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9 Moving Tips and Tricks to Make Your Move Easy

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Michael Vaughan

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If you’ve ever wondered how can I make moving out easier or what is the most efficient way to move, here is how to do it. Check our ultimate list of moving tips to help you organize the tiniest detail of your interstate move. No matter if you’re a pro at organizing or you’re relocating for the first time, having a strategy is definitely a must.

No matter if you’re relocating out for the first time or you’re a relocation veteran, relocating to a new state always invokes numerous questions. And the most important is how to move efficiently and avoid wasting time unnecessarily. To answer your questions, we’ve prepared the best tips for moving to help you set all the details and experience a stress-free move.

Tip #1: Book the Relocation Day to Know How Much Time You Have to Organize Everything

Moving interstate is not easy to organize and keep under control all by yourself. For that reason, having state-to-state movers to assist you with the whole process and booking the relocation date at least three months in advance is of utmost importance.

Of course, choosing trustworthy movers is a must because the last thing you want is entrusting your belongings to relocation scammers. So remember to check the company’s USDOT number that will indicate if they are fully licensed and worth hiring. Other details to check are related to the insurance policy they provide for your belongings, and what are the conditions to use the storage unit.

If you combine several moving services, it is very likely that you’ll get free access to a storage unit for the first thirty days. So before deciding to hire movers, be sure that the company provides all the services you need, whether that entails packing services or booking auto transport.

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Tip #2: Creating a List of All Things to Be Done Is One of the Best Moving Tips and Tricks

Having all the tasks listed in one place is the easiest way to track the progress of your relocation. Simultaneously, this list should be a timeline and a to-do list, so when putting it together, think in those terms and create a relocating to another state checklist of all things to be done before, during, and after the relocation.

To create your list and not skip any task, divide it into sections, such as:

  • Documents to prepare,
  • Things to book,
  • Renovations or repairs to make,
  • Anything else that crosses your mind.

If this sounds too complicated to do in written form, explore some specialized apps that will enable you to create the list more quickly. Another advantage of online lists is you can share them with other family members, assign them specific tasks, and always be sure that everyone is informed about the next move.

list of things to do for moving state to state
The surest solution to not forget something to do is to create a list of all tasks and always have it by your side

Tip #3: A Packing Strategy Is Essential to Move as Efficiently as Possible

Undoubtedly, packing is the most crucial part of every relocation, so it’s absolutely logical why one of the most frequent questions is when should I start packing to move? To be sure there is enough time to organize packing to move, start with the process of downsizing for a move at least two months before the relocation date.

Before you start to box up the stuff, organize the decluttering and decide what to get rid of since there is no way you need all that stuff in your next home. Not only will this help you to keep your new home in perfect order, but it will also provide you with the possibility to cut costs. So, don’t hesitate to donate, recycle, give away, or sell some household items in a  successful garage sale.

A Packing Checklist Will Be More Than Helpful to Follow the Progress

Once you’ve finished downsizing, it is the right moment for the next step – boxing up the belongings you want to have in your new home. Having a checklist is the most effective solution to track the progress of the boxing-up process and be sure everything is packed. So, when planning the move, set priorities, and decide carefully what you should move first when moving.

a woman making a checklist for state-to-state moving
When boxing up the household, be sure to follow a plan

Tip #4: Acquire Boxes, Bubble Wrap, and Other Materials You Need to Pack All Belongings

Boxing up all the fragile items, decorations, memories, or clothes means you’ll want to get them delivered whole. This is exactly why you have to learn all the packaging techniques to keep them safe during the transportation process and what type of box is the best option to choose. For this purpose, you’ll need to acquire different types of materials like cardboard, paper, foam peanuts, and tape to wrap stuff up properly and stop it from getting damaged in the box while in the truck.

Decide Whether to Use Recycled or New Boxes When Moving to Another Home

Using recycled cartons will definitely cut your costs, so exploring where to get free boxes is something you should consider if this is your aim. Still, be cautious when it comes to already used boxes since they are more prone to damage. If you decide to use them, put only light items inside, like pillows, blankets, and similar, and of course, don’t overfill them if you want the bottom to stay whole.

For fragile and other delicate items, new cartons are the safest option, so don’t save money on this. Choose cartons with special dividers that will keep all glasses, bottles, or vases separated from each other.

Another thing to consider is buying specially designed wardrobe boxes that will protect your clothing from wrinkles and other damage. This box comes with a bar in it where all the pieces can be hung, so if you have some elegant dresses or suits that require special treatment, you should definitely go for this solution.

a couple packing the household in different sized boxes and getting ready for interstate moving
Keep your stuff safe using the right techniques to pack them and protect them from possible breakages and other damage

Tip #5: Don’t Forget to Organize Car Shipping if Needed

One of the best tips for moving to another state is to take your car with you, which will give you full mobility and an opportunity to explore the new surroundings easily. When deciding to transport your vehicle, remember to ask your movers how to prepare the car for shipping, what type of trailer they would recommend for the kind of vehicle you want to ship, and explore all regulations on how to register a leased car in another state. Once you do it – you’re halfway to getting done with the whole process of shipping your vehicle to the next home.

red car on an open trailer ready for interstate moving
Book car shipping services in advance and prepare your vehicle properly for transport

Tip #6: Budget the Costs of Moving State to State

Knowing the final cost of an interstate relocation is not possible until you have decided on all the additional services you’ll use. So once you book all relocation, cleaning, or auto transport services, it is the right moment to start creating a budget.

However, those are not the only costs related to relocation. Remember to include all the expenses of real estate agent assistance, home inspection, repairs, renovations, and travel costs. Another useful tip is to increase the total estimated cost by at least 10% since there are always things you can easily forget about.

woman making calculations
Knowing all the expenses of relocation is one of the most important details when planning to move

Tip #7: Don’t Forget About Move-Out Cleaning!

One of the most common things people forget about when relocating is move-out cleaning. This process should include the deep cleaning of all rooms, appliances, storage, corners, and surfaces within a house. In case you don’t have time to do it on your own, or you find it too exhausting, hiring professional cleaning services is definitely the most convenient solution. Whatever you choose, make sure that the whole property is spotlessly shiny and clean!

Tip #8: If You’re Relocating With Kids, Book a Babysitter

Relocating with kids is even more complex to organize, especially when they are too young to get involved. The situation is even more difficult when relocating with a newborn. Since there is no way to find time to devote yourself to kids, and still, there is no compromising on their daily routines, the best solution is to hire a babysitter who will ensure they are completely safe, entertained, and taken care of. So book babysitter services in advance, and don’t worry about them at least on the relocation day.

a babysitter reading a fairy tale to a kid while the parents are packing for interstate moving
Organizing your kid’s entertainment is another task to add to your to-do list

Tip #9: Check the House Once Again Before Handing the Keys to the Next Tennants

Going through the whole property once again and checking all the corners, closets, drawers, and other storage places is a must if you want to be sure nothing is left behind. Also, don’t forget to check if all the appliances have been disconnected and all the windows and doors are locked, because, in case of a storm, this could damage the house. Safety is always the number one priority to think of, so remember to tackle those details, too.

a couple holding their house keys after their interstate moving to a new home
Check if everything has been turned off, properly closed, and locked before leaving the keys to the next tenants

Ready for Interstate Moving?

Feeling anxiety about relocating once you’ve faced all the tasks to deal with is something to expect. However, if you follow these packing and moving tips, organizing your move won’t be something to worry about, and you’ll be ready to enjoy all the benefits of relocating without losing your nerves.

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