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How to Organize Your Moving Day Preparations?

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If your relocation date is approaching, you should probably be finishing all of the most significant relocation tasks. After you are done packing and organizing your move, you should begin with your moving day preparations. Here is some valuable information to help you manage all the tasks more straightforwardly and stay stress-free.

You can easily organize your relocation date by writing down a checklist and including all the tasks you must finish by that day. Remember that preparations are necessary, so be sure to prepare and organize everything from your home, car, documents, and essentials to other less important stuff.

Start the Moving Day Preparation Weeks Ahead

Many people forget the importance of preparing for this date when moving from state to state. These days can get quite hectic, and if you are not organized for the move well, you might forget some important items. So when should you start preparing for a move?

It’s best to start organizing your relocation at least a month or two in advance if you have that much time. Relocating date is that one day when everything needs to fall into its place perfectly, which is why you must stay concentrated and take care of every detail before relocating to a new home.

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Preparing a Checklist Is a Must

When it comes to interstate moving, it’s always wise to list all the items you need to take care of during the move. A relocating to-do list is one thing that’s going to be of massive help throughout this whole fuss. Once you write down all tasks, it’s going to be so much easier to track the entire process, and you must complete them all before the big day.

Carefully think about what is the first thing to do on a moving day, what should be done last, and similar questions regarding the importance of the tasks, it will help you prioritize. This way, you can ensure that the relocation date will stay stress-free.

It’s Best to Schedule All the Tasks on Your Checklist

Writing down all your tasks is super helpful, but it can be even more useful if you schedule each task on your relocation checklist. This will help you manage your time much more straightforwardly and help you make your move more efficient. So before the relocation date approaches, ask yourself: is there a checklist for moving with a timeline? If you can’t find a suitable template online, start preparing yours right away!

Checklist, coffee and pen
Preparing and scheduling your checklist will help you big time

Prepare Your Home for the Relocation Day

When the relocation date comes, the last thing you want is your home being a mess and slowing you down in the relocation process. Once you are finished with packing for the move, organize the boxes in a logical order, get rid of the excess packing materials and empty boxes, and ensure there are labels on each and every box.

Writing down specific instructions on each box will help you manage them easier while loading the truck. It’s super important that everything is labeled properly after packing, so you and your helpers can perform without obstacles.

Clean Your Home and Figure Out the Route for the Movers

Your house should be prepared for the relocating date if you want everything to run smoothly. Ensure everything is cleaned and there are no obstacles in the way. Whether you are relocating on your own, with the help of your friends, or you are hiring movers, your place should be clean and prepared for carrying stuff around.

Figure out what is the best way to move furniture around the house. Think about the best route for getting the big and heavy things out of the house by measuring all the doors and hallways. You want everything to be planned out, so there are no unpleasant surprises on the critical date.

Also, ensure that your house is protected. You should cover the wooden floor with some plastic materials, so they don’t get scratched. Carefully planning every move will eliminate any chance of your house or your belongings getting damaged. Plus, you will know exactly what to expect on moving day.

If You Have a Car – Prepare It for Shipping

If you have a car, you’re probably planning on bringing it with you while moving interstate. So, to make everything more manageable, you will have to plan out an entire procedure and prepare your car for shipping. Ensure you do all the necessary stuff before its transportation, like repairs and check-ups, cleaning, getting insured, and other similar things.

You can always inform yourself of some helpful car shipping tips to make the process easier for yourself. You can also lean on an auto transport company and book their car shipping services. Figure out a better choice, but be sure it’s all organized before the relocation date.

Car ready to be shipped to another state through auto transport
Ensure your car is prepared and safe for relocating to another state

Prepare All the Necessary Documentation

Organizing important documents is one of the essential tasks for long-distance moving and changing homes. You have to start working on this week’s ahead by gathering all the necessary paperwork and organizing it well into files and folders.

Be sure that, on the relocation date, you put these papers in a safe place and take them with you. They must not end up in some of the boxes in the back of the truck. Here’s a list of some important papers you should prepare:

  • Identification documents,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Social security cards,
  • Employment records,
  • Tax records,
  • Academic records,
  • Leases and contracts,
  • Life insurance,
  • Retirement plan documents.

Tips on Organizing Your Documents

When it comes to organizing documents, there is plenty of helpful advice you could use. Most of them can be found on the internet and on websites like Pinterest. However, the most useful would be preparing a relocation binder and labeling different categories. Figure out which documents you’re going to need on the relocation date, and be sure they are easily accessible.

Pay attention when taking documents in and out of the binder, so nothing important falls out unnoticeably. A helpful tip is creating copies of the most important documents. Documents related to interstate moves would be personal identification papers, property-related documents, financial papers, and car shipping documents for registering a leased car in another state.

You can find plenty of videos that can give you helpful advice on organizing your documents. Here is one interesting video that could be of help to you.

Prepare Your Pet for the Move

If you plan on relocating with a pet, you have to ensure that your pet is prepared for it properly. Be sure to book an appointment with your veterinarian and ask him to confirm that your dog is healthy enough for an interstate move. You can also ask him to give you some tips that could be useful for transporting your pet to another state.

Be sure you prepare all the documents from the veterinarian and keep them by your side. You should have a plan where your dog will be in the car during transportation. The moves are pretty stressful for the pets, so be sure that he has everything he needs to stay calm.

Dog and cat in the car
Relocations can stress out your pets, so ensure they have everything they need to calm them down

Few More Important Tips to Remember on the Relocation Day

If this is your first time relocating out, you probably don’t know what the relocation day looks like and some of the tasks you should do to prepare for it. Our advice is to prepare your activities for the relocation date the night before, and once you wake up early tomorrow, you can finish one thing without any rush. Here’s what you should keep in mind for this important date.

Take a Day Off Before the Moving Date

The 24 hours before the relocation date are super crucial since you need to finish the last preparations. Everything should be prepared in a particular order, so you can efficiently operate tomorrow. So it’s best to cancel all your plans and leave that date only for finishing preparations for the move.

Prepare a Plan for Your Little Ones

If you are relocating with kids, you should prepare a plan for them on the relocation date. Once the relocating crew comes to your house and starts the work, it might not be the safest place for a kid. It’s better to ask your friends or family to babysit them. They will be happy to play around the whole time and stay away from all the relocation fuss.

Prepare Some Refreshments and Snacks for the Team

Whether you have your friends helping you out or hiring professional workers, being a good host is highly appreciated. Since relocations are such a complex process and they require lots of physical work, your crew will probably get super exhausted. Be a good host and offer them some refreshments, and lunch, in case they get hungry. If you are booking professional services, you might consider tipping your movers for the hard work.

Prepare a Bag With Necessary Essentials

It’s always super important to have a separate bag with all the relocation essentials you might need. This bag should contain all the necessary things you can’t go without and that you’re probably going to need the first night in your new home. Think about which items you use daily, and put them in your essential bag.

Happy family in the middle of relocation date
Apply helpful tips for relocation date preparations so everything goes smoothly and everyone stays calm

Hire State to State Movers for a Stress-Free Relocation Date

If you want your relocation to be smooth and stressless, get help from professionals by hiring long-distance relocation services. With movers by your side, you won’t have to worry about a single thing, and they will always be there to answer your questions and help you solve issues.

What should you not pack when moving and what items movers won’t move? Do you need to remove clothes from the dresser for movers? Should you empty drawers when moving? You won’t have to worry about any of these questions if you have a professional crew.

If you’re relocating at the last minute, you might want to consider booking their packing services, so you don’t have to worry about not finishing everything on time. Professionals will make everything much easier for you! Before hiring certain companies, ensure they are reputable by searching for them on the Better Business Bureau.

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Once Your Relocation Date Is Organized, You Won’t Stress About a Single Thing

The key to a stress-free move is organization and preparation. If you follow the tips we have provided you with today, there is no doubt you will manage to finish everything correctly and on time. Keep in mind the advice we have given you, and have fun relocating to your new home. Good luck!

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