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Moving to a New State With a Cat

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Many people consider pets part of their family, so when there’s a decision to find a future house to live in, it means they will be moving with a cat. Although cats’ independence is their main quality, they are more likely to be kept indoors and need a safe and comfortable living environment. Generally, animals do not like changes in their habitat, so keep reading for more tips for moving with a cat.

How Do You Move a Cat to a New Home?

Many cats are extremely territorial animals that tend to spend their days in a familiar environment, and they are sensitive to changing habits. If you’re wondering what do I do with my cat when I move, there are three basic factors involved in relocating an animal to a future home: pre-relocating arrangements, the move itself, and adjusting to another house.

Preparations for the Big Day

Don’t do the last minute moving. Give your furry friend some time to get used to a carrier. Leave it sitting outside with an open door and a comfortable bed inside. Drop a couple of treats in it sometimes so that he can locate them on its own. Feed your furry friend in the carrier. If he is unwilling to enter the carrier to eat, just start by putting his bowl next to it. A few weeks before you need to begin packing, put out your boxes, and moving essentials so that your furry friend has a few days at least to get used to their existence.

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Try to Keep the Daily Routine of Your Cat Stable

Stick closely to his daily feeding and playtime timetable. An automatic cat feeder with a timer can be useful to ensure that your pets are eating at the same time every day. It is better than a tray they can just flip and play with. Talk to your vet about using anti-anxiety medicine to make the relocation process easier for him if he is really anxious or easily overwhelmed.

Kitten is playing around
Cats should have a stable playtime schedule

Is Moving Stressful for Cats? Tips for a Stress-Free Big Day

When the day of the move comes, keeping your pet safe and healthy should be your primary concern. At this point, there are still things you can do to help with tension, but you’ll also have to understand that your furry friend will probably be a little nervous about this day. Just try to be attentive and kind as much as you can. Continue reading for more tips on moving with cats.

Your Pet Should Be Contained in One Place

When you start packing a moving truck, you’ll be opening and closing your front door many times, and the last thing you want to risk is your pet running straight out. Be cautious at all times and keep your pet contained, particularly if you’re hiring cross country movers and unfamiliar people are all around. Before it’s necessary, you don’t have to put him in his carrier, but you do have to keep him safe in one place.

It’s Time for a Carrier

Right before you’re ready to head out, put your furry friend into the carrier. Don’t let them out while in transit, even if they’re not happy inside. Try to contain your anxiety about moving out and depression after moving, as animals are professional in picking up our body language. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed your pet would be. Open the carrier once you arrive at your new home, and let your furry friend explore its own area or room first.

When You Arrive at Your New Home Use Food to Encourage Them to Explore

Keep your pet safe in the room until the front door is tightly shut and all the boxes are inside. Be sure to bring some familiar stuff (a little bit of food, water, favorite toys, and litter box) because they have soothing scents all over them. Toss some treats around the room to inspire them to explore.

Feeding cats can be challenging
Give your pet some treats to help him feel more comfortable

Settling Into the New House With Your Furry Friend

Some steps are especially important when settling into another home. Some of them are deep cleaning, introducing your kitten to his new home gradually, and setting up a permanent litter box space.

Be an Adult and Do a Deep Clean

This is extremely important if other animals were living in the house. Cats have a strong sense of smell, and not only do they pick up on general animal smells, but if these animals were stressed out, that could increase their stress. Vacuum everything to clear all remaining hair, then take other cleaning products to wipe all counters and surfaces. Don’t forget to wash the carpets.

It’s Better for Their Health to Introduce Then to the New Home Gradually

Take your cat directly to a room that will stay reasonably silent. Set up the food and water bowls, litter box, and bed before opening the carrier. Hold the kitten in this single room for the first couple of days in the new house.

Set Up a Litter Box Space

When your pets are ready to explore more, you may want to establish a permanent place for their litter box. In their room, put a litter box, and add another one where you want the critical place to be. Let both hang out for a few weeks, and then move the litter box from the room so that the only remaining one is the permanent one. Watch a video on how to set up a litter box.

How Long Does it Take for a Cat to Get Used to a New Home?

We can’t know how many days or weeks they will need to adjust because every kitten is different. For some, it can be just a few days, and others may not feel quite at home even after a year. Most of them take at least a few weeks to around two months. Just give them time, and don’t be disappointed if your pets start acting differently.

Cat in the box
Make sure you give your pets enough time to adjust

Can Professionals Help You When You Are Moving With a Cat?

If you are moving to a new state, no cross country moving company will move an animal for you. It is on the top of the list of items movers won’t move. So you’ll have to transport your pets in your car or by plane. In case you need any help with your relocation in general, you can always contact a long-distance moving company any day of the week. If you hire professionals for their moving services like packing, renting storage, or loading and unloading, that will make the whole process a stress free moving experience. You can relax and think about more important things like saying bye to friends or how to meet your new neighbors.

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