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Avoid Mess With These Creative Storage Ideas

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Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

No matter how many square feet we have in our home, sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of the chaos and enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. That’s why DIY creative storage ideas can come in handy, especially for those who don’t know how to organize their space. Experimenting with the basics of interior design will be more than beneficial for your home.

If you have just moved to a new state, decorating your abode is something you will undoubtedly do – why not prepare yourself and learn the best ways to store items? It’s better to organize everything now, so you can enjoy the benefits of moving to a new place later. Even if you haven’t moved recently, updating your interior design can’t be a bad idea. It will bring a breath of fresh air into your comfy nest. Shall we get started?

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces – How to Organize Your Belongings, So the Place Doesn’t Seem Too Cluttered?

How do you store a lot of things in a small space? This problem bothers many Americans who move from house to apartment or simply live in the heart of their city, where the places aren’t so big. The answer lies in excellent organizational and DIY skills and careful planning of every inch of your home. Building small DIY compartments is a perfect solution that will transform a cluttered mess into a fashionable abode. Now, you might be wondering – what can I do with small storage space? The answer is simple – anything you want and what your home needs.

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Before You Start With Organization, Consider Decluttering Your Home

Those who have just had their interstate moving experience probably did get rid of plenty of things before the move to reduce the cost of hiring state to state movers, but that doesn’t mean there’s no space for a bit more decluttering. Remember, decluttering is the key to a minimalist interior design style, which anyone residing in a small space should strive to.

For those renting an apartment for quite some time, purging and getting rid of stuff you’ll never need to use is great for two reasons. First – it will give you a sense of satisfaction, and second – it will allow you to organize your items better and quickly get to the dream look you’ve imagined for your home.

Black-and-white pillows on a grey sofa, pictures above, a shelf and coffee table on the left
What can you do to avoid clutter and make your place seem minimalist yet warm?

Use Every Wall in Your Home – Place a Shelf Wherever You Deem Fit

Rule number one of residing in a tiny place – go vertical and use the walls to your advantage. The beauty of shelves is that you can place them practically anywhere, they will make a statement and seem like a fashionable addition to any room. Design options for floating shelves are endless – there’s no way you won’t find something you like. If you’re not into them so much, consider buying a standard, standing shelf, but get a high one.

Who Says Shelves Are Just for Books?

You’re probably thinking about all those books you’ve moved to a new city with you – any bookworm will indeed enjoy arranging their collection once they unpack after the move to a new place. But, who says you can’t use your wall shelves for more than just books?

Find a box you’ve packed shoes in, get a comfy pair, and run to Target. Get yourself decorative containers that look splendid on shelves, and fill them up with your favorite trinkets. Voila, now you have endless rows on your walls to store anything your heart desires.

Two white shelves on a red wall, with books and a large box on each shelf
A shelf is not just for books - why not add boxes? You’ll have extra room to store stuff

Furniture With Hidden Compartments Can Store Many Items

If your house-hunting ends up with finding a tiny apartment, you will (obviously) have to downsize for a move. That might mean you won’t be able to move your furniture – at least, not the bulky pieces. Look at that as an opportunity to invest in some multipurpose furniture that has hidden compartments you can use to store things you want out of sight. This is a perfect way to open up a studio apartment or a regular living room. Search for sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, or benches. Even a shelf or a lamp can have storing option.

If you’re persistent in your quest, we’re sure you will find almost any type of furniture modified this way. You wouldn’t believe how organized your living room will seem after you make this change. Of course, this advice also works for the furniture in any other part of the house. For example, you can find a bed with a secret drawer or a kitchen island with drawers – perfect for storing pots and pans.

White sofa, white coffee table in front of it, white cabinet, and a window on the left
Look for a sofa with a hidden compartment, and a coffee table with a drawer

The Area Below Your Stairs Shouldn’t Go to Waste – Use It

There’s plenty of room underneath your stairs – so much, in fact, that it was enough for Harry Potter to live there. Until he grew up, at least, but the point is that you can do a lot with that corner of your house if you put your brain to work and let yourself think creatively. We’ll give you an idea or two for a start.

You can build a shelf to cover that whole area or turn it into a mini living room – a tiny sofa or an armchair and a coffee table next to it. Maybe add a tall plant and a lamp – this otherwise useless part of the house can serve as your alone-time corner. This is great for those who moved for love and are still getting used to living with their significant other or those who struggle with depression after moving and need a comfy, safe place to relax.

Shelves with books and plants, and a beige sofa underneath the stairs
An excellent idea for the area below your stairs - would you do this in your place?

The Most Clever Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens That Will Make the Space Seem Larger – What Can Serve As an Organizer?

Even if your kitchen isn’t tiny, these tricks could be helpful to you and show you how to organize your currently packed dishes and countless other items every kitchen has. This will be especially helpful for those who are moving out for the first time. Don’t worry if you have so many belongings that you think you might have to rent a storage unit. It can all be arranged perfectly if you know what you are doing.

Want a Unique Storage Idea to Make Your Kitchen Stylish? Check Out These Organization Ideas

You’ve recently made friends in a new city after all that struggle to pull off a stress-free move (we hope you had great interstate moving service and that it included packing service as well), and you want to invite them over. Obviously, you can’t let them see the kitchen that seems messy even when everything is cleared.

So, what can you do to prevent clutter from building up? Are the basic kitchen cabinets your only hope? Certainly not – they are good to have, of course, but let’s see how we can spice things up. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Place filled boxes and containers on top of kitchen cabinets – That’s a pretty big part of the kitchen, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. If you don’t like the way this setup looks, there’s a solution for that – place a little curtain above the cabinets and simply hide it all from plain sight. You only have to install a curtain rod into the wall and find a pattern you like for the curtains.
  • Install a pull-out pantry – If you don’t have a pantry, you should definitely try this trick. It makes the most out of tiny spaces in the corner or underneath your counter that you don’t know how else to utilize. You can go with the DIY approach and simply find something that fits into the dimensions of the empty corner, or you can look for a professional to turn your vision into a reality.
  • Repurpose old office supplies – Old filing cabinets can seem like a fancy (or dare we say – vintage?) place to keep your spices, jars, or even cutlery. Put them next to the wall, add a flower pot, and hang a painting above, and you’ve got yourself a stylish area to keep your belongings. Also, the office supplies organizer can be transformed into a rack for a sponge and a dish soap – why not try out this fun idea?
  • Hang cooking tools on the wall above the stove or the counter – Not only will you get rid of the clutter, but it will also be easier to access these items when you need them. If you’re wondering what to hang, the answer is everything you can, so the counter is as empty as possible. A row of hanging mugs can look lovely, trust us.
  • Fill up the place underneath the sink – Not even one square foot should go to waste, remember. It might seem weird to put dishes here, but it’s perfect for cleaning supplies. This way, they stay hidden but are easily accessible when you want to clean up a bit. However, keep in mind that this isn’t a good idea if you have to baby-proof a house.
A book, and kitchen items on the counter, a white cabinet above
A simple cabinet isn’t the only solution for storing items - why not put in more effort?

Clothing Rack Is One of the Essential Creative Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

How do I create space in a small room? If you wonder this every time you step into your bedroom, you’ve scrolled to the right place. Besides standard advice applicable to every part of the house, let us add one game-changing tip for organizing a bedroom – buy a clothing rack.

You’ll see how this works better than a regular, giant wardrobe that barely fits inside. If this doesn’t solve all your issues, here’s the next step – check out 24 brilliant tricks for making your bedroom more spacious in the video below.

DIY Interior Design Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

If there’s one thing you won’t have trouble finding after moving to a new state, that’s a hanging rack for the bathroom. Be sure to place it above the door to hang towels, but don’t hesitate to add racks anywhere else, and hang baskets with hygiene products that will be easily accessible this way.

The fact is that everything can be stored on the walls of the bathroom, so you won’t have any trouble organizing this part of your residence. Additionally, remember the area under the sink – it’s perfect for storing, well, basically anything.

Don’t Skip the Standard Bathroom Wall Cabinet – It’s an Essential Organizer for Small Bathrooms

Don’t get so caught up in trying to be the most creative as possible – there is still plenty of beauty in basic bathroom cabinets. All you have to do is choose cabinets that are perfectly designed to fit into your bathroom style. You can also look for a cabinet with a mirror – it’s a two for one.

White sink, round mirror above, and wooden drawers below, a window on the right
It’s always good to have a cabinet or a drawer in your bathroom

You’ll See That Improving Your Living Area and Playing With DIY Interior Design Concepts Is Plenty of Fun

Interior design offers endless possibilities, and that’s one of the reasons why it is so fun. Many don’t have a good reason to play with our interior that often, which is why you should think about this occasion as one of the benefits of moving. It’s a perfect activity to relax after a stressful interstate moving, and it will help you get through the adjustment period more easily. The bonus is that you will exercise your creative side – we don’t get plenty of opportunities to do that in our everyday lives and on our 9-5 jobs, right? So, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers – start improving your residence.

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