Blog November 29, 2020

Why Move to New York State

If you’ve decided to move to another state and you are completely sure about that decision, we assume you have already chosen the state in which you want to start your life over. If your choice is New York State, that’s excellent. In case you are not quite sure about it, but you’re toying with the idea, we at State to State Movers want to give you several reasons why you should move to New York State.

Job Opportunities

Because so many people want to move to New York State, it’s no surprise that it offers plenty of job opportunities:
  • Some of the fastest-growing jobs in New York State include registered nurse practitioner, marketing assistant, data analyst, software developer, account manager, writer, web developer, accountant, sales representative, financial analyst, and physical therapist.
  • Some of the highest-paid jobs in the state are attorney, professor, tax manager, pharmacist, mobile developer, architect, nurses, and physical therapists, according to
  • New York State has an unemployment rate of merely 4%, and a minimum wage of 10.40 dollars an hour, so it’s no wonder why so many people choose to come here to start their new careers.


Naturally, when moving to a new place, one of the primary concerns is finding a place to live. We know that there is an enormous number of people living in New York State. You might be wondering what the housing market is like?
For starters, the average price of homes in New York homes is around 380 thousand dollars. We are sure that it is no surprise that living in New York isn’t cheap, with the average rent for a house is around three thousand dollars a month.
  • Additionally, there are many apartments available to buy and rent. Renting apartments can be more affordable with:
  • Apartments in Albany are going for around a thousand dollars a month for one-bedroom apartments and one thousand two hundred dollars a month for two-bedroom apartments.
  • Apartments in Rochester are more affordable, averaging around nine hundred dollars a month.
  • Apartments in Buffalo are nine hundred a month for one-bedroom apartments and a thousand dollars a month and two-bedroom apartments.
So, as you see, there are places in the state that provide affordable housing that is a lot closer to the national average. There is an enormous amount of new construction sites opening up everywhere. A large part of the new construction runs right through the state from Buffalo to Albany. However, there is even more opening up in the lower right part of the state.


As far as the people of upstate New York go, they are friendly, helpful neighbors who prefer a slower pace than their neighbors in New York City. The locals say that living upstate helps them to escape the city and all that comes with it, though they still have to deal with terrible commute times throughout the whole state.
The people of the southern part of the state of New York, however, are mostly indifferent and prefer to keep to themselves. The locals in this part of the state are not as approachable as their neighbors upstate, nor are they as friendly as the people in the more southern states. But they are quite artistic and very diverse.

Cost of Living

First of all, when you want to move to New York State, you shouldn’t assume that the cost of living in the whole state is just as high as it is in New York City – it’s not. In fact, there are a sheer number of towns across the state that are rather affordable. All you have to do is take some time and do some online research to learn more about these towns and check which one would be perfect for you.

Natural Beauty

Another reason why you’d love New York State is that it is home to several natural wonders, some of which include Niagara Falls, the Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains, Finger Lakes, Thousand Islands, etc. Not only will you get to enjoy visiting these amazing places, but you’ll also get to enjoy the wonderful nature and scenic views of everyday activities. In New York State, there are always some outdoor activities you can enjoy, whether with your family and friends or all by yourself.


We should not forget to mention that the education system in the state is of high quality. You can choose between various top-notch colleges and universities, private and public schools, etc. To be precise, New York State counts as many as two hundred colleges and universities.


Last but not least, New York State has a rich history, and it boasts various important historical sites you can explore once you get there. It is home to twenty-two National Historic Landmarks and a number of fairytale-like mansions built by some of the wealthiest families in the United States in the 19th and 20th century.

Now that you have read more about New York, we hope that you will find it easier to decide whether you want to move to New York State or not. If you are looking for an experienced moving company that can help you with the moving process, then State to State Movers is for you. We are an experienced moving company and our State to State Movers have plenty of experience helping people get to their new homes with the aid of our moving services. Contact our State to State Movers customer support staff to schedule the move or ask any questions that you might have about the move.