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7 Expert Tips for a Stress-Free Move-Out Cleaning

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All the stress interstate moving carries with it usually leads us to forget the importance of house move-out cleaning. However, it is very important not to overlook this step of the relocation preparations. Follow our laid-out path with pro tips on how to make your old residence spotless in no time.

If you want to have a stress-free move-out house cleaning when moving interstate, you should make a thorough cleaning checklist, get the necessary supplies, and create a detailed plan of the route you will take. Create a list of objects you won’t pack and find the best way to donate or sell them. You should also plan the polishing up of your appliances, walls, floors, windows, and outdoor area. In the end, don’t forget to prepare your place for the arrival of the movers and pack the leftover supplies appropriately.

Is Move-Out Cleaning Really That Important?

People who are relocating for the first time usually look over some moving tips and skip the preparation of the house or apartment they are leaving behind. This could lead to some potential issues, so we singled them out for you.

  • If you rented this place, your landlord probably asked for a deposit. That is precisely why apartment move-out cleaning is recommended, as it’s wise to hand back a spotless place so you don’t risk losing your money.
  • You should make your place look pleasing before you relocate to another state so you have a greater chance of selling or renting it. No one wants to buy a messy place as it looks neglected.
  • By keeping the place well-maintained, you show that you are a responsible and respectful person. This helps you build a good reputation as a tenant or homeowner. It also makes it more likely that other landlords will want to rent you a place in the future and say nice things about you when you’re applying for a new place.

Should I Have a Move Out Cleaning Checklist?

Yes, don’t forget to create a checklist for every stage of your relocation, including a move-out and move-in cleaning plan, an inventory list, and a list of necessary supplies and tools needed for the job. Plan out the rooms you are going through and create a to-do list for everything it needs to be done in them. Checklists are essential for every relocation, as this is a glue that holds everything together and on schedule.

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#1 Plan Everything to the Tee to Avoid Mistakes Along the Way

Thankfully, many people shared their relocation experiences and mistakes they made along the way so the rest of us can make the most of it and avoid it in the long run. Some of the most common mistakes are not planning everything thoroughly, not starting on time, and skipping checklists. Not only will you not be able to follow your progress, but the lack of time management will also make you stressed out and dry. None of these is good for your emotional, physical, or mental health.

The second most common mistake is that you reach out for professional help only when you find yourself completely overwhelmed by everything. All these are closely followed by inappropriate usage of chemicals and their safeguarding, not securing and packing your electronics properly, and complete negligence of your property.

A woman checking a list while packing for interstate moving
Keeping a detailed checklist makes everything easier

#2 Gather All Necessary Supplies and Tools in Advance

We already established that you decided to do the deed by yourself. However, it is essential to organize your move and see how much time you need to cover everything. Go to the smallest of details when crafting your plan, as that will make the whole process quicker. However, you can’t do all the tidying if you don’t have the appropriate tools and supplies to do so. These are the items you should get before you declare war on dirt and grime:

  • Multi-purpose cleaner,
  • Degreaser,
  • Bleach,
  • Sponges and kitchen towels,
  • Rubber gloves,
  • Buckets,
  • Mops and a brush,
  • Vacuum cleaner,
  • Trash bags.

Keep in mind if you are strongly against heavy chemicals, you can always go for green, clean, or homemade solutions. If you find a spare moment to craft some efficient homemade products, take a look at this video for some interesting ideas.

#3 Clean All the Household Appliances and Furniture You’re Donating or Selling First

It may come as natural to disregard stuff that you don’t plan to take with you. You should know that would be a mistake, at least for items in the donate and sell piles. But think twice if you believed you were done with those things and would save time by making them someone else’s problem.

Before donating or selling something, our professional tip is to take some time to clean everything, as charitable organizations will only accept clean donations, and you will have a better chance of selling it on Craigslist or a garage sale. This way, you will cut on the items that should be prepped for moving, the packing will be more efficient, and you will feel good about helping others and saving some additional funds.

#4 Plan a Room-By-Room Cleaning Strategy

This is the most effective way to stay on track and have a stress-free relocation. That’s why, for the sake of relocation efficiency, we urge you not to forget about the spaces behind the appliances and furniture before you put them back in their place.

The Kitchen Is a Good Place to Start

Considering this is the place that will take most of your time, it is good to start from here. We already established that everything should be moved from the wall. Empty your fridge and stove and remove all the removable parts. Wash and degrease them before you concentrate on their insides, which should be cleaned with a damp cloth. The wall behind appliances should be degreased and freshened up, and everything should be dried completely before you assemble it back together.

Don’t forget to empty, vacuum, and clean all the cupboards. Damp the kitchen towel and go over the knobs and handles before you disinfect the counter. Spray your faucets with a solution that removes water residue and limescale to bring back some shine to them. After all this, you can finally concentrate on mopping your floor.

Pay Special Attention to Your Bathrooms

Start from the ceiling and dust off your corners and vents, as there is always a cobweb or two lingering. Open the windows or fire up your ventilation for constant airflow so you can breathe freely, as most of the chemicals used in bathrooms are very toxic. Use any type of bleach-based solution to scrub the whole area, with special attention to toilets and showers, as it’s best for killing grime and bacteria.

Other Rooms in Your Home Are Equally Important

Living room and bedroom areas shouldn’t be much of a hassle. The main tools you will need are a vacuum, mop, and duster. Start from the top of the rooms and go over corners, vents, or fans. Dust off and vacuum your large objects and decide which furniture will be relocated and which will stay behind. Consider painting your walls with a fresh coat of paint and hiring professionals to wash your carpets. Sweep and vacuum your wooden floors, and in the end, polish them if you are doing it by yourself.

#5 Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Area

Keep in mind that if you have an outdoor space like a patio, BBQ pit, or pool, you should make it presentable, as some of these areas are key sellers today. Deep clean your patio from the leaves, check the railings, and see if grooves are blocked by dirt. Meanwhile, spray your outdoor cooking area with a degreaser and let it sit for a while before you swipe everything off. Check the state of your pool, filters, and pumps, or think about calling the professionals if it needs more work.

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Don’t Forget to Clean the Windows and the Walls

These two elements are equally important on the inside as they are on the outside of your residence, so be sure they are pristine. That is why you should spray some glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol and wipe your window, sills, and frames thoroughly. Check the area of the wall around the frames for mold, as it is prone to accumulating moisture on both sides. If you come across it, spray it with bleach and let it dry before you wipe it or brush it off.

Keep in mind that if your inside walls are covered in indelible stains, you should wash them with a damped towel or cloth dipped in clothing softener or think about going over it with a fresh layer of color. Your exterior wall should be free of dirt and cobwebs before you go over them with mild detergent and water. Don’t forget to leave both walls completely air-dry.

Guy cleaning a window before long-distance moving
Freshen up your windows inside and out

#6 Think About Getting a Pro Cleaning Service

If you’re looking for the cheapest ways to relocate out-of-state, you are probably wondering, “How much does a move-out cleaning cost?” While this service might be an additional item on your relocation budget, it can certainly come in handy when you are planning a last-minute relocation. Hiring professional cleaners can be considered a relocation hack, as they will bring all the necessary tools and supplies for the job and finish everything stated above more efficiently.

Professional Cleaning Services Usually Offer You Two Options to Choose From

Classic services are good for homes that are in decent condition, as they entail dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming your place. It is the more affordable option of the two, and in case you are renting, it should at least grant you your deposit back.

Premium service is good for homes that have lost their shine, as the cleaners will use deep and steam cleaners and various chemical solutions. It is a bit pricier but a fantastic option if you want to save some time and are planning to sell your home.

A person holding a bucket with cleaning supplies
Don't hesitate to hire professionals even when it comes to tidying up

#7 Prepare Your Home for the State-To-State Movers

It is important to get prepared for the arrival of your movers so all that hard work doesn’t go to waste. That is why you should research and choose well before you just hire movers, as the best ones will come and go, but you will barely notice they were even there.

The important steps to think about when preparing for their arrival are leaving one bathroom at their disposal, preparing beverages and drinks to boost up their energy, and finally, tipping your movers appropriately for the job well done.

To further save your home from getting dirty, use coveralls for your floors, or cover them with leftover cardboard. Finally, don’t forget to do a quick house cleaning after moving out your belongings for the best results.

Find the Best Way for Transporting Unused Chemicals

All the chemicals you have used will come in handy when you reach your new home, as you will have to freshen it up a bit as well before movers arrive with your belongings. Keep in mind that if you’ve hired professional movers, there are items they won’t move, and among them are hazardous materials and flammable liquids.

That is why you should secure every bottle before you store it for relocation. This box should be loaded in the back of your personal transportation and well secured so nothing in the back gets damaged. Unless you’ve paid for the car shipping service, then you should get rid of your chemicals and buy a new set in your future home.

Two state-to-state movers carrying boxes
Hiring state-to-state movers is the best solution for a smooth transition

If You Require Assistance With the Move, Our Long-Distance Moving  Services Are at Your Disposal

Moving state to state is tiring on its own, but adding tidying up to the equation can be very exhausting. But worry not, as State2State Movers will take care of your relocation with the best moving services and provide the most effective packing assistance. Our company can offer all this and much more, so contact us today for a smooth and stress-free relocation.

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