. With the right equipment, you can take your car and everything you need on a long ride along with you.

Still, you’ll be paying for the fuel. Also, get insurance in case of damage since you are going to move long distance and you might not have enough experience in truck handling. Make sure that you packed everything cozy enough, cause It might get a bit shaky in the cargo container. For newbie truckers, it’s also good to know that your vehicle can go up to 65 mph, it doesn’t have a rearview mirror and is not very parking friendly.

If you’re renting a truck, you should check for damages beforehand so you don’t answer for them after the fact. If you’re up for all that stress, go for it! It is a cheap option for moving to a new state and you can move most stuff from home in one go.

Moving truck
Trucking is the least expensive option if you want to have it all in one go

New to Renting a Pickup Truck?

Another very cheap option is a pickup truck. However, you can fit less stuff in, and the price may get higher if you are planning to take more than a day. Your belongings are basically out in the open, hanging on by straps. But, on a plus side, you can take your pet along. And make sure you have a place for a sleepover. If you are new to the game, you should pick up some tips for first time pickup drivers.

Strengths and Limits of Using a Trailer

Want something even cheaper? Rent a trailer. You get to take some of the bulkier items, and you can travel in your car. Still, know that you’re very lucky if you succeed to fit your refrigerator in it. Practice pulling a trailer along, and get some insurance. During winter, your liquid items freeze easily, and during summer, they might melt or combust. You need to be careful with that.

Professional Company Movers – Not the Cheapest but the Most Reliable Way

You can also hire an interstate moving company. Check with the FMCSA if the company is legit. Positive reviews will help to make you assured you don’t end up on the receiving end of a raw deal. The company will offer you storage service as well and in the best case won’t charge you during the first month. There are also options for reliable auto transport that won’t raise the professional movers’ price too much.

Giving the Job to Professionals: Additional Costs With a Peace of Mind

In the end, if you’re up for giving a bit more money for the best way of moving your stuff from state to state, choose a professional company, for interstate moving services. They will help with the stress and heavy lifting and packing services you would have to go through otherwise. You can use all that time to get to know your new surroundings or saying goodbye to friends in your hometown.

Moving truck in busy street during rain
For a few more bucks, choose to relax and get the job done by professional movers.

So, How to Move Out of State on a Budget? Timing is Everything

We all know the saying that time is money but it goes doubly so when you want to move out on a budget. How to move out of state with little money? Choosing the right time is crucial. Summer is the worst for hiring movers – costs are high and you’ll have to wait for ages. If you’re thinking of booking near the first and the last of the month, think again. Tenants are heading to new rentals, and the number of relocations skyrockets. Avoid hiring movers on a weekend, too. You need to save money and shipping companies are cheapest during the weekdays because most people are busy and aren’t going anywhere. Otherwise, you will be fine.

So, these are our main tips and tricks on how to move across the country on a budget. We hope they will help you on your long journey!

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